Learn how to pronounce words correctly


December 4, 2006   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Is your English a little rusty? Well, in time for the big meeting or networking event, head over to howjsay.

Just toss a word into the box and hit submit. Assuming your speakers are turned up, you will hear the correct pronunciation of the word.

The lexical corpus includes all of the General Service List (Bauman and Culligan 1995 version). This is a collection of 2,284 commonly used English words. More words will be added progressively, selecting them on the basis that most non-native speakers of English would be unlikely to pronounce a selected word in a universally understandable way without first hearing it spoken by a native speaker. Another source of new words is you: unsuccessful searches are automatically considered for inclusion.

Click over to howjsay to try it out.


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