31 Top-Rated Online French Courses: Tested and Proven

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

With 29 countries and territories that use French as their official language, and with France having some of the world’s most highly regarded literature, it’s no wonder that there are a multitude of online French courses available.

Sourcing the right one can become incredibly tedious, so to help you make your decision on the best one for you, we’ve put together a detailed list of the highest-rated language learning courses that encompass both French language and culture.

31 Top-Rated Online French Courses

Table of Contents

1.  I Will Teach You A Language

2.  French Uncovered

3.  Pimsleur

4.  Coffee Break Languages

5.  News in Slow French

6.  Babbel

7.  French in Action

8.  Duolingo

9.  Learn French with Alexa

10.  Memrise

11.  WLingua

12.  Assimil

13.  Lingodeer

14.  Fluenz

15.  Français Authentique

16.  French by French

17.  Chatterbug

18.  Lingoni French

19.  Foreign Services Institute (FSI)

20.  Language Transfer

21.  InnerFrench

22.  Live Lingua

23.  Mango Languages

24.  Rocket French

25.  Busuu

26.  Ouino

27.  Super Easy French

28.  Comme Une Française

29.  Lingoda

30.  Clozemaster

31.  Rosetta Stone

1. I Will Teach A Language




With my tutelage, I can help you go from being a novice to speaking and reading advanced level French. Unlike with a general French course, or even a French course with free resources, my teaching can allow beginners to learn from a native French speaker.

With me you’ll learn French vocabulary, grammar, and you’ll also have the opportunity to practice custom exercises. I’ll also give you a list of free supplementary material that you can use as a method of self-study.

I will reach you a language

What I like:

My course is easily accessible to those with a tighter budget. The resources I provide are plentiful and entirely free and I also provide links for free supplementary material.

In addition, I can make learning French feel more enjoyable and less like a chore through my customised exercises.

What I dislike:

French is spoken in a variety of different accents, being exposed to only one type out of the 28 different accents or dialects can be limiting.

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2. French Uncovered




French Uncovered is a program that teaches the French Language by immersing their students in a story. Through enabling learners to become absorbed in an entertaining and engaging storyline, learning French becomes a much more enjoyable process.

Unlike other language courses such as Lingoda, French Uncovered encourages you to learn French spoken in fast, everyday conversation. This enables you to learn grammar rules naturally without feeling as if you’re actively studying.

French Uncovered

What I like:

This online course offers an engaging way to learn French and each class enables you to absorb grammar and vocabulary without making the process feel like a chore.

It encourages independent learning and at the end of each session you receive worksheets which aim to help you consolidate what you’ve learned instead of trying to teach new content.

What I dislike:

If you’re a complete beginner, you may find this course to be quite difficult at first.

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3. Pimsleur


$12.95 per month


Pimsleur is an entirely audio-based French language course with 30 audio lessons. It utilises the Pimsleur method which uses four scientifically sequenced fundamentals.

The method makes use of the Graduated Interval Recall technique which entails repeating certain phrases at strict time intervals.

Secondly, learners then complete mini-step challenges. This is the process of scrutinising user understanding, pausing for a response and then fortifying the correct answer. The Pimsleur method also focuses on allowing learners to practice and thus reinforce the core 5,000 words that students need to know to speak a new language fluently.

Lastly the method encourages users to learn grammar through listening. Correct grammar and pronunciation will be taught through conversation rather than directly.


What I like:

Since this course is entirely audio based, it’s an easy way to learn French online without having to use your hands. This makes learning the language much more convenient as you can practice even whilst on your commute, cooking, gardening etc.

What I dislike:

This course may not be the most suitable for visual learners and the lessons can feel like they’re too short.

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4. Coffee Break Languages


Free audio podcasts. Online course (per season of 40 lessons): £108.00 / $124.00


Coffee Break Languages offers 4 levels for French classes where each level is represented through a ‘season’. For advanced levels, they offer online material including the podcast series ‘La Vérité éclate toujours’, a crime show covered in 40 episodes.

