30 Best AliExpress Products on Sale this 11.11

By Dumb Little Man

November 10, 2021

30 Best AliExpress Products on Sale this 11.11

Looking for a new item? AliExpress has over 30 items on sale this coming November 11 to delight you. Start your new season with an amazing shopping spree! AliExpress products come up with great discounts and treats. SAVE UP to 50% off and more on selected items.

This isn’t for the weak of cart

1. Meida Mountain Bikes: $125.71 to $72.91

Meida Mountain Bikes
Photo: AliExpress

Cycling has become very popular during this pandemic. Since most sports are not allowed especially contact sports, many active people and health buff athletes shifted to this hobby in order to progress and continue their fitness regimen. This coming 11.11, get a chance to get their bestselling Mountain bikes at 30% off the price! As for everything else, their products are up to 50% off too.


2. Women’s BGTEEVER Casual Blouse: $25.98 to $13.77

Women’s BGTEEVER Casual Blouse
Photo: AliExpress

Shirt and blouse are one of the main trends of 2021 fashion seasons. Due to the similarities, people often confuse different models with each other. For starters, shirts immigrated into women’s wardrobes from the men’s section trends. Unlike shirts, blouses are of a more original cut. As a result, fashion blouses give women a more feminine look. The modern woman spends quite a big amount of time at her workplace, but never spends a big amount when it comes to blouses.


3. Fluorescent Art Makers Pen: $12.97 to $9.08

Fluorescent Art Makers Pen
Photo: AliExpress

Finding some meaningful and practical gift ideas that your artsy self would absolutely enjoy?

Find no more! An artist’s supplies are his/her tools for creation, and they must be taken care of.

Not only do artists love making their passions known to those around them, but many of us working artists actually depend on it. An eye-catching item and accessory like this is a great way for us to transmit our originality and love for art.


4. LIGE Diver Watch for Men: $28.49 to $17.09

LIGE Diver Watch for Men
Photo: AliExpress

Make up for lost time gents! Treat yourself to one of the top Men’s watches available in the market. As the great Abraham Lincoln once said it, “Time waits for no Man.” To facilitate your navigation, we’ve picked out this best-selling watch that is fit for every taste.

5. Air Pro 4 TWS Bluetooth Earphones: discount of $1.00 off per US $49.00

Air Pro 4 TWS Bluetooth Earphones
Photo: AliExpress

Say goodbye to cords and hello to one of the best wireless earphones available in the market. This is one of the best wireless earphones of 2021, this includes some of the most advanced audio set-ups that’ll make your music really sing.


6. Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver Kit: $76 to $38

Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver Kit:
Photo: AliExpress

Screwdrivers are a critical part of any toolbox; without them, you’re going to have one heck of a time removing or installing a whole range of fasteners. But with this new two-speed torque precise control DIY dismountable screwdriver set from Xiaomi, everything else is easier.

7. Tovia Garden Scissors: $218.45 to $103.38

Tovia Garden Scissors:
Photo: AliExpress

As always, having the right tool for the job makes life much easier. And the good news is, unlike ordinary and manual garden shears, it’s eminently affordable to have a vast array of individual electric pruning shears on hand. You can get a great set of these tools for the price of a fine dining in your fancy chic 5-star restaurant. Do I have your attention now or are you still thinking about food? Consider adding to your toolbox. These product recommendations are based on personal experience as well as real-world customer reviews too.


8. KOBACH Kitchen Pan: $202.99 to $73.08

KOBACH Kitchen Pan
Photo: AliExpress

Don’t be that person who doesn’t have the right kitchenware or utensil for the job — it’s like trying to eat soup with a fork. If you’re cooking something together that uses a worn-out frying pan, for example, an old frying pan is to be of zero value and does affect your cooking process. KOBACH kitchen pan set boasts 16cm breakfast pots for the kitchen frying pan and stainless-steel cooking pots that are also nonstick cookware. Upgrade not just your cooking skills but also your kitchenware now!


