Requirements to Become a Stewardess for Korean Air

By Jay White

February 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Korean Air, the largest airline based out of Korea, has very different requirements to become a stewardess than airlines based out of the United States. The legal protections that are afforded by the laws to protect against discrimination do not exist. Combined with the cultural desire to only display the most aesthetically perfect examples as a part of their company brand, Korean Air’s standards lean toward the most young and beautiful candidates. Here is a breakdown of the requirements that are needed to be a stewardess at Korean Airlines:


The airline conducts business in two languages, Korean, which is the native tongue of the company, and English. Since English is considered the international language of business, the ability for all stewardesses to speak English fluently is non-negotiable. Though the ability to speak Korean is not as explicitly stated, the cultural atmosphere suggests that any stewardess who spoke English without knowing Korean as well would be at a distinct disadvantage in her position in the company.


The maximum age to become a stewardess for Korean Airlines is 27. Experienced stewardesses with an advanced set of skills will be considered above this age, but they are past the cultural peak of beauty and stamina in the company’s belief system. It will be easy for them to lose out in consideration to a younger, more beautiful candidate.


A college diploma is a requirement to be a Korean Airlines Stewardess. The preferred disciplines include those in the hospitality industry, though this is not a requirement. Stewardess schools are available, but again, it is the degree that is important, and the ability to conduct oneself in an educated fashion. The discipline which was chosen for education is not as important.


Past experience as a stewardess is of course an asset, and will place one higher in the running to become a flight attendant for this airline than those with no experience. Paticular preference is paid to those from airlines where they are intimately familiar with Korean culture and rituals aboard Korean-based flights. The smaller airlines under the Korean Air umbrella are common hiring pools for the larger airline because of this, and the women from this group often are the most likely to advance, having already passed all of the other requirements.


This category would be illegal in the United States, but it is very openly discussed in the Korean Air application. There is a minimum height requirement of five foot four, medical clearance requirements, but also a beauty requirement. Special notice is placed on teeth, complexion, and overall loveliness.

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