Remain motivated while between jobs

By Mia Morshead

September 13, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Regardless of the fact that you lost your job or simply you feel the need for a change, any given individual will find themselves looking for a new position, in a new company at a certain moment in life. Being on a job hunt can be a bit of a challenge even if you are a highly trained professional. Everything starts with a positive feeling, knowing that there are many companies looking for people on your domain of interest but, after a few too many interviews, you start to realize that things aren’t as joyful as you thought.


The most important thing when your job seeking ideals don’t come true is to stay motivated. You must not despair and cave at the first positive answer only for the money. Searching for the dream job can be a tedious road but the end result it’s all worth it! Learn to stay positive and take things one step at a time in order to manage the situation at your best capabilities!
We put together a few tips and tricks that will help you stay motivated, even when the money are low and your savings are melting at an increasing speed.

Be realistic and true to yourself

Before aiming for a certain position, put yourself and your skills under the microscope. Make sure you are indeed fit for that job and that your motivation comes from passion towards the field. When your motivation is purely financial, you may not be as successful as you initially thought.
Check online jobs portals and try to find a way to communicate directly with the companies you are interested in. This will show that you are determined and communicative, two qualities every recruiter will definitely appreciate. You’ll also have the chance to learn more about each company and identify the one that better suits your goals.
Also, you have to understand that looking for a new job takes time. Don’t expect to land an interview in the first week! It usually takes about a month to be contacted for an average income position.

Learn to cope with rejection

One of the main reasons job hunting is such a scary thing is rejection. Even though it’s not a personal matter, after a few rejections you start to doubt yourself and wonder if you are truly as good as you think you are. In this case it’s better to have a thick skin and shut out any thoughts of failure and disappointment. Recruiters are simply looking for the best fit for their company and a rejection only means you didn’t fit in their pattern.

Improve your image and use online platforms to your advantage

Now you have the necessary time and motivation to improve your image. Re-check your CV and make sure it highlights your skills in a positive manner. If you feel something it’s missing and you can’t put your finger on it, you can always involve a professional in the process. Contact a local service for resume writing and ask their opinion.
Once your CV is at its best, take a look at your online life. Create professional profiles on platforms like LinkedIn and try to attract other professionals in your circles. Recruiters today tend to check you up online and see how involved you are in other projects. They will check your Facebook and Twitter account, trying to learn as many things as possible about you. Being active on various online platforms shows you are communicative and you like to be involved in various activities, another plus on recruiters lists.

Practice your interview skills

Before an interview, it’s always best to practice the questions. Read about most popular questions in an interview for the position you’re aiming and read other people’s experiences with the same company. This way you avoid uncomfortable situations when you simply don’t know what to answer. It’s best if you prepare yourself for a few trick questions too. Some recruiters like to test your skills in adapting to surprise situations.

Set up a schedule

Don’t spend all your time applying for jobs and waiting for new jobs to appear. This is bad for your spirit and state of mind and diminishes the quality of your proposals. Set up a schedule of a few hours each day for this activity and respect it. Allow yourself some free time to do pleasant activities. Even if it doesn’t seem so, this is free time you could enjoy relaxing and having fun with friends and family.

Everyone knows job hunting is not an easy thing to do, but with the right motivation and a few tips and tricks you’ll learn to be patient and aim for your goals. Try to remain as positive as possible and dedicate your time to enjoyable activities like charity and volunteering for your community. You never know when a good opportunity presents itself, so keep yourself involved!

Mia Morshead

Mia Morshead works as a private tutor and coach at student reviews. She is passionate about helping people to solve their problems with motivation.

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