In each season you’ll receive high-quality PDF notes, 30 minutes of audio lessons alongside their transcript and dictation exercises that help you to improve your pronunciation.

Students can view YouTube videos where they have a chance to listen to native French speakers.

Coffee Break Languages

What I like:

The audio podcasts are high-quality, and the classes are covered at a manageable pace. For those who don’t wish to pay for the course, they still receive free materials at all levels.

What I dislike:

The course itself isn’t interactive and those who are visual learners are likely to find it more demanding to listen through the French language podcasts.

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5. News in Slow French


$19.90 / month


News in Slow French is a podcast that helps you to learn French through world news. There are 3 levels available that take you through a selection of news stories.

In addition to the hundreds of hours of audio content, this online French course also provides you with a premium set of additional tools and resources including quizzes, a pronunciation tool, flashcards, and intermediate to advanced gramma-specific courses.

News in Slow French

What I like:

The contents of the course itself are unique and you’re introduced to French lessons through world news and current events. There are also always new additions being made to their library.

What I dislike:

Visual learners are likely to find it difficult to listen through the podcasts and the site doesn’t offer the best user experience in terms of how the content is laid out.

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6. Babbel


3 months £9.99 – £29.97 charged every 3 months

6 months £7.49 – £71.88 charged annually

12 months £5.99 – £44.94 charged every 6 months


Babbel is a language learning app that aims to teach through short, interactive online lessons that introduces words and phrases, and gives you the chance to consolidate what you’ve learned through multiple choice questions.

Each class takes a total of 10-15 minutes to complete, and they use a space repetition method which helps you to improve your long-term memory. This method entails consistently repeating the phrases at specific intervals throughout the lesson.


What I like:

Babbel is useful for helping you to build your vocabulary. Both the app and website are easy to use, and with the subscription you get a variety of courses that have clearly defined levels.

When it comes to language rules, Babbel helps to make mastering them feel effortless, especially for complete beginners.

What I dislike:

Whilst there are 8 beginner and 4 intermediate courses available, there’s very little material to practice advanced level French.

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7. French in Action




This course offers an instructional video series in French. It tells the story of the misadventures of an American student and a Frenchwoman in the city of Paris and the rural countryside.

The videos cover a variety of different topics such as transportation, travel and education, and the course offers a total of 52 videos.

French in Action

What I like:

The course helps you to learn French using comedic performances by native speakers. It’s thorough and the videos themselves are of good quality. It enables students to immerse themselves in the culture, where native speakers use gestures and make facial expressions that help to facilitate learning.

What I dislike:

Unlike the other courses, because of licensing issues, online viewing of the videos is restricted to the USA and Canada.

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8. Duolingo



Premium subscription is available, starting from £6.50/month


Duolingo is one of those courses that’s used all over the world. It utilises short, content-filled lessons to facilitate learning. Even without the subscription, you get a game-like interface that tests your knowledge and understanding of the language.

Courses are made up of ‘skills’ where each skill represents a topic. Topics can range from simple phrases to travel. Each skill is made up of 5 levels where you’re encouraged to practice vocabulary related to that topic.

Each level is divided into lessons that cover parts of the topic including pronunciation and phrases. It helps you to build upon your reading and listening skills and from the beginning you’re given challenging questions and exercises.


What I like:

Duolingo features high-quality and engaging learning materials even without a subscription and the presence of teachers. Materials include interactive stories, podcasts and physical events that are also available through an app.

What I dislike:

Whilst there are useful, real-life scenarios used in the app, there are sometimes peculiar sentences that you would not anticipate using in conversational French.

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9. Learn French with Alexa


1 Free lesson

£35 /month (billed monthly)

£25 /month (£75 Billed every 3 months)

£15 /month (£180 Billed once a year)


The courses are structured from beginner to advanced level proficiencies and their students get access to a multitude of educational resources. The resources include downloadable audio transcripts, printable worksheets, support guides and quizzes.