9. Baseus A1 Car Vacuum Cleaner: $39.98 to $19.99

Baseus A1 Car Vacuum Cleaner:
Photo: AliExpress

You know just how messy things can get if you spend time hopping from places to places, going, traveling from using your car. You may have to deal with sawdust from working with wood, dirt from your cars’ tires, sands from your latest beach get away, the regular detritus and dust that manages to get in there and maybe even water after heavy rain. Something has to be done, because these messes aren’t exactly conducive to a clean car interior. The key to keeping your car clean is a vacuum cleaner — a regular vacuum cleaner is sufficient for picking up large debris. An Baseus Car vac can also be used to clean the interior of your car, keeping it free of dust and crumbs.


10. Imou Ranger SE Home WIFI Camera: $59.98 to $29.99

Imou Ranger SE Home WIFI Camera
Photo: AliExpress

We love the convenience and flexibility of wireless home security cameras and this year’s 11:11, there’s a new security guard in town: Dahua imou Ranger SE 4MP Home WIFI 360 Camera. Imou sports a Human detection feature and a night vision setting. It also features and can be used as a baby security surveillance wireless camera. All these for a smaller price tag.


11. Sougayilang Fishing Rod: $72.99 to $30.87

Sougayilang Fishing Rod
Photo: AliExpress

Fishing is a gear-first sport. If you’ve been fishing for years, now is the time to pull your kit out of the garage to repair, replace, and improve. And if you’ve gotten the fever but don’t yet have your kit, it’s time to pool your funds. But here’s the important stuff that most all types of fishermen need. Don’t forget the rod and bait.


12. Booster Mini Massage Gun: $130.00 to $44.20

Booster Mini Massage Gun
Photo: AliExpress

Massage guns are taking the fitness industry world by storm. These percussive therapy devices target sore muscles with rapid-fire pulses, aiming to provide the benefits of massage therapy from the comfort of your home. There are multiple features to look for in a massage gun. Before making your choice, consider how you will use your device and which features are the most important to you.


13. Camping Rain Jacket: $10.27 to $6.88

Photo: AliExpress

We know a thing or two about rain. From months of daily drizzle to heavy downpour in the mountains, we’re acutely aware of the benefits of a quality waterproof and breathable shell. Below is an entry-level model for hiking and daily use to performance pieces for backpacking and climbing. For more background information, see the rain jacket price and buying advice below the picks.


14. NEW Drone Camera: $51.42 to $12.99

NEW Drone Camera
Photo: AliExpress

The big difference these days is that the camera technology in drones has come a long way, with larger sensors, better video resolutions and improved stabilization systems powered by on-board gimbals. Then there’s also the fact that intelligent flight controls are getting better and better, making drones so easy to fly that even a total novice can pick up the basics pretty quickly.


15. Drillpro Electric Impact wrench: $33.47 to $26.39

Drillpro Electric Impact wrench
Photo: AliExpress

Historically, impact wrenches were predominantly pneumatic, or air-powered, which left them squarely in the domain of professional mechanics. The good news is that cordless, battery-powered impact wrenches have gotten better as battery technology improves, which has brought prices down and made them viable alternatives to their pneumatic cousins. In fact, cordless impact wrenches have a tremendous advantage: mobility. Not being tied to a compressor with an air hose, these tools can easily go wherever they’re needed.


16. IWO Smartwatches: $26.24 to $18.63

IWO Smartwatches
Photo: AliExpress

Smartwatches come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, so one is bound to suit you. One of the best-reviewed and ranked best smartwatches on the market is this IWO W46 and W26 Smartwatch.

Smartwatches are a great way to receive notifications from your phone and track your health, right from your wrist. We’ve used and reviewed all of the latest smartwatches for Android and iPhone, and we can definitely vouch for this one!


