Find Out What The 7 Most Popular Hobbies During Lockdown Are

By Dumb Little Man

May 11, 2021

most popular hobbies during lockdown

In the past year or so, being in lockdown is something almost everyone around the world has gone through. Suddenly, most people had too much time on their hands. As online shopping skyrocketed, so did an interest in specific hobbies that require neither traveling nor close contact.

Anything from individual sports and binge-watching to arts and crafts was popular, and this led to many people discovering new interests.

Below are the seven most popular lockdown hobbies people partook in.

Embracing Your Inner Baker

Baking was a huge part of hobbies during the lockdown this past year. Banana bread, or bread in general, was the stuff of dreams. We even had a shortage of yeast as new bakers flocked to YouTube to learn how to whip up confections and staples in their ovens.

There are dozens of videos that taught people how to bake bread, cookies, cakes, and how to decorate their creations. Eventually, people started running out of freezer space when they baked too many items to eat by themselves and resorted to freezing them.

Cultivating A Green Thumb

most popular hobby during lockdown

During the early spring and summer months, green thumbs were in no short supply. With people not wanting to go to the grocery store, they started growing their own vegetables, fruits, and even flowers to brighten up their spaces. Even something as small and simple as a succulent garden for your table or balcony took off because they added some bright, cheery color to your home.

Tables, windowsills, balconies, patios, decks, and backyards were taken over by gardens and potted plants in all shapes and sizes as people learned how to grow them and keep them healthy.

Superhero Workout Routines

Since people had time to stream their favorite movies, they began to wonder how they could transform themselves into their favorite action heroes. They started looking at a list of superhero workout routines and adapting them to fit their bodies, abilities, and time constraints.

Some people got into the best shapes of their lives while others fell in love with working out and building a routine to help better themselves. No matter your ability level, it was suddenly possible to dedicate 10 minutes to an hour to work out.

Binge-Watch Favorite Shows Or Movies

Thanks to various streaming services, people could watch almost whatever shows or movie they wanted from the comfort of their own homes. Many people took advantage of this by watching longer shows that they hadn’t had time to before, and they could keep up with all of the new shows coming out.

Streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu took off with more and more people purchasing subscriptions to help fill out their downtime. Even the kids could get in on it and have family movie night or zoom movie dates with friends.

Picking Up An E-Reader Or Book

Sadly, books have faded from the spotlight with new streaming services and shows out. However, books and e-readers saw a jump as a popular hobby during the lockdown.

The use of tablets, Kindles, and cell phones skyrocketed with their ability to hold libraries full of books. Also, actual physical book sales increased for people who would rather enjoy physical pages. This is because people suddenly had time to sit down and read full series of books, branch out and find new authors, revisit some of their personal favorites, and share their love of reading with their kids.

Experimenting With Arts Or Crafts

Amazon and other online retailers saw a huge increase in art supply and craft supply sales. This is because people are now interested in creating things and refining their skills during the lockdown. They now have the time to learn a new skill, like painting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or any other art or craft that takes a decent amount of patience and skill to do well.

Arts and crafts have become instant hits over the past year or so, and many people chose to revisit arts or crafts that they had lost time for previously.

Learning To Cook

most popular hobbies during lockdown cooking

Cooking was the top pick for many people’s popular lockdown hobbies. Even if you weren’t a great cook before, you could crack open a cookbook or look up a tutorial on a website or YouTube and follow it. What’s even better, you may have been home alone, so no one would see your disasters unless you chose to share them.

People had fun experimenting with new flavors, food styles, and recipes. They also tried to perfect those old family recipes that their grandparents loved.

Bottom Line

The past year has been something entirely new for most people, so they had to learn how to fill their time. Many people chose to do so by being productive and trying new things. These seven popular lockdown hobbies are just a small sampling of what people decided to take on and get better at.

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