Signs a Female is Attracted to a Male

By Jay White

February 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Making a female attracted to a certain male is something that is often impossible. But what about discovering whether or not a female is already attracted to a certain male? This seems like it would be an easy thing, but a lot of it depends on the personality of the female who you are interested in. Shy women will be more subtle, and other, more confident women will be more aggressive.

There are different kinds of signs that you can watch for, in a few different categories. Physical signs include nervous laughs, dilated pupils and licking lips. Behavioral signs include wearing different clothes and trying to touch him. Social signs include looking at him while talking to her friends, and finding excuses to spend time together alone. Though nothing outside of a confession about her interest in you will guarantee that a woman is definitely attracted, here are a number of signs that make it likely that a woman is attracted to a man:

1. Dilated Pupils
2. Intentional touching
3. Making excuses to talk to him
4. Constant compliments
5. Acting nervous around him
6. Smiling when she sees him
7. Preferring his company to others
8. Crossing her legs toward him
9. Regular eye contact
10. Playing with her hair
11. Biting her lip
12. Licking her lips
13. Wearing different clothes around him
14. Wearing different hair and makeup around him
15. Inviting him places often
16. Giggling while looking his way, when across a room
17. Texting him often
18. Speaking more quickly or more quietly with him instead of others

False Positives
There are a few reasons that a man might mistake a woman’s behavior for interest. Though this is a painful reality for some, it is often not true, and should not be a reason to be afraid to try with a woman you’re attracted to. If she is giving mixed signals, there are a number of possible reasons why this could be happening. Some of the most comomon reasons include:

1. She is naturally flirtatious
2. She is trying to make someone else jealous
3. She considers him to be a very good platonic friend
4. She is unconsciously attracted but doesn’t realize it
5. She is interested in one of his friends

What to do if She Seems Attracted
If you think that she is interested in you, then take the time to get to know her. If you feel like you are being flirted with, then confidently flirt back. Take your time if she seems shy, and work up from a friendship. You may be pleasantly surprised at the result.

Jay White

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