Can Android Become an Invulnerable System in the Future?

By Lisa R. Taylor

October 2, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

pros and cons of android

The Android operating system run by Google is suitable for different devices. It can work on mobile phones and tablets. The system is used by people all over the globe and is the direct competitor of Apple’s iOS system.

Although Android is widely recognized as a reliable, functional, and recommendable option, there are still numerous vulnerabilities that come with it. The list of the pros and cons of Android is something everyone should know.

The Android system we use today is far from perfect. All its positive features aren’t good enough to make us forget or completely disregard the negative ones. Being aware of the potential flaws we might come across using the Android system, we can’t help but wonder if there a chance for Android to become invulnerable in the future.

To try and break this down, we’ve put together a list of the basic pros and cons of Android, which can influence the way it develops in the future.


Regardless of what purposes you use your phone or tablet for, the Android system you’re using should provide security for your data.

However, security is one of the major issues of the Android system and the dominating reason for why people aren’t using it. There are hundreds of confirmed security vulnerabilities that need to be fixed, confirmed by Google itself.

Luckily, the product management of Android confirmed that a security revolution is about to take place:

  • new features
  • removing issues
  • focusing on privacy and protection
  • increased transparency
  • more control by the users

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With Android, system updates are regular and necessary if you want your device to function in accordance with the latest developments and upgrades. However, for so many users, system updates are either painfully slow or completely impossible.

This is a serious problem.

If you’ve bought a device directly from Google, your system will be updated in no time. It might even happen in the background, without you knowing it.

However, for people using devices from another manufacturer, there might be problems such as:

  • update takes too long
  • update isn’t possible
  • system remains outdated and vulnerable

This means that users should watch out and use the devices which are guaranteed and updated.

Google needs to find a way to provide equal update options for all devices to move towards becoming invulnerable. Otherwise, more users will give up on the system and turn to the competition.

If this issue could be removed, the system would significantly improve.

Limited Use of Apps

pros and cons of buying android

The previous update issue leads to further issues which might make Android users quite angry.

There are those users whose devices haven’t been updated for one of the two reasons:

  • They haven’t received the update.
  • They want to stick to the old system version.

The numerous apps you can use thanks to the Android system are not as available for everyone as you might think.

Yes, they are free of charge, but newer apps require you to have an updated system.
This means that the above-mentioned users can’t use the new apps on their devices.
This is definitely an issue and a major vulnerability that needs fixing.

Monitoring You

If you’re worried about your privacy and wish to keep your matters private, we’ve got bad news for you. Google and the Android system are tracking down most of your everyday moves and using it for advertisement and personalization.

Once you sign in into your Google account, it can easily track down the following:

  • the places you visit
  • music you prefer
  • events you attend
  • people you communicate with
  • your personal information

All of these data are then used to show you the right ads, sell you the right products or offer the right services. Although the situation is no different from the iOS system, this is something which should not be disregarded.

Device Choice

A great thing about the Android system is that it doesn’t limit you to a specific device you need to buy in order to use it.

It’s functional on devices of the different price range, quality, functionality, and purpose.
This is a huge benefit and a reason why Android will keep getting stronger in the future:

  • various device options
  • suitable for people of different social and economic backgrounds
  • removes the monotony

You can change your devices frequently but still, keep the well-known Android features you like and enjoy using.

“For people who like to change devices frequently, Android is the best option. You can switch from phone to phone, searching for better phone features but keeping the Android system features you’ve grown to like” says Eric Pearson, an IT specialist and writer at Subjecto.


pros and cons of using android

Finally, the fact that Android is made by Google is something which makes it even more destined to become dominant and invulnerable in the future. Google is the number one search engine in the world, with more than 5 billion searches daily.

Android systems are integrated with Google and support services such as:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Hangouts
  • Google Reader
  • Google Play

This is another major benefit and a reason why so many users decide to go for Android instead of iOS.

This will ensure Android stays on the right track in the future and improve in order to meet the needs of millions of its users.

Final Thoughts

The initial question we’ve asked was whether or not the Android system can become invulnerable in the future. It’s hard to predict what the future carries and how things are going to develop.

However, based on the facts we’ve analyzed above, Android needs to work on the major issues it currently has. If they manage to remove the issues and provide a smooth and secure experience for the users, they might become the invulnerable system we all need in the future.

Lisa R. Taylor

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