In each lesson you go through a core video, then an exercise video, supplementary video(s) and lastly quizzes. The original audio course designed for children are also free.

Learn French with Alexa

What I like:

There are many different courses and learning materials available for different types of learners. Those who aren’t too fond of watching videos can simply listen to the audio, complete worksheets etc.

What I dislike:

Other than the quizzes there aren’t any interactive elements to the lessons and there aren’t any effective methods to checking the accuracy of your pronunciation.

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10. Memrise


The first lesson is free, and you have access to some free material

£8.99 month

£5.83 month (annual subscription)

£139.99 (lifetime)


Memrise has over 50,000 videos with native speakers using selected phrases. The machine learning algorithms tests you at specific intervals in order to efficiently train your memory muscles.

Memrise courses teaches by using lessons where each lesson has a similar structure. You’re first introduced to specific words, phrases, characters or concepts depending on the topic you’re studying. Next follows a multiple-choice quiz to bring together what you’ve previously learned.

The lessons are given in a game-like, flashcard-style method and all following lessons are inaccessible until previous ones have been completed.


What I like:

Memrise is interactive for learners. The lessons are fully customisable as you are given the option to change the number of new items introduced per lesson.

What I dislike:

To speak like a native speaker, learners may need to use supplementary resources.

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11. WLingua


Free content available

£9.99 – 1 month

£19.98 – 3 months

£69.98 – 12 months


WLingua’s course has 190 lessons that contain multiple exercises to help you with vocabulary, reading comprehension and listening. The French classes are encompassed within 2 levels: beginner and elementary.

Students practice French through audio recordings of conversation, news, interviews, and more. There are detailed visual explanations for all of the words, and concepts are gradually introduced over the entire course.

The course structure is as follows: lessons, sections, concepts, vocabulary, practice exercises, readings and reviews of grammar and vocabulary. Though this may sound plentiful, the entire course has been developed such that students are never introduced to too many concepts at once.


What I like:

Information is introduced gradually and since each word is linked directly to its meaning, learning becomes more convenient.

What I dislike:

There are only beginner and elementary levels are available.

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12. Assimil


Different types of packs available such as ‘Using French (superpack)’ which features a 350-page book with 70 lessons, 4 audio CDs and 1 MP3 CD with 1,596 files lasting 3 hrs 50 min for €69.90


The Assimil method is a 2-step process that takes you through an impregnation phase in lessons 1-49, then the activation phase from lesson 50 onwards. In the first phase, users have daily lessons that last between 30 to 40 minutes. This aims to improve their reading and listening skills and enables them to complete various exercises. A review lesson occurs every 7 lessons.

During the activation phase learners are encouraged to form their own sentences from the first 49 lessons. It comes in a standard manual with the addition of audio support.

There are various courses available on the website. You can select your source language, the language you want to learn and your proficiency. Once you’ve clicked ‘search’ there will be different ‘packs’ available, however each pack provides you with insights into French culture and grammar. The recordings are downloadable and include transcriptions.


What I like:

You receive a large amount of resources and with the availability of multiple packs, you can choose which one would suit you and your circumstances the best.

What I dislike:

There aren’t any options to test whether the material is suitable for free and none of the courses are very interactive.

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13. Lingodeer


Free content with Premium Plans:

US $13.99 / MONTH

US $34.99 / QUARTER

US $79.99 / YEAR

US $119.99 / LIFETIME


In the Lingodeer online French course, each lesson is set up with a series of games and exercises. On the premium subscription you get a customised lesson plan to strategically pace your learning and help you to gain fluency in grammar and vocabulary.

At the beginning of each module, you’re given notes on complicated grammar and detailed vocabulary. Unlike other online French courses, Lingodeer aims to intuitively teach the grammar as it is largely considered as the most difficult aspect of any language.


