17 Tested Courses to Learn Hindi (Best in 2024)

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Hindi is one of the five main languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. Hindi is the world’s second most widely spoken language and India’s official language. Over 300 million people in India speak Hindi as their native language and another 200 million people speak Hindi as their second language. Native speakers exist in every community around the world.

Hindi has various regional and national dialects and is also known as Hindi-Urdu or Hindustani in multiple contexts. Hindi is a component of the Indo-European family of languages. Arabic and Urdu are the languages that come closest to Hindi.

Many Hindi speakers also understand Urdu words. And can use them in different contexts. Sanskrit is also somehow related to Hindi. Some of the words are similar in both Sanskrit and Hindi. Hindi is unique on its own. It has its consonants, vowels, script, and word-to-word meanings.

Learn Hindi

Hindi is spoken widely throughout India and it also has roots in Sanskrit. Hindi is written from left to right using the script Devanagari. The alphabet contains 13 vowels and 36 consonants. Once you get a grip on it you should be able to learn Sanskrit. There are sounds in Hindi that an English reader might not remember. Devanagari can be romanized by random variations.

It is surprising how well the Devanagari script represents the sounds of the Hindi. All of the letters in the Devanagari script have the same pronunciation. This script is closely connected to Nandinagari, which is also a Devanagari script.

But this script is used in a different context. Letter order in Devanagari, as in many other ancient Indian writing systems based on phonetic principles, takes into account the way consonants and vowels are articulated.

It is closely connected to other Indian languages. It can also be easier to learn the Hindi language in the English language as well as by retaining many of his English words as part of a Hindi vocabulary. A good Hindi learning experience is more like fluency for learning the spoken words but also the culture and the language.

Hindi is taught in several universities in the United States as a foreign language. There are various good online Hindi periodicals and journals that enable students to access the language and Indian cultural heritage. There are numerous levels of Hindi lessons available at the University of Pennsylvania and the descriptions can be seen here.

If you want to learn Hindi and are confused about how to choose a course for yourself, here is a brief list of 17 Tested Courses to Learn Hindi. This list has all the information you need as a beginner:

1. Pimsleur


Pimsleur is a great way to learn a language. It has its site and app. It is one of the biggest language-learning communities in the world.

Hindi levels 1 & 2 are covered in this program to help you learn. You start with zero, first acquire phrases, consonants, Hindi words, and Hindi vocabulary for survival and ultimately advance to mid-intermediate levels of the language of speech, comprehending, and reading.

An initial dialogue, listening material, audio content, structures, and comprehensive practice for all presented terminology are included in each lesson. After the Hindi course, you will be able to speak with comfort about anything you will speak with confidence and learn the Hindi language and culture in your vast range of vocabulary. It is one of the best sites with great features to learn Hindi online.

pimsleur hindi



Pimsleur Hindi courses purposely limit the amount of time you learn and allow your brain to assimilate words before you move. After the foundation has been constructed, it becomes straightforward and natural to add additional words and phrases.

Learning a language is easier with the Pimsleur app. Pimsleur course can help you learn any Hindi word, and the integration of Consonants, sounds, audio, and speech.


Many beginners use flashcards to test themselves. You can’t build flashcards for testing yourself with this app. There is no method to inspect it, and there is even no way of seeing it on the web. In places, you cannot see the frequently vocalized consonants.

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2. Italki


Italki might not be the best but it is one of the best ways to learn a language. It has its site.

Many independent teachers from all over the world teach Hindi online.

Italki itself offers no classes, it only provides Hindi teachers to facilitate the classes utilizing its platform. Payment takes place using Italki, and classes usually take place through Skype, although sometimes you can use other options for example WeChat, FaceTime, and others.

italki hindi


Italki makes testing new teachers easy for you. Most teachers give a 30-minute free trial lesson, generally at half the price or less than a regular lesson. You can plan a free trial lesson with any teacher and then continue to take regular classes with one or two that best suit your desire for learning.


One of the drawbacks of this course is that in this community, Teachers aren’t all teachers. Some of them are fake. Secondly, it takes time to find the perfect teacher. You need to reserve in advance at least 24 hours. The reviews on their site are public and thus not 100% honest.

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3. HindiPod101


With your personal Hindi teacher, you may even learn 1-on-1. Your teacher will give you personal comments, corrections, and answers to questions that you may have through your private message. Your teacher will also provide you with a customized curriculum and resources for weekly and weekly courses.



With this course, you’re not going to worry about the Hindi words. You will get lists of Hindi words, slides, and flashcards, so you will never forget them. Hindi word lists and slides. Audio and line-by-line breakdowns are slowed down and you take all words. You can practice and use voice recording tools to compare yourself with natives.

You can use the Hindipod101 app to learn more about the Hindi course.


