Myths & Misconceptions About Tungsten Wedding Rings

By Mandy Bular

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Myths & Misconceptions About Tungsten Wedding Rings

Tungsten rings have gained incredible popularity because they come in a broad spectrum of styles and designs. Moreover, they are known for their high durability and robustness. Today even though precious metals are still in vogue, numerous fashionable men are opting for wedding bands in alternative metals like tungsten. According to an expert at BBC, a wedding ring on your finger is not a guarantee of your fidelity but it is certainly a statement of dedication and unwavering commitment. It is a mark of celebration too.

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We understand that tungsten wedding rings are undoubted the top-selling and alternative metal rings and they have taken the jewelry industry by storm. Tungsten wedding bands are popular globally because of their resistance to extremes of temperatures, density, and hardness. Many modern men opt for tungsten wedding bands because of their masculine appeal and heft. However, tungsten wedding bands are not free from myths and misconceptions.

Here are some common myths and misconceptions about tungsten wedding rings.

There are various statistical data points for tungsten carbide rings that people take as stripped truth. These realities consistently cloud the certifiable benefits of the rings and cause people to make decisions without deficient information. By getting what the legends are and regardless of whether they are authentic you can choose if tungsten rings are ideally suited for you.

The “Tungsten” is just a marketing term- the rings aren’t actually tungsten

This is a partial myth since it is true that pure tungsten is not used in rings. Instead, manufacturers use an alloy called tungsten carbide, which is easier to mold into different shapes that jewelry comes in. By itself, tungsten is too hard and brittle to shape as you would like, so incorporating it into this alloy form allows it to play well with standard manufacturing processes. However, if someone claims that tungsten rings have absolutely no tungsten in them and just use other random metals or plastic, it is a complete untruth. Always buy trusted brands such as Epic tungsten rings.

Tungsten Rings are ceramic, not metal

Tungsten carbide is an alloy- a mixture; so it isn’t completely incorrect to say it isn’t purely mental. However, tungsten rings should not be classified as ceramic jewelry. Instead, a more accurate term is CER-metal, which is used to describe compounds that are fusions of metals and non-metal materials. This, however, is not particularly popular nomenclature, which is why it may not show up in marketing materials unless you dig into the fine print.

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Tungsten rings are brittle and will not last long

This myth is based on a flaw in understanding. Pure tungsten is indeed brittle and can crack under heavy force. However, the tungsten carbide synthesis process does wonder in reducing the brittleness of the material. While not completely crack-resistant, tungsten rings are significantly more robust and can take quite a beating. That said it is important that you buy from a reputable seller, since lower-quality jewelry could have been made with some compromises, and may not last as long.

Again this is a misinterpretation here. Tungsten in its crude design is weak. As we probably are aware, the tungsten rings are not simply tungsten. It is Tungsten Carbide and we have alloyed these two materials it makes it more grounded. It will not break without any problem. It is ideal for ordinary wear.

Tungsten Rings Can Pose a Risk in an Emergency

This misconception is not exclusive to tungsten- it is a common belief that jewelry made of strong metals might be difficult to remove if you are in an accident or medical emergency. This is untrue in the case of tungsten rings, as trained medical professionals will be able to remove or extract the ring with significant ease, without any equipment beyond what is already available to them. So no, you don’t have to worry about losing the finger along with the ring.

Pricey tungsten rings are no better than cheap ones

There is a significant quality difference between cheaper and more substantially priced tungsten rings. The tungsten carbide used for jewelry needs another metal as a binding agent. Quality rings will always use nickel as this agent. However, some manufacturers cut costs by using cobalt or other metals. While they do pass on these savings to the customer in the form of cheaper retail prices, this choice also mitigates a lot of the properties of tungsten or tungsten carbide as a material, including strength and resistance towards scratches and staining. There should be an inquiry in your psyche. On the off chance that every one of the rings is made of tungsten carbide and has equivalent properties why is there an immense contrast in the costs? There is consistently an explanation for this. One significant explanation is that the less expensive ones have tungsten blended in with nickel.

This lower the quality and characteristic of a tungsten carbide ring. This might make your finger be green and you may have a hypersensitive response to it. Then again, in the event that you purchase simply tungsten carbide, you won’t confront any of these troubles. You can additionally counsel any accomplished goldsmith when purchasing a ring. has heaps of cool rings in tungsten carbide.

Shine and gloss of rings

We as a whole disdain it when our rings are not as splendid as when we originally got it. They fall dull. Yet, here’s an engaging reality about tungsten rings that they don’t change their shading and keeps up with its excellence. They never need cleaning. The gloss and its toughness stay for a lifetime. Move over, the idea of tungsten carbide ring likewise has scratched safe and holds its amazing brightness it’s been sired the ring that is everlastingly cleaned. Tungsten rings are likewise accessible in an assortment of vogue styles, for example, galactic circle rings.


We have tried debunking some of the tungsten ring myths. We have disclosed the truth and dispelled the misconceptions. Always buy from a reliable brand or organization. Look for a lifetime replacement guarantee.

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