I Made $11.65 My First Year in Business! 51 Questions for Getting Through the Struggle

By Robin Oxford-Davis

August 2, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

So, in April of 2014, I published my first post on my new blog begintobelieve.com- “a prayerful & practical guide to facing change and challenge.”

And yes, over the last 12+ months, I made a whopping $11.65 selling my ebooks and guides…wtf!

But I have to say that surprisingly, I was initially elated about my $11.65! For me, receiving even the slightest form of validation is something to be grateful for and I am!

But obviously I gotta figure out how to work through the struggle if I’m going to make a living at this and its appears that I have a long way to go.

That being said and accepting that quitting is not an option; here is a series of questions that should be asked and answered when finding yourself at an entrepreneurial crossroads.

In summary, you want to address questions that help you assess not only your work but your life.

Here are 51 questions to help you and me to REVIEW, REASSESS, RECOVER and ultimately START AGAIN!
51 Questions!

1. What were my expectations?
2. What did I lose
3. What did I gain
4. What worked/What didn’t
5. What has to go
6. What must stay the same
7. What do I love
8. What have I never quite been sure about
9. What is the smallest challenge
10. What is the greatest challenge
11. Is my niche too broad
12. What did I need the most
13. What were my initial goals
14. What was I most afraid of
15. What obvious life style habits were a hindrance
16. Were there any major distractions that interfered with my thinking or decision making?
17. Did I ask for help or did I go it alone most of the time
18. What was my greatest source of discouragement
19. What is my greatest motivation
20. Am I really helping people and how do I know this
21. Why didn’t it work
22. Why did it work
23. Why am I doing this
24. Who am I doing this for
25. What was my initial motivation/inspiration
26. Are my goals in line with my expectations and level of commitment
27. Are my expectations in line with my level of commitment
28. Do I feel good about my level of commitment
29. Are my tools & resources sufficient to meeting my goals
30. Was my work my top priority enough
31. Do I feel like I was doing my best most of the time.
32. Where are the gaps in my resources & tools
33. Do I enjoy the work
34. Is all the effort worth it for me
35. I’m I still excited about the thought of what I do
36. Am I generally happy & healthy
37. Do I need more sleep
38. How do I secure and apply the necessary resources & tools
39. How do I overcome my greatest fears and limitations
40. How do I implement the life style changes that better contribute to my goals and expectations
41. How do get more organized
42. How do I fine tune my focus
43. Who can I ask for help
44. How do find the courage to make the necessary changes and do things differently
45. How do I restructure my time
46. Who are my cheerleaders
47. How do I incorporate more joy into the process
48. Can I get over the perception of failures
49. How do I better connect to those serve
50. How do I build better relationships with those in my niche
51. What if I quit; how would that make me feel

Start Again!

It’s a lot here to uncover but if you can get through it, consolidating the answers to these questions will help to paint a clear picture of where you are and how you got there and help to lay out a solid plan for starting again!

Here I go!

Robin Oxford-Davis

Robin is a the creator of begintobelieve.com - a prayerful & practical guide to believing in yourself! She's also the author of the ebook How to Begin to Believe!

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