Despite its wide coverage, Hindi is less popular in the world as compared to India. As such, it is difficult to find individuals in the community to talk to. It may be useful to add another program with more speakers, or perhaps take an intensive course to deepen your knowledge further.

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4. Memrise


Memrise looks slick and designed. You must start the first lesson when you begin your course. Check the example given. The following lessons are closed until all previous ones have been finished.

For novices, the structure is good. More experienced users can select complex programs, although there is no placement test to discover the ideal place to start before time.

memrise hindi


Memrise is a powerful app to learn a new word and basic vocabulary. It’s attractive because it’s more than simply a flashcard app. And there are many free features. Whereas the Pro version offers additional capabilities that serious learners may wish to benefit from, the free version includes all the components of Memrise.


Design limits the feature of grammatical education.

It is stunning and perplexing the number of courses to choose from. You could wind up with no good classes in a language.

If you are an advanced learner, the app will put you through a slog.

Not a single speech lesson is available.

The version of the web browser is lower than the app.

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5. Learning-Hindi


Learning-Hindi, a rather obsolete blog with a tonne of material, comprises over 100 classes. From beginner to mid-level, you’ll find text tutorials here.

Audio and Listening files help you to correctly pronounce your vowels, verbs, consonants, and practice numbers. There are classes to learn all about Hindi. However, as a free resource, you won’t gain the kind of value from organized applications.

learning hindi


Hindi’s real-life applications are through children’s novels. There is also a Google Drive folder that contains both Hindi and English translations of over 60 children’s books.

Access is simple and Hindi lessons are easy.

One of the good features is that you can repeat lessons.


Regular users already know that the app is not updated.

No more advanced student material.

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6. Duolingo


The Duolingo community is huge. It’s easily the best free language app you can find to learn Hindi. It is free and has affordable lessons for casual students. It is a great way to learn Hindi online with its site and app. However, the crucial term here is casual, since the platform is not too profound. It has well-organized features and exercises.

A list of modules will be shown in sequence on the home screen of the app. Whether it be grammatical, or thematic, each module has one lesson and example. There are several Hindi lessons and listening materials for each module. To access the next set of modules, you must take some lessons. It takes three or four minutes to complete every lesson on average.



It provides quality lessons and resources with Hindi words and phrases along with the audio content.

It simply teaches newcomers who are not familiar with Hindi.

Once you understand the basics, it offers more lessons.


You will have to utilize another resource, because It does not teach it adequately, to learn the alphabet Hindi— Devanagari. There are certain restrictions on teaching and other principles are strengthened as well.

Duolingo Pricing and premium subscription

It has been launched as a free app that promises to stay forever.

Costs $12.99 a month, and a discount if you pay one ($79.99) year or half ($47.99) at the beginning. The Plus subscription deletes advertisements, allowing you to download mobile app courses offline and enables you to use the mobile app without any limitations.

You can also get a free “streak repair” every month, so your Duolingo statistics will not be damaged if you skip a day of practice.

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7. Mondly


Mondly has several languages, but little value in terms of fabric and challenge. It has a website and a language-learning app. A study helps you strengthen basic terms and lessons you learned in another class or app. It has decent features.

The home screen of Mondly looks like a scrolling side landscape. It appears a little like a map that is not different from Candy Crush, with traces showing different exercises on different topics.

Unlike Candy Crush, in which you will only be able to proceed when the required levels have been passed, Mondly allows you to hop to whatever module you choose to use at any time.



Mondly has activities that make you hear, read, write, and talk. In a language that you study when you have to construct a sentence with words from a word bank, you sometimes hear a sentence. Other times, you must type into English what you hear or translate.


There is plenty of room to improve Mondly. It works as a study help, but it does not have good lessons to teach languages. The greatest way to provide a better and more memorable learning experience is to compare it to other language training apps, whether commercial or free.

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8. Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone has simple navigation and finely manufactured material. However, the program doesn’t stack up with so much competition. Its exorbitant price and lack of excitement imply that learning is generally monotonous.

Beginner students can begin early to develop vocabulary. But not a lot of cultural immersion is taking place. Explosions or advice can’t be expected — learning just with images and matching sentences. In short, there are more useful resources and features elsewhere.

rosetta stone hindi


If you starting as a beginner it’s a good place to start. The technology helps you with verbs and sophisticated pronunciation. Lessons have a wonderful structure and get harder and harder.


The absence of grammar and vocabulary is not conducive in the long term.

When using a language, Rosetta Stone can offer you a false sense of assurance.

Like any learning topic, internet classes are less successful than professional learning.

Rosetta Stone Pricing and Plans

In contrast to other language-learning curses, the prices of Rosetta Stone are exorbitant, although you virtually can always receive a discount. The program contains 3 months of subscriptions ($35,97), 170 dollars, 249 dollars, and 299 dollars of life.

You will have to spend $120 a year, $170 a year over two years, and $199 a lifetime for the available reductions. Bear in mind, that access to all language programs includes a one-year or longer abonnement.

