12 Simple Rules Of Staying Safe On A First Date

By Lucy Clarke

May 10, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Dating is one the most fun experiences in life, but in today’s climate, it can also be one of the most worrying for you and for those who care about you. If you’re dating somebody from your circle of friends, it’s easier to have people’s mind at ease. But what if you’re on a first date with somebody relatively new or somebody you don’t know so much about?

Here are the twelve simple rules of staying safe on a first date.

Tell A Friend Your Plans

Make sure that a friend or family member knows exactly what your plans are for the evening. If they don’t hear from you when they expect to, then they can start to raise the alarm that something might be wrong.

Go Somewhere Public

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On a first date, it’s particularly important to arrange to meet somewhere very public, like a park or a coffee shop. If your date wants you to go straight to their home for your first meeting, then you should be apprehensive about their intentions.

Take Your Mobile

This seems like an obvious tip, but absolutely make sure that you take your phone with you wherever you go. You can use it to text that the date is going well, but you can also use it for more serious reasons if something feels wrong.

Don’t Be Afraid To Leave

If something about the date doesn’t seem right to you, then do not hesitate to get up and leave. You don’t owe your date anything, especially if they are making you feel uncomfortable. Just excuse yourself and head for the door!

Pre-Plan Your Route

Make sure that you know exactly how to get to and from your date location. You should not rely on somebody else to pick you up or take you home, especially if you want to be out of their company quickly!

Eyes On Your Drink

Keep one hand and one eye on your drink at all times during the date, and never leave it unaccompanied to go to the bathroom etc. It might seem like a cynical thing to do, but you can never be too sure with a relative stranger.

Don’t Meet At Home Or Work

Don’t arrange the date to start from your home or your workplace, as by the end of the night you might realize that you have gone out with somebody who you don’t want knowing such personal information.

Don’t Drink Too Much

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Of course, it’s a woman’s prerogative to drink however much she wants. However, on a first date, in particular, it is always good to have all of your wits about you, just in case any advances are made that you don’t want.

Don’t Be Driven Home

Don’t let your date drive you home. You might not want to reveal your home address this early on, and you also don’t want thr possibility of them driving you to a place that you are unfamiliar with.

Don’t Go Home With Them

It seems a bit old fashioned to tell someone not go home with their date after the first meeting in 2017, but if there is a strong physical attraction, it will still be there on the second or third date when you know them better.

Get A Friend To Call

It’s always a good idea to get a friend to call you halfway through the date just to check up on you. If it is going well, they will be reassured and your date will know that somebody is waiting up for you. And if your date isn’t going well, then their call can be your reason to leave.

Kiss Outside The Car

If you feel like you want to smooch on the first date, then do so outside of the car so that you aren’t at risk of doors being locked or things being taken too far in the semi-privacy of a vehicle.

So there you have it, 12 of my best tips for making sure that you are as safe as you can be when out on a first date. We hope you have lots of fun, but remember to be safe at all times and trust your gut when it comes to how you feel about the person you are getting to know. Looks and first impressions can sometimes deceive!

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