What I like:

You have access to downloadable lessons and clear, concise recordings for access offline. Due to the course having a grammar-based structure, there are detailed explanations on grammar to help you to thoroughly understand the rules of the language.

What I dislike:

The content can feel unorganised and unmethodical at certain points.

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14. Fluenz


Starting from Fluenz French level 1 – $187

Fluenz French levels 1,2,3,4 and 5 – $398


Fluenz teaches the French language from the perspective of someone whose first language is English. Learning languages can be different depending on what your first language is, and Fluenz takes this into account when designing their course.

The online course contains 5 different levels where within each level there are both real-world situations as well as foundational topics covered. Each level contains 30 individual lessons where you can listen to natural conversations between French speakers. After each dialog you receive comprehensive explanations on the contents.

Using the flashcard platforms and completing the extensive exercises connects your understanding of French to real-life examples.


What I like:

Fluenz is an excellent option for English-speakers who are motivated to learn French. This is particularly beneficial since your learning path can differ depending on your first language.

What I dislike:

The user interface leaves much to be desired. The classes are filled with a variety of colour that clash against one another; this makes it quite difficult to actually focus on the content.

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15. Français Authentique


Free with packs you can purchase

The packs range from €49 to €199 at the time of writing


The free course ‘The 7 Rules of Authentic French’ as well as the other volumes contain libraries of lessons, PDF files, video files and audio files. There are also private group discussions through platforms like Facebook.

For the purchasable resources, there are 4 packs: discovery pack, discussions pack, videos and one that contains all of the aforementioned packs. The final pack contains 13 hours and 15 minutes of audio files, 355 PDF pages and 39 groups of lessons.

Français Authentique

What I like:

The course material is thorough and makes French learning more fun. There are also a lot of free resources available.

What I dislike:

Français Authentique, unlike other online French courses, is not suitable for beginners as the course is entirely in French. You also don’t have access to any one-on-one lessons even though there are group discussions.

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16. French by French




French by French teaches all lessons in an identical structure. To begin, you’ll face a dialog with its audio recording. At first the dialogs will be relatively short; however, they will become more difficult in time. Next, you’ll receive the English translation and a list of new vocabularies.

Then comes explanations on grammar (if necessary) and lastly exercises to practice new content. Occasionally there would be information on French culture, civilisation, or art.

There are 4 different levels to work through, beginner 1, beginner 2, intermediate and advanced. With the completion of beginner 2 you should be able to navigate through a French country successfully. Beforehand you’ll be introduced to the basics of the French language.

French by French

What I like:

The lessons are enjoyable, practical and it makes it easy for learners to have fun whilst learning the French language. The online lessons also give helpful information and advice on how to conduct yourself like a native speaker.

What I dislike:

There is little opportunity to understand whether your pronunciation of the French language is accurate or not, furthermore, it can become rather boring as the user interface and user journey through each of the lessons are repetitive.

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17. Chatterbug


Lite €20 – 1 Live Lessons

Casual €75 – 4 Live Lessons

Serious €140 – 8 Live Lessons

Ultimate €400 – 31 Live Lessons


Chatterbug helps you find online French classes with native French teachers. You get private, one-on-one lessons and throughout the course you’re encouraged to put effort into both self-study alongside the live sessions.

Your teacher will use a fully integrated curriculum and give you ways in which you could effectively learn French. Using their flashcard app, you can easily memorise vocabulary. You’ll gain access to reading material, videos, and audio clips to help build confidence in your language learning skills.


What I like:

You can learn French online by easily scheduling live sessions and for every finished level you are issued an official CEFR certificate to prove your French proficiency.

What I dislike:

The user interface leaves a lot to de desired and although you have ample opportunity to practice pronunciation, listening and speaking, when it comes to reading and writing the course expects you to rely heavily on self-study.

