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5 Ways Writing Can Lead You to Mindfulness

Self-awareness means living freely and being connected to the present. It means discovering our true selves and being conscious of the reasons behind our actions. It is a step towards evolution and an open gate to mindfulness. While many believe that mindfulness only means feeling mentally fulfilled, there is more to that definition.

Mindfulness means connecting our bodies to our souls and finding peacefulness. It is letting go of the material and relying on the spiritual. There are many ways in which we can do that. Some prefer to meditate, others rely on religion while many choose yoga and physical activity. I personally believe one of the best tools for reaching a mindful mindset is writing. Take a look at the following mini-guide on how to achieve mindfulness by writing.



While it is true that digital devices make our lives easier, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they make it better. Typing is so common nowadays yet we rarely understand that it does not replace a paper and a pen.

“I’ve been treating people for a long time,” shares psychologist Mario Jordan, “and one of the most common techniques we use to share emotions is writing. But I don’t allow my clients to use computers. I’ve had in the past, but it did not work. For some reason, handwriting makes it easier for them to express their feelings. It feels closer to their hearts and souls.”

Getting started on a mindfulness journal is the hardest part. You will constantly find excuses. You’ll lie to yourself and you’ll procrastinate. If you wait for the “perfect moment”, you are never going to do it because there is no such thing as perfect. Now is the perfect time.

Remember, “now” can slip through your fingers. All of a sudden, you’ll find yourself living the next “now”. So, do not search for the best moment. Take every opportunity you have to get a step closer to your goal. Start mindfulness journaling as soon as you can. Why not even now?

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Taking Breaks

Having the right mindset and owning a pen is enough to get the process started, but it is not enough to succeed at it. I sometimes sit at my desk having millions of thoughts wandering in my head. When I want to write them down, they seem to disappear. So, I leave the page blank and I go out for a walk.

While walking, I try to keep an empty mind. As much as I would like to think about work, family or friends, I choose not to. I focus on myself and I take deep breaths to keep the pressure down. When I go back to my desk, gates start to open and I can concentrate better on my writing. Sometimes we need breaks and we have to know when to take them without judging ourselves for it.


Including mindfulness journaling into your daily life has many benefits. One of them is that you get to brainstorm ideas!

You get to think about your days and evaluate whether you took the right actions or not. You get to expose your views on certain people (even frustration and anger) without taking it out on them or gossiping about them. As a result, you become wiser and more aware of your surroundings.

There are so many things you can write about. All you have to do is brainstorm ideas and write them down. Isn’t that cool?

To Share or Not to Share

Many times you will find yourself amazed at your writing. When you are being honest about what you feel, your thoughts flow and your mind blows (in a very positive way). Truth exposes you as you really are – no social masks, no anxiety, and no fears.

When you have nothing to lose, exposing yourself seems normal. And when we write for ourselves, we have nothing to lose and that is what makes writing valuable.

Sharing our thoughts on our entire social network might be a good or a bad idea, depending on the situation. If you are a shameless person, do it. Honesty is the key to success, so your contacts will appreciate you even more for being so open. If you are reticent about other people knowing the real you, don’t share– but never ever stop writing!

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Having Success

If you decided to share your work and you succeeded, expand your horizons! Share your posts with even more people and earn money by staying popular. Remember that fame comes with a price though and that’s the lack of privacy and a lot of invested time.

If you are willing to give up on those, you are good to go. You might even want to consider publishing different articles or writing a book. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Wrapping Up

Writing is a helpful tool to use in different circumstances.

Feeling down and wanting to free yourself from stress? Write. Want to share your story with friends and online buddies? Write.

Writing does not only make us self-aware, but it increases our confidence and energy.

It makes us more honest and it brings us closer to mindfulness. Writing helps us understand how our minds work and how much we complicate our lives by not letting go of the negative thoughts. So, do not give up on meditating, religion or yoga if you are enjoying it, but seriously consider writing. You have no idea how much good it can actually do to you!

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