17. Smartphone Pen: Discount of $3 per $30 spent, Free Shipping

Smartphone Pen
Photo: AliExpress

The best smartphone pen for Android will take your Android tablet or smartphone and turn it into a portable, versatile tool for making digital art. The broad compatibility of Android means there are plenty of styluses to choose from, and it doesn’t have to cost that much to pick up a stylus that will seamlessly integrate with your favorite drawing apps and programs. You want a stylus that is well-made enough to last a good long time, and there are a few other features worth looking out for too. So, we suggest this one!


 18. Wireless mouse: $9.22 to $5.35

Wireless mouse
Photo: AliExpress

Any cable-free mouse can help keep your desk clear of clutter, but only one of the best wireless mice will also track well, feel good in your hand for hours and help you get more gaming or work done. So, of course, pairing your rodent with one of the best wireless keyboards also makes sense. We’ll help you find the best wireless mouse, whether you’re a gamer, aiming at productivity, or both. Here’s one!


19. Wash Face Hair Holder: Discount of $1 off per $20 spent, Free Shipping

Wash Face Hair Holder
Photo: AliExpress

Often, it’s the simplest purchases that make the biggest difference in our day-to-day lives. Case in point? A really great quality headband for washing your face. Since keeping every little trace of water out of your hair is the name of the game here, not just any headband is going to do — it’s worth going the extra mile to procure one of the best headbands for washing your face, which should be thick enough to protect your entire hairline and made of highly absorbent materials like microfiber or terrycloth. Stay away from cheap, flimsy headbands that will wind up getting soaked and seeping into your hair (they’ll also take forever to dry), or too-thin hairbands that won’t protect your whole hairline.


20. HITBOX Welding Machine: $207.90 to $127.81

HITBOX Welding Machine
Photo: AliExpress

Buying a welding machine is the biggest step if you decide to get into welding, so you need to do serious research before choosing which welder is right for you. And even if you’ve been around for a while, welding technology has really advanced in the last few decades. You can now find a portable TIG/stick/MIG welder for a few hundred bucks, and that is just amazing, especially if you’re new to the craft. This sort of versatility is a privilege. In the past, you would have to choose the specific type of welding you want to do before buying a welding machine.


21. MIXI Aluminum Suitcase: $271.20 to $132.89

MIXI Aluminum Suitcase
Photo: AliExpress

This summer is shaping up to be one of the biggest traveling seasons in recent memory, with a vaccinated population ready to kick off more than a year’s worth of cabin fever and take to the skies. So, with travel being the premier activity du jour, there is no better time to buy a new suitcase. And if you’re looking for the absolute best in luggage, then an aluminum suitcase should be at the top of your list. To help you navigate purchasing one of these enduring (and expensive) symbols of luxury and good taste, we’ve put together a guide to the best aluminum suitcases that will make your next trip your best ever.

There’s a lot to love about a good aluminum suitcase. The material is rigid, hard, and durable, and can take more of a beating than other suitcases. It’s also lightweight for how strong it is, and the zipper-less locking-latch designs of the best aluminum suitcases provide better security than their zippered counterparts. They also have a clean and classic design that exudes a sense of luxury without being precious. After all, there’s nothing better than adding a few dents to your aluminum suitcase to help you recall your past adventures. We’ve rounded up ten of the best aluminum suitcases currently on the market, so get your passport ready and decide which of them you’ll be taking on your next trip.


22. MINI DLP Projector: $399 to $275.31

MINI DLP Projector
Photo: AliExpress

These days, home projectors can do so much more than show off photos from your latest vacation. Whether you’re gaming, working, or watching home movies. Just as no two homes are identical, though, projectors designed for home use vary widely in price, features, purpose, and capabilities. They range from tiny pico and palmtop projectors to home theater models that can form the centerpiece of a basement home cinema, to home entertainment projectors bright enough to withstand the ambient light in a window-laden family room. Some are geared toward gaming, and most handle video (and photos) reasonably well. In addition, some data projectors can capably display video and maybe a good choice for someone whose home doubles as an office.