Unlike other online French courses that actively help to improve your reading and writing, Chatterbox does focus heavily on the speaking part of the French language.

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18. Lingoni French


3 Months (38.71€)

6 Months (62.41€)

12 Months (94.01€)

Lifetime (275.71€)


Lingoni French give you exclusive access to an entire library of 350+ videos, 60+ podcasts, 200+ worksheets, and 6,000+ exercises. You will receive French lessons through vocabulary training using short videos that focus on specific terminology and its meanings.

This online French Language course tracks your current progress through the use of points. There is an equal amount of important placed into writing, listening, reading, and speaking. The pronunciation tool also gives you the chance to listen to native speakers and repeat back what you hear.

Lingoni French

What I like:

They regularly publish instructional YouTube videos in French.

What I dislike:

Other than the YouTube videos, you don’t get a free look at the app. This is unlike other online courses that have the option of free, limited-time trials.

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19. Foreign Services Institute (FSI)




The FSI French Basic Course (REVISED) is an online course comprised of 39+ hours of audio, 24 units and an expected completion time of 6 months. The units are divided into 2 volumes where you’re taught the French language through online lessons that give you a solid knowledge base.

The intense training program advises that throughout the 6 months you would train for a total of 6 hours of class time per day.

Foreign Services Institute (FSI)

What I like:

This French language course was designed specifically to help lower-level diplomats work with French speaking individuals with topics such as business.

What I dislike:

The course isn’t very effective for visual learners, and it relies largely on the memorisation of situational dialogs within a very short span of time. You’re free to go through learning French at a pace that suits you, however this online French course has been initially designed to be packed and filled with content to internalise in a short amount of time.

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20. Language Transfer




The Language Transfer covers multiple languages; however, the French online course specifically includes 40 ‘Introduction to French’ audio files taught entirely by 1 teacher: Mihalis. For each lesson Mihalis goes through the French language by touching on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation etc.

Language Transfer

What I like:

You have the ability to download audio files to listen on the go for more efficient learning. The files cover multiple topics, and the 40 audio files are high-quality, engaging, and fairly easy for a complete beginner to follow along.

What I dislike:

It’s not that suitable for visual learners and there aren’t any classes provided by the teacher that have exercises or quizzes for you to practice.

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21. InnerFrench 


€149 and you receive lifetime access


InnerFrench is a program that’s entirely in French. It features various podcasts, videos, transcriptions and English translations for words and expressions that are particularly difficult to understand.

The program is designed for those with intermediate or advanced level French speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. You receive a detailed roadmap with easily accessible daily French lessons. In each video, the teacher speaks naturally to make the language learning process more comprehensive and enable you to get practice listening to complicated terms.


What I like:

There are free resources available and various methods in which you can learn French. The lessons are intuitive and in each video, you can learn how real French is spoken with a dedicated teacher.

What I dislike:

Of the 25 French courses mentioned in this list, this is the only online course with enrolment periods. At the time of writing, it’s currently closed for both intermediate and advanced courses and registrations begins again from September 2021, making it more inconvenient.

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22. Live Lingua


French tutor in a free trial lesson – then you can purchase more hours – 1h standard French $29


Live Lingua offers private French lessons using private French tutors. Whilst the website doesn’t have much in terms of features, your teacher would provide learning materials, personalised lesson plans and reports on your progress.

Live Lingua

What I like:

With a private French tutor, you can learn French at a pace that suits you depending on your needs and goals. The teachers are highly educated and trained native speakers that can give thorough explanations. The French classes are customised to fit your most effective method of learning French.

What I dislike:

The website has an unpleasant user interface, and the process of scheduling online lessons can be tedious.

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23. Mango Languages 


$7.99 /month + free lesson


Mango languages has an online French course that starts first with placement tests and assessments to gauge your current level. At the start of each chapter, you’re presented with lesson material by French speaking natives in a causal, conversational way. If the chapter contains anything to do with French culture, it would also be explained.

