Have a Life Fit for Pharrell

By Devin C. Hughes

November 5, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Pharrell Williams

You went to work today dreading it. And what happened? Did a magical unicorn come and drop a bomb of happy on you?


Your boss called you in his office, first thing, and asks why you made a decision you made last week. He proceeds to rip you a new one, so before you walk out of his office, you’re left feeling even smaller than you did when you walked in to work this morning.

Or maybe you got up on the wrong side of the bed (because hey! that happens every other day), went to the fridge and found someone had finished all the milk, so you had to eat dry cereal since you were out of Sprite, too. Thus setting the tone for the rest of your day.

Regardless of what happens, it’s your outlook that matters.

Your brain can change it all

If you see rain as bits of life enveloped into a tiny drop, then that’s what it is. If you see it as a roadblock or barrier to seeing your favorite band in the amphitheater, then that’s what it is.

The person who sees it as bits of life, is going to be happy when it rains. No matter what. They see opportunity. They see growth. They see newness.

The person who sees it as a roadblock is going to be frustrated and aggravated. No matter what. They see struggle. They see inconvenience.

The fact is, it’s going to rain. And the person who opens their eyes to the positive side of that rain, isn’t going to suffer. They aren’t going to be troubled by it. They’ll welcome it. No matter what.

And that’s why they’ll stay happier. That’s why they are more content in their jobs, they have more friends, and they don’t let a little rain stop them from living a good life.

Happy starts with you

You want more happiness in your office or on this planet? Start with you.

Start with your vision of this life and the obstacles that come with it. See happiness and there will be happiness. Then what you will attract is more of that goodness. And who couldn’t use a better office environment or happier people to hang with?


If you’re not usually the rose-colored glasses type and you struggle to see that sunshine, it’s going to be difficult to shift your mind, but it can be done with changing your habits.

Acknowledge the good stuff. Regardless of the bad that’s around, stop and pinpoint some of the silver in it. Boss wrote you up? The good part? You’re now that much closer to success because you’ve now grown and developed. Car broke down on the side of the road? No worries, you have a chance to spend some extra time with your significant other while she carts you around for a little while. Every storm has its benefit, find it.

Start your day with the good stuff. Look past the frustration of yesterday to see what’s beautiful today. Did you sleep well? Do you have a roof over your head so you don’t have to haul everything you own around on a bicycle all day long? Are you breathing? Look for every positive. No matter how small. You may choose to write them down. You may choose just to acknowledge them. Either way, give them significance.

End your day the same. Reflect on your day and look for every sliver of a pearl. Did you get out of bed when you didn’t want to? Did you enjoy the leftovers your spouse packed for you (even though you’re not a fan, but she was busy and took time to squeeze in something for you instead of making you go through the drive thru again)? Total up all the goodness for the day and sleep on them.

Never let an opportunity to praise someone pass you by. When you give others props, you open the door for your success and theirs. Spit it out. Give compliments. Make them feel good. It’ll make YOU feel good.

You are the captain. No one can give you happiness. It doesn’t come from money. It doesn’t come from fame (ask Zsa Zsa Gabor or Elizabeth Taylor). It doesn’t even come from closing deals. Yeah, believe that.

Happiness is a pill you swallow alone. You’re the only one who can cultivate a mindset of Happy that will allow you to see the good in the bad, to feel the positive with the negative, and, more importantly, help you live a life fit for Pharrell.

Devin C. Hughes

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