17 Quirky Girls traits that attracts man like a bee!

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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Every man has his own type of girl whom he gets attracted to. And the type of girls is many! These types of a girl are defined by the traits that they show in their life. For example, one may be too fashionable and dress up well which may attract men with their dressing sense. While some girls are more ambitious than other girls which really makes men crave their dedication towards their goals and dreams. Most men find it very interesting how girls have these different kinds of personality traits which makes them different from any other girl that they met before.

And one of the things that men find really attractive is the quirkiness in a girl. How she is different and has her own world, where she is a bit playful, a bit crazy and most probably live life to its best without being boring. They are always up for making new exciting adventures in life.

A quirky girl might feel a bit odd and silly at first sight but when men get to know them better they’d realize those quirky women are the most fun people. Also, unlike other people at all because when they are talking, you can feel that positive energy from them that can put a smile on your face at any given time of the day.

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Most girls have all different kinds of traits but finding the right guy who gets attracted to their personality can sometimes be challenging. But at the same time, it can be very easy as well for a girl to make a guy fall for him just by being themselves.

Now, Quirkiness does mean odd, silly, or unique qualities. Their behavior might seem a little weird or not normal to some people but that’s exactly what men crave. The uniqueness. The qualities or traits that set girls apart from other girls. Such odd qualities make men surprised and fascinated, and most probably melt them when they see them in a girl.

We know what is meant by quirky by now but what are the 17 surprising quirky girl traits that men really love and admire? That’s what I have found out by surfing all over the internet and finding the right list for you so you know how these 17 quirky traits in girls attract men so fast and make them fall in love with you.

So, let’s get started right away to discuss all of them.

✹ Here are the 17 surprising quirky girls traits that men like ✹

1. Men love women who are curious about things

Photo Credit: Pexels

There is just something about quirky girls who are curious about things. Like for example, a quirky girl being curious about the present you bought for her, or will be buying for her. Or you bought a new tech device she hasn’t seen before, or just about anything new or change in your life or home.

Men find it super cute when girls are curious about certain things and start talking about them with you in a funny way like ” … And by the way, what is or how is that?” Like it’s so adorable! When they talk about one thing but actually they are just curious about you.

They just have that look on their face to find out a little bit about what’s this new thing. Their curiosity often makes them funny and they come to you if it’s something peculiar and you tease them more because you just love that side of her. She’s a woman so of course, they will be curious most of the time. But most guys find it very desirable when they see this quirky trait in girls.

2. Quirky girls tend to be a bit on the wild side

Finding a girl who can fulfill all your wildest fantasies is a bit of a challenge for guys. You see most girls don’t always fulfill that because we all know guys have the weirdest of fantasies. And it is likely most girls will not be able to do that.

But quirky girls on the other hand may just be that one in a million as they are adventurous and open to trying new things with guys.

Girls that are quirky spend their time making their life more exciting. They make the relationship with guys really strong because most guys would want that quirky side in a girl who is open to doing the wildest of things. Of course, that is of safe nature.

When other girls cannot do that for you, she’s the one who will. That girl who loves the wild side just as you. She’s not scared of trying new things with guys. Or even strange things. For her, these can just be just normal things. And believe it or not, these quirky girls can really take you out of your comfort zone and make you realize how there is much more to this life in this world. Her wildness as a woman will make your soul on fire.


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3. Quirky women show their peculiar or unexpected traits often

Photo Credit: Pexels

Quirky girls or women don’t hide their weirdness from the world, instead, they show it more so that you can embrace it. They don’t need to hear the words of acknowledgment either, because they are who they are.

These types of girls are special, unique, and let’s say quirky of course!

They are intelligent and make life really beautiful. That’s why most guys get attracted to those quirky girls who are different from others. They find it very sexy even when girls are doing things out of the ordinary. Like acting childishly, making endearing sounds, teasing guys! All of these are what men find very adorable. Girls may also come off as annoying to some people but that is just those guys can’t handle such quirky girls. The whole concept of being quirky is being unique. And who doesn’t want that?

So when they show that side more often, guys love that! and there is nothing wrong with showing who you really are anyway. Genuity in a relationship is most important. No guy will settle for someone who fakes their personality in a relationship anyway.

Quirky girls are intelligent in that regard because when they show their traits often, they show who they truly are to a guy who she loves or likes. Which shows integrity, trust, and the word that everyone needs in a relationship, Love.

4. When they are being cute and funny

Who doesn’t love women who act funny or cute? The idea itself makes a guy’s heart melt when they imagine girls being cute and doing adorable things like shying away when you said a funny word to her or when they want to have cuddles with you but instead of saying a word, she just gives you “That Look” or when she wants to get your attention or affection by doing funny gestures like dancing or making that low pitch noise which any boy would love.

The faces they make and the way they make those sweet sounds is just too adorable for men to handle. They come running to women who have such quirks. Men are really attracted to girls who behave that way. Their feminine side just lights them up and they enjoy spending time with girls like that.

