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Must-have apps for women who love to travel alone

According to surveys, in today’s modern corporate world, women are proving to be more adaptive in nature than men. They are open to frequent business travels, are able to manage both house and job and are super efficient when it comes to multitasking. If you are amongst the woman we are discussing about, then here is a write-up you must go through and know about some of the must have apps for women who do not shy away from travelling to faraway places alone, whether driven by wanderlust, or for business purposes.

Encouraged by amazing stories of Inspirational woman travelers around the globe, we bring to you the best travel applications to make your travel much easier, safer and more enjoyable.
Google Translate:
There are some applications that are not just a luxury but a necessity, Google translate is one such application to all those who are frequent travelers. Whether you are having trouble understanding the road signs or you are looking for a good restaurant to eat; Google translate app helps you when everything seems to be Greek and Latin (quite literally). This application also scribbles Chinese and Japanese writing which is an added boon.


The application is a perfect and trusted source for any of your designated contact to track your whereabouts. No matter which city you are or which road trip or mountain trek you are up to, this app helps your trusted contact (if you allow it) to track your latest information without any hitch. The app works seamlessly even on a 2G so a slow internet connection also won’t get in your way. It is an ideal app that helps your loved ones gets to you ASAP in case of emergencies and unfortunate incidents. For women travelers going out all alone, this one is a must have.


How about you visiting a historical monument and in an instant know everything about it? Not only that, you also get to know all about such kind of places surrounding the structure, and all of this by just pointing the phone’s camera at the historic building. If this sounds like super fun to you, downloading History Pin app should be the first thing you do. The app also allows you to toggle back and forth. The information received is in most cases exhaustive and from various sources like user reviews, walking tours, or just by a map. For an archivist, this application can be a total addiction.

Like a Local:

The application gives you a complete feel of the place, people and attractions without the creepy and irritating tour guides and yes, without an internet connection. Yes! You read right. Simply download the application and the individual city tour guide before reaching the city (individual guides are available at nominal charges) and every important information gets stored in your Smartphone. So now you can roam all around the new city like a local without any hitch.

Gate Guru:

Travelling to a new place? The first interaction with the place is its airport. Install the Gate Guru app and manage your entire day of travel without any issues. While its home screen will offer you a list of closest airports to your location, it also provide access to your airport card and offer information about your departure and arrival terminal, map of the airport, tips that can make your airport time fun and easy along with the airport weather. All you need to do is enter itinerary and the app does the rest for you.


For people who are frequent travelers, to maintain their exercise regime can be quite a daunting task. Whether walking, jogging or running, there’s always skeptism in an unknown place no matter whatever time of the day, especially for women. WalkJogRun is your app that helps you stay in shape by selecting the closest, safest route for you to exercise. Trusted in over 1.6million cities across the globe, it not only offers the safest exercising routes but also the training plans for walkers and runners.


The name says it all. When in an unknown place and craving for your kind of food, trust this application. It shows you in which closest restaurant is the dish you are craving for is available and all you need to know about its quality, hygiene and taste through expert reviews, food experts and fellow eaters. Specially, if you are a person with a fussy eating habit, this app can be a perfect way to eat what you like and comfortable with.


Want to keep a track of your expenses while on the move? Download Mint. The application is a read only app and does not allow moving, transferring the funds (which makes it absolutely safe). Simply enter your budget and the application keeps a good track of all your expenses you incur. Keeping your impulsive shopping sprees, and luxury indulgence in control, the app works super smooth for one and all.

Watsapp Messenger:

Well who doesn’t have a Watsapp? But for a traveler, Watsapp can prove to be a boon that you can use to tell your whereabouts, the roads you are travelling to real-time, without actually paying for SMSes. Sending pics and videos also becomes super easy. The app helps you connected with the ones you trust real-time and helps them track your whereabouts everywhere there is an internet connection.

My eVault:

Oh, what a relief it will be if you get to store all your tax receipts, warranties, precious photo memories, and all other extremely important passport scanned copies, flyer cards, bank cards etc for any emergency situations. For any kind of unforeseen occurrence, every important document details you need are available at your fingertips, how great is that!

While travelling alone, be alert of your surroundings and enjoy a world full of possibilities and opportunities. These applications are a boon to the modern woman of today and allow you to stay carefree on your voyage. But it’s always worth mentioning- Be carefree, not careless, be guided by your instincts but don’t be ignorant of your sixth sense. Way to go woman, the world is yours.

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