By Muzafar Ahmad

January 19, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

1. Fear Of Failure.

This is one of the restricting factors at start. When you try to think about failure in the first place, there is a high probability that you could restrict yourself from starting even when failure has been discovered to be a subset of success.

What to do: Take failure to be one of the factors of success and over expect to be successful overnight.

Whenever one fails, the truth is that s/he has taken a step further towards success because of the experimental lessons learned.

At least failure teaches us how to do things in a different way and you should not fear failure.

2. Perfectionism.

Another common form of poorness thinking is trying to do something perfect. You keep promising yourself to do the work after you have attained more skills and that leads to time wasting.

Perfectionism is the direct substitute to procrastination.

What to do: The solution to perfectionism is giving yourself permission to be human. There is no mistake in doing something imperfect because an imperfect work today is far better than a superior work delayed indefinitely.

Always embrace being imperfect and do the best you can do at that particular moment.

3. Starting big.

The truth about starting small is always hard to admit, we tend to always delay starting the journey to success because we want to start big but that’s all an illusion.

What to do: Start small anyway, there is no better shortcut and greatly avoid comparisons with super gurus. Those experts you’re comparing yourself with started walking long ago, in fact they also started small.

So, it’s not a wise solution to compare your first chapter to some others tenth chapter.

Embrace that reality and start small.

4. Fear of wrong judgment.

In the earliest days, there is always concern about what others have to think about us and that deteriorates the breakthrough. Whenever you want to say no to an appointment but get to think what your friends will think about you, you might end up doing the polar opposite and that will mean that you’ll be rather saying no to your own self.

What to do: It’s simple, make a fool out of yourself. Just feel less bothered about the rejection that comes in return since that’s the only way you can progress.

When we see what the successful did, we realize that one of those was to appreciate criticizime.

The great Aristotle once said, ‘to avoid criticizime, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing’.

So, it great to be criticized because that’s an indicator that you’re progressing, otherwise the people that fear criticizime are nothing.

5. Overwhelm.

There are very many to-dos on the table of a starting entrepreneur and if you experience that, then know that it’s purely normal to experience. In fact, most successful men once experienced this vice.

Though it’s normal not that it’s recommended but it’s a constraint and you have to diognise it. Whenever there are very many things to implement, the truth is that you might end up accomplishing nothing.

What to do: Two things can not be equally important, one has to come faster than the other.

Delegate some tasks to others or accept to start with a particular task that is reasonably more important than the other(s).

Muzafar Ahmad

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