The Most Overlooked Secret to Dealing with Life’s Problems

By Henri Junttila

April 24, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to deal with life problems

How many times has life slapped you in the face with something unexpected?

Well, most of us have experienced that a lot of time. We all have problems and they will never go away. They will just change form.

At one point, you may be struggling with health and then money. And the next thing you know, you’re having problems with your relationships. That is both the curse and blessing of life.

However, you don’t have to suffer because everything isn’t perfect in your life.

Behind the Scenes of Problems

Nothing becomes a problem until you label it so.

You’ve probably noticed that different people have different opinions of what problems are and how much attention should be given to them. This means that problems exist in our heads.

We create them, define them, and fear them.

I, for example, am great at worrying about problems that do not even exist and I’m sure you’re no different. But that doesn’t change the fact that problems are made-up.

The One Thing You Have to Know

The secret to dealing with life’s problems is to realize that they are illusions of our imagination. Sure, they feel very real. I’m not denying that.

Imagine that you’re driving your car merrily down the highway. Then, someone cuts you off.

You might fly off the handle or you might not. It will depend on how you perceive the situation.

It’s an excellent example of how some people create something to complain about where others are completely fine.

Life will always have “problems” and the way to deal with them is to let them be. You don’t have to try to analyze, fantasize or figure out your problems. Let them figure themselves out. The more you try, the more you fuel the problem and the more miserable you become.

This doesn’t mean you need to stop solving problems. Instead, you just have to stop the compulsive worrying and fear-mongering inside your head.

How to Stop the Compulsive Worrying

thinking about the past

You can stop the madness by simply staying present and letting whatever happens be. This can be extremely hard if you bump into a problem that is important to you, but it is through those big problems that the biggest changes occur.

For example, I tend to freak out whenever something threatens my health. I can even go into a cold sweat which I did a few weeks ago about a possible dental issue.

Despite that, I remained present. I observed my own body and mind without fueling it by thinking and trying to figure it out.

I was the observer of my thoughts and you know what happened?

The thoughts lost momentum and disappeared. The freak out ended within 30 minutes. Some people are so good at freaking out that it goes on for years or, even worse, their whole life.

Why is Life so Hard?

Life can seem tough from time to time, but it is through those tough times that you grow as a human being. It’s uncomfortable, yup, but that’s life.

It’s a roller coaster with both highs and lows so you might as well learn how to deal with it. The more comfortable you become with life’s problems, the more you’ll enjoy life’s gifts.

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Life is what it is and most of life’s problems are created by us. The problems are events in our life and no one is denying that. However, the extrapolation that we do freaks us out and then we wonder why we feel so bad.

It’s a life-long habit most of us have cultivated which means we can change it. But change starts with awareness.

So, today all I want you to do is be aware of how you worry and freak yourself out. Then, simply watch your thoughts. You will be pulled back into the drama of your mind, but gently pull your attention back to just watching what goes on.

Be kind to yourself, and enjoy both the highs and the lows.

Written by Henri Junttila who writes at Wake Up Cloud. There, he shares his personal tips on how you can live the life you know you deserve. When you feel ready to take action, get his free course: How to Find Your Passion (And Build a Business Around It)

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