Accompanied by the learning material are critical thinking and memory-building exercises as well as relevant notes and advice on the rules of the French language. The language learning process for this course has a conversation-based mythology to help make learning French feel more natural and help learners get more practice.

Much like some of the other online French courses mentioned, the structure is straightforward. You have chapters and lessons that you work through and new terminologies are introduced at specific intervals to help you absorb the language and rules you’re presented with.

Mango Languages 

What I like:

The words are colour coded which makes it much easier to see what they mean in French. There are multiple resources to help supplement your current knowledge base and the brilliantly designed user experience makes French learning more fun.

What I dislike:

The materials aren’t as interactive as they could be and the style of each lesson, either beginner or advanced, are exactly the same. Without variety it becomes more of a chore to try and complete the French classes.

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24. Rocket French 


Beginner to intermediate – $99.95 – Rocket French Level 1

Beginner to advanced – $249.90 – Rocket French Levels 1 & 2

Beginner to advanced – $259.90 – Rocket French Levels 1, 2, & 3


Rocket French is one of the only online French courses to likely appeal to all learning styles. It makes language learning fun and engaging through 30 advanced learning techniques, and they have easily downloadable, podcast-style lessons that follow a structured, linear course.

There are 112 French culture lessons that cover over 8076 words and phrases in 422 hours. The voice recognition system also gives you the ability to learn how to improve your pronunciation.

Rocket French

What I like:

The audio course is interactive and can be used online. Every module has a fun flashcard game and you have the option of being able to create your own flashcard sets of the French language.

What I dislike:

Some of the quizzes are poorly implemented and so less fun to complete.

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25. Busuu 


Basic – Free

1 month – Premium Plus €10,99 / month, Premium €9,99 / month

12 months billed annually – Premium Plus €6,66 / month, Premium €5,83 / month

24 months billed every 2 years – Premium Plus €6,24 / month, Premium €5,41 / month


Busuu is a program that gradually helps you to practice and improve upon your speaking skills. The classes are topic-based, and each class is designed such that you learn vocabulary, grammar and more without the need for physical teachers.

You’re taught all of the terminology needed to form sentences and thus give you the confidence to visit French speaking parts of the world with strong foundations in the language. In the program, each of the classes repeat what you’ve learned in previous sessions, thus enabling you to reinforce your memory.


What I like:

You receive a 14-day money-back guarantee and you’re free to skip certain parts of the course without going through it linearly.

What I dislike:

The typing exercises can become boring and repetitive.

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26. Ouino







With a subscription to Ouino, you receive access to a program that has 400+ lessons and 1000 exercises sectioned into 5 large modules: Verbs and conjugation, conversations, pronunciation, vocab and building blocks.

Unlike many of the other courses, Ouino uses a non-linear approach to teaching classes. You are able to complete the lessons in any order and with each class you can either improve your speaking, listening, reading, or writing skills.


What I like:

Everything learned will be in-tune with goals and students will never be forced to learn words that they have no need for.

Like many of the courses, you can access each class with a PC, Android, Mac, iOS or Chrome OS. Since you have free rein of what you choose to learn, you don’t have to dedicate any time into learning other aspects of the language.

What I dislike:

The lack of structure can also be frustrating for people with a specific learning style.

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27. Super Easy French




Super Easy French is an online French YouTube series containing 98 short videos that cover a wide range of topics. The videos involve various interviews with native, well-spoken French speakers and clear, direct translations.

Certain parts of the video also includes the host or a guest slowly demonstrating what certain words mean.

Super Easy French

What I like:

Being online it’s easy to access and convenient to learn from. Whilst there aren’t any interactive classes, each video features individuals peaking in fluent French which helps you to immerse yourself in the culture.

What I dislike:

Due to only being a YouTube series, it isn’t interactive.

