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May 9, 2007   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Parked Cars

Like most business travelers, I wait until the last second to leave the house/office because I am, um working. Well, the last 4 times I have driven to O’Hare Airport in Chicago the main parking lot and valet lot has been full.

Anyone from Chicago will tell you that this is a major pain in the ass butt. It essentially means that you have to park in a lot WAY far away and take a bus and/or train to the terminal. It easily adds 30 minutes to the traveling ordeal.

So I looked for some alternatives that didn’t include paying $75 for a taxi. What I found was pretty cool and effective. You simply type in the airport and the site provides you with parking alternatives, prices, and the all important ability to reserve a spot. In fact, you even get a price discount by doing this opposed to simply showing up.

At, customers choose from a full range of parking options and vendors (self-park, valet, indoor, etc.) for their airport of departure. Reservations are made online by purchasing one day of parking with a credit card. Our parking partners guarantee the parking space and collect the remaining balance due when the customer presents their reservation receipt. If you are a constant business traveler like me, this is something you have to try.

Airport Parking Reservations


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