5. When they act a little strange and weird

Photo Credit: Pexels

Okay, so we know guys love that cute and funny but what about the actual quirkiness. You know I mean like weird and crazy. Now when I say crazy I don’t mean that literally because quirky girls are a bit different when we use those words for them.

By that I mean when they act out of the ordinary. Like, make impersonations of characters in a sitcom or characters in a movie or cartoon. When they try to make you smile but fail when they act like a boy instead of a girl when they share memes that are a bit not what you would expect from her to send. All that is what guys crave. That strangeness is not wrong but actually right for them. Guys love the idea of women being a bit different sometimes in a relationship which can spark up things.

6. Show’s passion for their hobbies

The best combo you can find in a girl is when they are sexy and cute at the same time! and when is that? When they show that passion for their hobbies. It’s like they are radiating with that energy that guys love or get attracted to when they find women being passionate about their dreams and goals or hobbies.

Intelligent women make the best of their life. They don’t want to have boring life or want something that is wrong in their life. They don’t want to fall in love with a boy who doesn’t appreciate their passion for hobbies. For example, what they love to do. Instead, they want to have a world full of accomplishments and dreams which they can work towards.

So even if ordinary things make them the most excited, wide-eyed, and curious, guys will just love it! They love it so much so that they can’t take their eyes off girls who get excited over little things. Who are passionate about them and curious to know more. Their eyes tell you that because they get dilated when they show passion. They automatically become lovable and beautiful in our eyes. Most people would love that a lot about quirky girls.

They are not shy showing their enthusiasm and that is exactly what men crave. The sounds they make when they are passionate, that enough can make them attracted to girls.

7. Dressing up for you

So you have been watching lots of movies lately and found this pretty shirt or skirt that the actress is wearing. And you share that with your girl how lovely it would be to see her in that as well. And then, she surprises you! Wearing that clothes you saw in a movie and that just melts you on the spot. Quirky girls would do that for you. It makes them happy when they see you happy so they love that dressing up for you.

It doesn’t have to be always clothing from movies, it can be on the internet or any store. Quirky girls are not boring, that is the main point. They will dress up and smile bright which can make you say the word “Adorable!” instantly. It’s amazing to see girls like that who show happiness in things that are important to you.





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8. Getting excited over little things

When they act like a little girl for any happy unexpected things that happen. They behave like kids and get so excited over little things that they just cannot contain their joy. Their heart just explodes with warmth and happiness as they jump up and down with that adorable facial expression. How can a man just be calm when seeing such a scene. Women, being so happy is such a beautiful sight. Surely the person who can express their happiness in this way is very attractive. Showing their expressions with a bright smile and see, how everyone surrounding them just adore them. It’s an irresistible trait, no doubt.

9. Their clinginess is just super adorable!

Photo Credit: Pexels

Any normal man would love clingy women. Period. Who doesn’t love to be showered with affection, care, and attention anyways? Guys love it when girls cling to them whether they walk or are in bed or on the couch. They just love the cuddling and softness of their arms and the warmth of their body that just makes them love girls even more. In a way, it’s a guy’s weakness! It’s a very nice feeling to have a girl who is clingy like that.

10. When they purr and act like a cat

Guys love girls when they act a bit catty. Not literally but just the cuteness overloaded type of catty. When they make the cutest sounds like a cat or when they use to talk in a fun cat voice or when they stretch their arms or relax like a cat, for example yawning. All this just appeal to guys a lot. The point is, cats and girls are something guys find very cute when they fuse. Acting like a cat is a very quirky thing to do and men love it.

11. They make the cutest and most adorable sounds!

Just like the “Meowing” sounds, they also make other adorable sounds. Which just strum the strings of the guy’s heart. Girls have this power with their voice that triggers something inside a guy’s soul that just makes them weak. They can call you “Babe” or “Honey” in the cutest way possible and that sure will make you fall in love with them. Anything that comes out of their sweet mouth can just pierce a guy’s heart if it is pitched in that sweet, melting, and adorable sound.

12. When they randomly laugh and then share it with you

Photo Credit: Pexels

Awwww this one is just the best trait ever that can be found in girls. Their laughter and smile. Surely, you might have heard this countless times that guys call their girls angels because of their stunning smiles and laughter. The sound they make when they giggle and the way they show those white pearls is just a scene to behold. That burst of laughter can really make all your worries go away in a second, just like that. They also give you the power and make you happiest. You can try making them laugh and see how beautiful it is yourself but quirky girls would surely keep that laughter going on by making jokes with you more. It’s just sweet that someone can laugh and make us laugh at the same time. I love it!

13. When they are daydreaming and are found lost in thoughts

It’s super adorable to find girls just lost in thought about something. Maybe they are daydreaming about something or maybe they are reminiscing the happy past. Anything sort of like that is super adorable to guys. It makes a guy curious but also attentive to see the look and expression of girls who are lost in thoughts. They can just stare and be in love with them while they are not aware that there is a guy just melting over her adorable expression.

