What happens when you get to #1 on Reddit


September 3, 2006   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

As I type this message, we claim the #1 spot on Reddit. In fact, we have held that position for the last 12 hours or so. Since we started Dumb Little Man, we have hit that #1 spot twice (here and here). The first time around, I wasn’t prepared so I couldn’t capture, print and frame the memories. Although I was at a BBQ all day today, I came home to see that we were there again. I got the trigger finger started on the old “Print Scrn” and I wanted to share with fellow bloggers, other Reddit addicts, and the general community just how powerful Reddit can be.

First: Here is the sight as of 9:51 PM CST on Sept. 03, 2006.

Now we get roughly 23K unique visitors each month so as you view these graphs, understand how much this means to us.

First, here is the sight that I came home to:

That’s 6,500+ hits in a 10 hour time frame. After I got back on the chair, I drilled down a little. Here is the hourly response I saw from Reddit on a holiday weekend. Just think of their power during normal, high-browsing days (note, these are hourly, so add the peaks to sum up the total hits):

With all of this Reddit attention, we were listed on Popurls (which is in my top 5 favorite sites on the net).

Here we can take a look at the browser make-up of the 6500+ Reddit readers that visited:
Oh, you said OS. I thought you were yawning. Here is an OS summary:

Money? Who made money? I cannot show you a chart because of the various terms and conditions of advertisers but I will say that between the 3 sources of advertising on the site, I made a retirement-ready $3.15. I am not necessarily in this for the money, but I am sure that some people are curious.

Let’s see…How about we move to another reporting system? How about Google Analytics? Although I couldn’t effectively enlarge this chart, look at the dramatic strength of Reddit.

Globally, Reddit’s got some reach, here is a breakdown of the 6500+ hits:

Yeah, I think we all knew that 800×600 was cooked, but for the heck of it, here are the resolutions of the Reddit readers. Please note the particular image was recently updated so it’s total hit count is higher than 6,500. Also, notice that 800×600 is not even listed in the top 10, it’s actually in the “other” section that totaled 7% of the users (roughly 510 hits)

When designing your site, this is a decent guide to optimizing the appearance for the more popular resolutions:

There are more stats but that’s probably all that anyone cares about. If you want something else, let me know. I’ll email you. However, I think this data shows that Reddit is pretty damn powerful to those that post good, legit info.


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