How Millennials Measure Success At Work

By Joel Goldstein

October 10, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


Although many people think success can be measured by the amount of money you make or how big your house is, success is actually subjective. Millennials know this better than any other generation since their definition of a successful career is very different than others.

But how do you exactly measure the success of millennials at work? Here are some of the ways:


A lot of people consider millennials as lazy partly because of how they value work-life balance. For them, a person can only experience true success once he is able to excel at his job while maintaining a happy and healthy personal life.

Because of their preference for this balance, you’ll find most of them asking for the opportunity to work from home occasionally or to get a generous amount of paid time off. They also prefer sales, wholesale distributions or other positions that give them the ability to create a more flexible schedule.

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Personal Development


Although millennials are interested in advancing their careers, they are actually more concerned with personal growth than professional development. This means that millennials will feel successful if they have the opportunity to learn or develop new skills.

If millennials stay in the same position for years without something to challenge them, they’ll feel unsuccessful since they are no longer learning from their work. For millennials, their job is not just about getting promoted or achieving a higher rank, but rather the journey and the lessons they learn along the way.


Most people think millennials are very confident and sure of themselves. In fact, their co-workers take their opinions and ideas seriously.

If you are responsible for managing a team of millennials at work, make sure you promote collaborative work and recognize team members whenever they reach new goals or come up with fantastic ideas. This recognition allows millennials to feel like they are contributing something valuable to the company.

They feel motivated and successful whenever they are encouraged to chime in with ideas or volunteer to take on additional responsibilities.

Job Satisfaction


To millennials, it’s not just about the number on their paychecks; the name of the person signing them counts, too.

Millennials want to work for an employer that gives back to the community and has a strong corporate culture. They also want employers that offer surprising and unique perks. They want to be a part of a team who’ll treat them more like family members than just co-workers.

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They don’t necessarily define success by their income or by their positions. For millennials at work, there are actually a lot more important things than fame and fortune.


Joel Goldstein

Joel Goldstein is a world-renowned speaker, best-selling author and leadership consultant. Joel works with companies to develop systems that allow them to train, retain and develop their future leaders. Visit to learn what kind of leader you are.

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