14. When they just play around and behave like a kid

Quirky girls are your best friends. They act strange, crazy, and are silly sometimes. This is why they are your best friends and different from your other friends as well. They act like kids which are always so interesting to see in a woman. They want all those couple goals which are basically the same as being quirky. Not worrying about the world at all, just being themselves, playing around, and having the best of life. Without a care about the world, they want to spend that time with their wide-eyed facia expressions and behave like just kiddos. Fascinating! Who doesn’t love that? Women like that are just the prettiest in a guy’s eyes.

15. Someone who can express her opinions

Photo Credit: Pexels

Girls are shy. And shyness is a trait that every guy admires in girls. But when women don’t just hide things and express clearly their thoughts and opinions, that’s something extraordinary. Imagine being cutest, sexiest, shy but at the same time, confident. That’s something close to perfections, isn’t it? It’s the deadliest combo of traits and guys are head over heels for women like that. Someone who can show them the right way, who can share, and who is strong. Beautiful!

16. When they name everyday things

Quirky girls love to name their everyday things with adorable names. Like they will call their brush” Lil helper” or their bed “Cozy Place” isn’t that just so damn adorable? Naming things that are just ordinary but when women do it it’s like the cutest thing ever! Most men would love quirky girls like that because they will always come up with something unique and surprise them with their fun way of looking at life. Surely it’s one of the unique traits of women which makes them quirky.

17. When they have secret talents

Photo Credit: Pexels

This one is the most surprising one for guys because they are just in the dark for so long that they didn’t even know that some women have these secret talents. Like out of the blue they can suddenly tell you that they can do stand-up comedy or they can burp out the alphabets or they can do something else with their body, etc. You get what I mean. Men find it really interesting because they are just surprised because they haven’t seen this part of you yet. Women who are quirky make such times fun, happy, and full of life.

Maybe her secret talent is having the longest kiss or even something else, wink wink. That’s very fascinating.


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💃 What is a quirky girl? 💃

Photo Credit: Pexels

Manic Pixie Dream Girl or as other kids might call it nowadays now, quirky girl. They are the type of women who are a bit strange, crazy, and unique. They are different from the common type of women which is the main reason guys fall for them very easily. The easiest way to define a quirky girl would be that she is the one who only follows her heart and lives her life according to her thinking and her way. But not just to grab someone’s attention. No. They are real to themselves as well as to the people surrounding them. Her choices are made based on her own way of perceiving things and many might be steering away from such women but most guys would accept it wholeheartedly and would fall for them.

In short, Quirkiness is being lovably weird. It’s a thing!

📹 Some examples of people who are quirky in movies are 📹

● Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)

● Clementine (Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind)

● Sam (Garden State)

● Eminem AKA Marshall Mathers. A semi-autobiographical film (8 Mile)

and more.

These are some of the popular stories that portray men and women who are quirky.

👣 Ways to be quirky 👣

◉ Don’t act fake, just be yourself.

Show the weirdness without being shy

◉ Socialize with other people

Act outgoing and friendly when socializing. Make them smile.

◉ Find people who appreciate you for being quirky.

Make friends with them who share the same values as you.

◉ Speak your expressions loudly

Show big gestures and facial expressions. It’s your quirk, don’t hide it!

◉ Inviting others to participate in your unusual activities.

That really is the way on the road to becoming quirky.

◉ Don’t suppress your thoughts or feelings with others.

Show them clearly what you are genuinely interested in whether it be hobbies, movie choices, or favorite food. Just go with it!

◉ Wear what makes you feel good about yourself.

Even a costume is fine. Don’t follow the trend, be your own trend.

◉ Never apologize for who you are.

Whether it’s that special talent of yours or a natural way of doing things. Act like it’s your everyday normal thing. Which it is.

◉ Be enthusiastic about things that are present in your life.

Relationships, hobbies, goals. Everything!

◉ Be courageous to show your quirky side.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Quirkiness is something guys are attracted to. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, quirkiness is just being lovably weird. It’s being cutest, and most adorable in their own way. But when it comes to girls who are quirky it’s just on another level. They are cutest and adorable naturally but when they act quirky that is just something else then.

Having traits that might be quirky is actually a good thing. It’s special, unique, and different. That is why it is more wonderful for guys to get attracted to. They love all that uniqueness and will fall in love with that quickly. So if you have any of the traits we mentioned above then lucky you because you are unique and one of a kind. Be proud to show your quirkiness and find the man you deserve who will appreciate all of you, along with your quirky traits and personality.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ What does it mean when you can’t stop thinking about someone sexually?

It means that you are very attracted to that person in a way that nothing can divert your mind away from that person. It’s the passion of flame that needs to be controlled and shown in a proper manner. Mostly it just means that you like that person sexually and that’s it. You just crave for that person, a lot!

❓ Is Quirky positive or negative?

Too much is too hard to handle which can be negative but being quirky mildly or just normally is actually quite positive. The quirky behavior is very unique and is attractive to men or women. When you love a person, you love all of them. Even the quirks. So it’s positive.

❓ What is the difference between quirky and weird?

An introvert is quirky but a man who flirts with every woman is weird. Introverts are shy but when they speak up you can see that quirky side of them while people who are weird will just say things that are just outrageous. Quirky people don’t make you uncomfortable while weird people do.





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