Revel and Grow with Your Uniqueness


March 21, 2008   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Written on 3/21/2008 by David B. Bohl, the author of Slow Down Fast.

 In the pursuit of self improvement, personal development or whatever you want to call it, losing sight of the gifts we already possess is very easy to do. We seek change, attempting to enhance our lives by becoming somehow different or improved over what we happen to be at the time.

So much talk about making positive change, about becoming better versions of ourselves, can distort our views and allow us to forget that we are already amazing, talented people. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that we each possess our own talents, abilities, knowledge, and sense of humor that make us unique. Occasionally, we take it to the extreme and totally change our persona and end up acting and thinking in ways that we’re not even comfortable with.

In a society where so many people try to fit into a preconceived mold of what is considered “normal” or “appropriate,” dare to be different, be you.

Explore your own quirkiness and relish the experience. Enjoy the fact that you were not made from a cookie cutter, that you have rough surfaces and jagged edges that add character and interest to your personality. Love the fact that you have your own mind, your own thoughts, your own opinions, and that you are strong enough to express them.

  1. Explore Your Talents: Do not give up your dreams, no matter how many people might tell you they are a waste of time. If underwater basket weaving is your preferred hobby, engage in it with glee. If you want to be a dancer, a skater, an actor, or an artist, find a place where you can explore those desires and freely express yourself. Who cares if you are not the next Michelangelo, as long as you have fun.
  2. Dare to be Different: Do not be afraid to look different from the rest of the crowd. Dare to wear pink when everyone else is wearing black. Voice your opinions with conviction, even if they are contrary to popular belief. Go ahead and march to the beat of a different drummer, even if you are the only one who can hear the music. Most importantly, just be yourself. Be the person who makes you happy to be alive.
  3. Do not Get Sucked Into Society’s Definition of “Normal”: Just because everyone else you know has a house in the suburbs, a fenced yard with a dog, a minivan in the garage, and the requisite two children, do not become pressured into thinking that those things are right for you. If they do make you happy, then that is fantastic – go for it. If not, explore what would give you satisfaction and fulfillment.

    If you long for a loft in the city, that is where you should be. Conversely, if you crave solitude and prefer a home in the country, then move out of the city and chase your dream. Do not pass up those things that would provide you with tremendous happiness just because the majority of society feels otherwise. Society’s wants may not be your wants. Society’s needs may not be your needs. As long as you are not harming anyone else, indulge yourself by exploring your differences.

If you work in a corporate environment and wish to achieve greater success within the company, there will be certain criteria which must be met. Appearing in the office with a purple mohawk and a leopard print dress will certainly get you noticed, but probably not at promotion time. In those cases, save those moments for when you are alone or on your weekend.

One of the most important aspects of developing your self confidence is realizing your uniqueness is a gift. Imagine, if everyone was exactly alike, we would never have to talk to anyone else – ever again. We would not be interesting or attractive to others. They would not view us as strong, intelligent, funny, or naïve. There would be no reason to get to know other people, or to develop relationships.. There would be no sharing of information, no variety, no spice to life.

Our interactions with those who differ from us are what encourage us to try something new, see something differently, or even make major changes in our lives. Take the opportunity to find your unique qualities, explore them, expand them, and take pride in them. After all, they are what make you interesting.



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