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28. Comme Une Française


Free 10-lesson Crash Course

Pricing varies depending on course: French for beginners – €149


There are various online French courses that learners can choose from. Typically, each of the courses have videos and PDFs containing useful information. Each video tends to be short and easily comprehensible.

Learners also have the option of downloading videos, audios or even the entire written content for convenient, on the go learning and the revision of classes. After each video session, the teacher Géraldine will go through examples and exercises that complement the content you have just learned.

With each online French lesson, you receive PDF worksheets to test yourselves along with key vocabulary. Some even have quizzes available for you to test how much of the session you’ve retained.

Comme Une Française

What I like:

In all of the online French courses, Géraldine does a wonderful job of giving simple, easy to comprehend explanations of difficult concepts, rules, and grammar.

What I dislike:

Throughout all of the courses, other than the occasional quiz, there aren’t really any interactive elements.

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29. Lingoda


Monthly subscription – From €8 / $9.5 per class

3, 6 and 12-month options – From €6 / $6.75 per class


Lingoda is a program which encourages both self-study and guided learning. It has qualified teachers who teach both group classes and one on one classes through Zoom. The materials provide ample opportunities to practice the French you’ve learned and in each class, you have the opportunity to better understand language and culture in French speaking parts of the words.

Whilst Lingoda isn’t considered one of the traditional language learning courses, because it provides group classes it feels a lot more engaging compared to the other courses.


What I like:

You have the opportunity to take a placement test to find out your level before signing up to a class and the teachers are highly trained. There are high quality learning materials available for each class and you have ample time to self-study and practice any topics that would come up.

What I dislike:

Lingoda doesn’t really provide a self-paced way of learning.

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30. Clozemaster






Clozemaster focuses heavily on optimising simple ‘fill in the blank’ exercises through having thousands of available sentences, passive and active recall training and French classes that help you to practice speaking and listening.

The premium subscription includes the Clozemaster Radio where you can listen to sentences and their translations. There is, however, no way to help you understand how good or bad your pronunciation is or how naturally you speak. When it comes to writing, there are also very little resources available.


What I like:

Everything that you need to learn quickly is free through this online French course. You can also choose between different voices and French accents for the audio and choose the language speed that’s appropriate for you.

It’s an incredibly useful tool for people who want to learn new terminology naturally and quickly. It also has an offline feature which enables learners to use the app when they don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

What I dislike:

The user interface appears to be quite old which makes learning French a little less enjoyable. When it comes to reading and listening to French, it’s one of the best online courses to practice. However, it has subpar content for practice with speaking and writing.

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31. Rosetta Stone


3 months – $11.99 /month (total $35.97)

12 months – $11.99/month (total $143.88)

Lifetime – $299


Rosetta Stone’s learning program enables students to learn French using an immersive technique that introduces vocabulary and grammar through topics that people are likely to encounter in everyday life.

Through the use of videos, audio files and ‘phrasebooks’ centred around specific topics, learners are in a position to be able to easily build their foundation in the French language. The course is divided up into units and each unit is further divided into lessons that typically cover the following categories: core lesson, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and review.

Throughout the course, French etiquette is also covered to help prevent individuals from making language and culture faux pas.

Rosetta Stone

What I like:

Their speech recognition software (TruAccent) is brilliant for helping learners practice and test their pronunciation skills and lessons cover many topics that are likely to be useful when visiting a French speaking country.

What I dislike:

The lessons can become repetitive, and the overuse of bright colours and cartoon-like images can make the process of learning an entirely new language feel slow and oversimplified.

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In essence, whilst each of the online courses are unique in their method of teaching, they all cover French language and culture such that students can improve upon their understanding of France as a whole as well as French vocabulary, grammar, and other language components.

Depending on your preference and long-term goals, certain courses have unique features that are also more advantageous for your particular situation.

To sum up, we rank I Will Teach A Language as the best one in this shortlist as it has customizable exercises which include outstanding methods for teaching the languages!

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