How a Little Positivity Can Bring About a Lot of Happiness

By Lena Shane

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

How a Little Positivity Can Bring About a Lot of Happiness

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”- Jim Rohn

When the world starts to cave in, it comes down to either making changes or getting stuck in a rut. Rectification doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes you might have to go against the grain to harness some happiness in your life. This may entail being true to yourself, acquiring new habits, or simply tapping into the potential that was there all along.                                                        

3 ways to feel the impact of positivity

Here are some ways you can invite positivity into your life and reap the benefits in doing so:                                                                        

1. Seek out the positive in every situation                                   

How many a snide remark is made in reference to another, where only then is that person worthy of mention. Reality check! It’s not so hard to seek out the positive in others. That simply means focusing on positive attributes and bringing that to light. All that positivity just boomerangs right back onto you, and actually elevates yourself in the process.

Seek out the positive in every situation 
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Make it so that you wouldn’t trade in what you have going for you. Bear in mind that others want acceptance just as much as you do. Rather than be on the verge of lying about someone by bashing them, just focus on the plus side. This scenario is made worse when an entirely fabricated persona distorts someone’s identity. Imagine how much happier you’d be knowing you see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

When I come to appreciate others, I tend to find that what makes one person special is hard to replicate. We all have different strengths, and so there is much to miss out on if I try to overlook someone. If someone is chock-full of negative attributes, that’s all the more reason to go by how you’d want to be treated.                        

2. Illuminate your positive attributes                                                    

When you turn inwards and focus on yourself, your uncanny ability is where your greatest pleasure lies. All too often, you take up other pursuits and let them fall by the wayside. Sometimes all you need to do is prioritize the things that make you happy to make for certain contentment.                                                                                      

One way to open the doors to happiness is to embrace yourself. Just do you, whatever that may entail. The sky’s the limit when you accept yourself for who you are. Now that could be easier said than done, but there are steps you can take to bring about this mindset. Don’t get so hung up on what you can improve that you miss the moment. Live in the here and now.

There is a time and place for improvement, and by all means, set aside that time. For now, own it. Emphasize what you know to be good about you, and let everything else recede into the background. Also, try new things that you may end up good at that you can cultivate. It’s a thrill when I sense I am having fun at karaoke, or I can run for a long time. Go for broke and seek out hidden talents. Once they do crop up, there’s no turning back. If nothing else, this does wonder for self-confidence. You may try something out more than once to get really good at it, so don’t shy away from that.                                  

3. Remember that it’s your life to live                                              

Finally, it goes without saying, not everyone is going to be in the positive space you are in. You must always stay on the upswing, no matter if you know someone doesn’t want that for you. Another person doesn’t decide for you. You are your own keeper. A naysayer is just so. If you must, give more heed to the people who would be happy for you.

Remember that it's your life to live      
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The Low-Down

Some of what keeps me on the upswing:

  • I follow social media pages of people with success in their chosen field, especially if it’s something that interests me.
  • I compile a list of wellness blogs I refer to when I want to read up on happiness and health.
  • I keep things interesting with funky notebooks.
  • I appreciate humor whether it’s in the fiction I write, at a comedy show, or being in good company.
  • I can’t deal without nice, long nature walks that serve to invigorate my senses and make up my nature collages.
  • I appreciate the magical way of things and am a firm believer in miracles- the out-of-this-world type. I am absolutely mystified when I witness miracles, and yes, they do abound when you least expect it. If you think it won’t happen in a million years, think again.
  • I am very nonchalant and carefree, and this very much helps with happiness and joviality.
  • My favorite motto is: the truth comes out in the end
  • Nothing is too dreamy in my book.                                                                                                   

Whatever you let get in the way of your happiness, you may be playing up in your mind. That can be weight gain, your idea of the right career, waiting for next year, or wearing the right outfit. It can be a haircut gone wrong or your shoelaces coming untied. Not to fret. When opportunity knocks on your door, by all means, answer and walk right on through. You’ll be glad you did. There’s no better time to be selfish when working out what’s right for you. The world doesn’t wait, and neither should you. There’s so much to be happy about. So get out there, shoulder on, and miracles just may manifest themselves in your life.  

Lena Shane

Lena, writer at amazont. Her ebook is "Belle and Her Beau."

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