5 Things You’ll Love About Being A Men’s Hair Donor

By Christopher Bell

March 29, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

reasons to donate hair

There are so many reasons why you should consider donating your hair. For one, it helps people undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy as they tend to lose hair during treatment. Donating hair can also help burn victims and those suffering from trichotillomania and alopecia.

As a man, however, you’ve probably never considered donating your hair and that’s understandable.

Many white collar industries won’t hire men with long hair and the ones that do get hired usually have a hard time getting promoted. However, becoming a men’s hair donor means that you are a risk-taker who is willing to commit to a great cause just to help others.

Here are 5 things that you’ll love about being a men’s hair donor.

1. You get to have long hair

For many men, the dream of having long hair dies when they graduate from college.

Well, that all changes when you become a hair donor. If it becomes a problem, a nice message to HR explaining the reason for your long hair should make things easier.

You get to help someone in need

Real hair wigs cost between $600 and $3,000 dollars. By donating, you’ll be helping someone get wigs that won’t cost as much.

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You’ll have a great conversation starter


As your hair grows, you’ll get a lot of questions. When you explain that you’re growing out your hair because your a men’s hair donor, you’ll have a great icebreaker or conversation starter.

You’ll get a reputation as a giver

Everyone loves a giver. Majority of Americans give generously to charity. Take your giving level one step further and become a men’s hair donor.

You’ll live your life with no regrets

All too often, we miss the chance to act. Many men who want to be hair donors can’t because of hair loss or their hair is already grey. When you become a hair donor, you will love the fact that you had a chance to do it when others can’t anymore.

Being a hair donor is a journey. One that isn’t always easy, but one that is always rewarding. When you take a chance and step on the path to being a hair donor, you are taking a path that is sure to change your life and somebody’s too).

Once you have decided to donate your hair, do a bit of research. As there are a lot of hair donation organizations, you have to be sure that you are comfortable with who receives your donation.

Additionally, you need to let your hair stylist know your purpose. Although he doesn’t really need to undergo any special training, he needs to follow certain guidelines to make sure that your hair is cut and prepared properly.

To know more about that, you can check out this guide.

Christopher Bell

Christopher Bell is a men’s hair donor advocate and speaker. Read more about men’s hair donation on his blog: http://www.christopher-m-bell.com/operation-man-hair-blog

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