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Markers of Success— Understanding the Successful From the Unsuccessful

It is difficult to formulate an equation for success or draw an ideal image of the successful man or woman. It is also not possible to determine parameters to judge the success of a particular person by. There can however be a few points of difference noticed in attitude and work ethics of those that succeed and those that do not.


Successful people have a keen sense of self awareness, which is why they are likely to be clear about their goals and oriented towards achieving them. Keeping a journal or maintaining To-do lists, reading every day and being open to talk about new ideas, help them improve and grow as well as keep a track of their growth. Laziness, procrastination, indecision and inability to focus on a particular plan and purpose usually lead to people failing at their respective ventures, whatever they may be.

Successful people are most likely to have an amiable outlook towards colleagues and accept inputs with gratitude as well as own up to their mistakes and its consequences. On the other hand, people who are unsuccessful tend to have a false sense of entitlement and are not open to help or feedback from others. They are likely to horde data or information for the sake of short term transaction based ventures instead of working towards a larger, common goal.
Achievement of glorious goals takes patience, diligence and hard work over a long period of time, which successful people are willingly to devote. A sincere appreciation of the value of their own time and that of others also characterizes the dealings of someone who has the markers of a successful person. On the contrary, an unsuccessful person is likely to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation and disregardful of the time and efforts of co-workers. Lastly, a successful person seldom needs to speak about his own admirable qualities because people speak for them.

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