13 Ways to Get More Reading Done (Even If You Don’t Have the Time)

By Dumb Little Man

July 26, 2018

get more reading done

Are you valiantly seeking new ways to get more reading done? No matter how busy your schedule is, making more time to read and improving at it is simpler than you think. Discover this detailed list to help you make more time to explore the world of words in a variety of ways.

Dive into the Audiobook Experience

try audiobooks

Audiobooks are an often overlooked, yet excellent way to get more reading time in by having a book read to you. You can listen to an audiobook while jogging through the local park, or on your commute to and from work. You may be surprised to see how quickly you can learn from, appreciate, and absorb more literary material when using audiobooks on the move. For a good audiobook app, you can try Audible by Amazon. Check this Audible review out.

Read Book Summaries

Book summaries are a smart way to learn quickly about a popular book or concept that you may be interested in, without having to read the entire book yourself. There are summaries available online, and in book format, that range in length from a few minutes to an hour or so to consume. If you truly enjoy a book’s summary, take it a step further and grab the whole book!

Learn Speed Reading

The faster your eyes move and recognize words, the more quickly you can read any type of material. Training your eyes to move quickly across words on a page or screen by following them with a writing utensil (or a ruler) is one technique to sharpen your speed reading skills. You can also look at small groups of words at a time instead of reading word-by-word, but explore other speed reading methods and programs to find different ways to boost your skills.

Reduce Subvocalization

Subvocalization is the tendency to verbalize the words you are reading in your head, which can lead to saying words aloud. Although reading this way is fun if you want to plunge into a deep or entertaining text, it often causes you to read slower than you can with your eyes alone. One way to fight against it is to try holding your breath while focusing on reading the words faster than usual with your eyes and battle the urge to say the words aloud.

Set Small Reading Goals

Incorporate more reading time into your schedule by setting small reading goals for yourself. You can start by reading 25 pages a day, or focus on finishing a single chapter of a book. This technique can help you get in the groove of reading while you grow into it at your own pace.

Use a Timer

To make it easier to reach your reading objectives, consider using a timer. Telling yourself that you are going to read for at least 15-30 minutes is a simple way to increase your reading time. You can use a small hand timer to keep track of the minutes or opt for a digital one on your smartphone.

Visit the Library and Borrow Physical Books

borrow books at the library

Visiting your local library and borrowing a bunch of books to read may be the motivation that gets you to read more. In a digitally driven world, you may be surprised to discover that having physical books in your presence encourages you to read throughout the day. Checking out more books than you plan to read can also light up your passion for reading.

Switch TV Time for Reading Time

Nielsen suggests that viewers spend up to five hours watching television each day, and this includes watching their favorite television shows and surfing through random stations to pass the time. Instead of prowling the channels in your living room or online, take out 15 minutes or more a day to do some reading. You can start by reading articles or books on your favorite subjects, or those of interest.

Download a Reading App

Studies done by Counterpoint Research and others suggest that the majority of smartphone users have their devices in hand for 5 hours a day or more! Why not download a reading app, or grab one sponsored by your local library to fuel your digital desire with books, magazines, and audiobooks? After all, if you are like the rest of us, your hand is on your smartphone already.

Take Advantage of Breaks

read during breaktime

Many times a day, we end up taking a break from our routine task, and we may sit and daydream, or twiddle with our phones. Start to utilize your breaks and transform them into great reading moments.

Making it a habit of reading during your lunch break (or any intermission) is an excellent way to use free time to educate and entertain yourself on an intellectual level.

Read What You Want

One of the reasons why many people don’t get started reading is that they are worried about what they should be reading. Remember that it is your choice to read whatever you want. You don’t have to go with what is most popular; you can try exploring old literature classics or even plunging into an instructional book about your favorite hobby or subject of study.

Join a Community of Readers

If you join a local book club or an online reading community, you will find yourself surrounded by people who love to read all kinds of materials. Jump into the tidal wave with fellow readers who are interested in the same authors and subjects as you. Not only will interacting with other determined readers inspire you to read more, but you can have interesting exchanges and discussions with like-minded people over good books.

Reward Yourself For Progress

One of the simplest ways to motivate yourself to read more is to reward yourself for progress. If you don’t usually read much, treating yourself to a small token, or a delicious lunch as a reward can motivate you to finish more books this month. This technique also works well if you want members of your household to read as well, so encourage everyone to participate in reading challenges for rewards.

Reading more is a habit that you must cultivate like any other skill, and you will develop the ability to read more often and faster as you practice. Reading just a little each day can unexpectedly turn into an hour or more when you are enjoying what you read, and this tally adds up handsomely over the course of a year. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start reading more to educate yourself, stay sharp, and explore new terrains when you can try these tips today and thrive.

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