By Mistake: 6 Things You Do That Kill Your Productivity

By Emily Johnson

November 10, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

There are not so many people who know the art of time management well. However, all people want to be productive. In short, being a productive person means to complete tasks faster without sacrificing the quality.

Obviously, it is a great thing to learn, but we all reduce our productivity in different ways, even without knowing that.

If you are interested in increasing your productivity (but not reducing), read on…

#1. Sleeping

Many people believe that waking up earlier (or going to sleep later) is a key to success, as they might have more time to complete their tasks. Some workers sleep 4-5 hours per night to be able to work more. In fact, having a healthy sleep (around 7-9 hours per night) helps you stay focused. As soon as you are well-rested, you’ll start increasing your productivity.

#2. Fast food

Have you ever noticed the number of people in a queue for donuts & coffee? Nowadays people don’t have much time to make a traditional meal. What is more, people don’t have time to eat sitting. The most popular food is snacks/fast food in a format ‘take & go’. However, it is not a way to save time, but a huge harm for your health. If you want to be productive, you need to be healthy and, therefore, proper nutrition is a must.

#3. Smartphone

Living in the digital era, you can’t avoid using smartphones: emails, SMS, social networks, games, etc. These gadgets seem to help us a lot, but, in fact, they distract you. Can you remember how many times you check your phone per day? 10, 20, or 50? It’s a rhetorical question indeed. If you want to work efficiently, stop using your smartphone right now.

#4. Workplace

If you think that having a comfortable workplace is a key to success, you’re wrong. To stay productive, you need to have a well-organized working place. Of course, it takes time to clean the mess, but it’s worth it. As soon as you hide all stuff you don’t use, you’ll start saving your time. Remember: no distractions, no wasting of time.

#5. Online communication

People tend to communicate online, as it might be efficient. No matter what type of online communication you use: whether a Skype conference, a Face Time option, or a voice call, you should stop it. There are several pitfalls you can meet:

problems with a connection;
a lack of concentration.

In short, it is better to arrange a live meeting for 15 minutes than discuss something online for one hour.

#6. Analyzing mistakes

Once Albert Einstein said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” After all, everyone makes mistakes, but not all people analyze them. Obviously, it is hard to accept the fact that you fail. As soon as you start analyzing your mistakes, you’ll start avoiding them in the future.

When it comes to productivity boost, people crave actionable examples, and that’s normal. We hope this list can help you increase productivity and, therefore, achieve your goals. Be productive, be happy!

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson, best review writer at OmniPapers blog, loves the writing process. She is a writing coach who shares tips to help others improve their writing skill

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