23. MERRY’S DESIGN Titanium Eyeglasses: $20.88 to $10.44

MERRY’S DESIGN Titanium Eyeglasses
Photo: AliExpress

Titanium glasses are made from premium materials. Above all, they have surely become very common in the eyewear world. This is why premium eyewear brands are all making progressive titanium frames. And they continue to do so. Additionally, the category is very much on trend this year. We want to focus on the best titanium collections from premium brands only. If you are interested in titanium as a material, you will like Merry’s design such as Masunaga Fuller as they are focused on alloy material.


24. Silicone Phone Case: $7.32 to $4.25

Silicone Phone Case
Photo: AliExpress

When your life is busy and fast-paced, you rely on your phone to keep up — but even though you might bring your smartphone everywhere, it’s not always up for the adventure, which is why a durable phone case is an essential phone accessory. Without one, your glass screen is at risk of breaking or shattering each time you accidentally drop it. But still, they do more than protect your phone — protective cases can also act as a fashion statement, and some cases double as a wallet to keep your credit cards handy. Protect your phone with these stylish and useful phone cases.


25. Katie and Beryl Crossbody bags: $19.62 to $10.59

Katie and Beryl Crossbody bags
Photo: AliExpress

One of the best designers crossbody bags for professional stylish women on the go. They should also be chic and compact enough to carry around with confidence, from interviews and very important quick meetings to your lunch errands and happy times. Finally, it should be durable to hold up through daily commutes, work trips abroad, kid’s drop-offs, and whatever the call and journey arise that will take you next.


26. Olive Oil Sprayer: Discount of $1.00 off per $79.00, Free Shipping

Olive Oil Sprayer
Photo: AliExpress

When it comes to living mindfully, few products offer the benefits of saving you money, being better for you, being better for the planet, and being easy to use. Olive oil sprayers are one of the few exceptions to that rule. These sophisticated little devices will help you save time and money in your kitchen game, while also saving on calories and waste. But not all oil sprayers will bring you every one of these benefits. But this one is for sure.


27. ADOREHOUSE Bed Cover: $44.09 to $15.43

Photo: AliExpress

A good night’s sleep starts with the right bedding, and that includes a soft, snuggle-worthy cover. So while you’ve already figured out the  other bedding essentials before ⁠like mattresses, sheets, and comforters ⁠— here, we’ve rounded up one of  the best duvet covers as praised by the most enthusiastic (and well-rested) reviewers on Aliexpress.com


28. Redragon Computer Speakers: $55.45 to $16.32

Redragon Computer Speakers
Photo: AliExpress

A good set of speakers can help turn your PC game experience and usage into the ultimate home entertainment set-up. Handful things in life are as enjoyable as good music. But as you’ve probably noticed, music only sounds as good as the system it’s playing through. Many Macs and PCs don’t come with a very good built-in speaker. And that’s to say nothing of the tiny built-in drivers found in most laptops. Even if you’re on a tight budget, low-cost speakers like this Redragon can noticeably improve your music listening experience.


29. USLION Magnetic Cable: $3 off every $30 spent, Free Shipping

USLION Magnetic Cable
Photo: AliExpress

Magnetic charging cables are a popular way to charge your phone wirelessly. They use new market magnetic induction technology, which means you can simply attach the cable to your mobile phone and it will start charging – no plugging in or mess fumbling with wires needed. Magnetic chargers work like any other wired charger would do: they send an electric current through two coils of copper wire (one inside the device that charges and one outside) so electricity is transferred from point A to point B without any physical connection. The innovation behind these new magnetic cords also eliminates wasted energy by cutting off power when the device reaches 100% capacity. This protects our batteries against overcharging, something many of us have experienced at some point.


30. Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: $67.10 to $19.87

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Photo: AliExpress

A reliable gaming keyboard must be responsive, reliable, and probably backed up by RGB lights. It’s important you pick the right one for your desktop. Besides your gaming mouse, you’ll interact with your gaming keyboard more than any other piece of hardware in your work desk.

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