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9. Mango Languages


You may study a lot of different languages with a Mango subscription without paying again. However, some less popular dialects provide fewer lessons. Language offers are limited. In any language, the descriptions of the lessons provide a glimpse of what is to come.

The language is divided by grammar and cultural notes. There is, however, little material for people who already know how to speak basic Hindi. Stat trackers are wonderful to see what you have done, but at this price point, they are anticipated too.

mango hindi


Along with Hindi, a single subscription allows you to access additional languages (70+). The structure as a whole is good. You have modules, chapters, and lessons, and work through them progressively. You can save if you want to go ahead. The description of each chapter gives you an insight into the terminology that you are to acquire.

The user interface and the activities are attractive. There is no equal interpretation. Color coding, grammar notes, and features that focus on certain grammar differences between the language of destination and source enhance your grasp of Hindi. An example comes comes with each lesson.


It doesn’t inform you, though, what verb tenses you practice or grammatical principles that Duolingo handles effectively. This is not commonly available for mangoes. The descriptions are instead up to date: Travel and tourism, university life, services, and repair. College and university.

Once you visit the complete page describing the Chapter, you will see the list both of the Grammar and Conversation Goals – which will finally provide you with a comment about the informal imperative. But until you open the entire description on a new page, you can’t view this information.

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10. FSI


FSI is an e-book Hindi course. A little outdated and scanned document is the book format itself. Many of the guys are crooked, though readable. Before you begin, you will need to understand the Hindi alphabet, which is not a course for beginners.

fsi hindi


Using tiered activities in a PDF/e-book is easy. For convenient learning, you can download or print.

However, you will begin with brief sentences and useful words. There is a lot of grammar debate, especially verb usage, which helps build on the skills of the lower level. While there is not a single audio lesson in this language, many activities are highly detailed, making them valuable to many Hindi students.


There is quite a deal of inferior quality for the huge amount of audio lessons that exist in the FSI Hindi course. You will hear static noise in several areas of the audio. Other passages are so low that you won’t hear what the speaker is saying. While several page instructions are available, they’re rarely enough for beginners.

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11. Udemy


As a Hindi speaker, learning vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills in Hindi get you better at identifying Hindi words and turning what you know into Hindi conversations to be used in a variety of situations. It teaches you the basics of Hindi grammar and writing as well. Additionally, you will learn to count in Hindi. The course is delivered in the English language which is easy to understand.

udemy hindi


Each course contains an instructor’s biography. You can read a little bit about him, his previous experiences, reviews, assessments, and courses from other students. Another amazing benefit is that before you purchase you can preview the course.

This is truly one of the greatest ways to have a feel for your expectations, to be able to assess the quality of the preliminary course to make you feel good about what’s going to happen.


It may be too basic for some people to have some knowledge of Hindi. More sentence structuring and clarification of “streeling and pulling” forms of nouns must be provided. Graphics can be better for concentration retention.

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12. Michel Thomas Method


Michel Thomas provides 18 language programs: German, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic (Modern Standard), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

You need to download the proper application to make sure you have access to the software you purchase on the website and mobile apps. It is named the Android or Apple mobile Michel Thomas Language Library.

michael thomas


There are a few advantages to the Michel-Thomas technique. First, it’s helpful for the pronunciation of every Hindi word. Secondly, you must truly work to get words and notions out of your head. Some language learning systems use a wide range of exercises. You are not pushed with these programs to find the word, but to recollect something about it such as its first letter or if it is a brief or a long word.


Like any audio program, Michel Thomas does not read, write, or spell — or almost none, given that you can download a PDF booklet to learn the classes. Be aware that the material is transliterated for non-Roman alphabets. Instead (or in addition), to provide a more dynamic approach, with a greater range of instructional styles, you can choose Fluenz, which offers many various ways of studying and incorporates reading and writing.

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13. Rocket Hindi


New learners can try the Rocket Hindi course and its features completely free. Review websites and learners themselves rate Rocket Languages very positively.

rocket hindi


The course is designed so that it would help you learn all aspects of Hindi: speaking, listening, writing, grammar, and reading. Some culture notes are included too, so you will be able to learn more about native people and how to communicate with them better;

Because Rocket Languages provides studying content through different multimedia (audio, videos, and written text), this course can be suitable for most Hindi learners.

Each dialogue that you will listen to in the Rocket program will come with a transcript in English, Devanagari, and Romanized script. Due to this, it is easy to follow each conversation and also you will improve your reading and writing skills with every lesson.

Also since Rocket provides translations to English and explanations on all areas of Hindi, you will be able to progress confidently with this foreign language.

Rocket is good for learners who are learning this foreign language for traveling purposes. It teaches every essential Hindi alphabet and Hindi word from the beginning so you will not need to waste time learning unnecessary vocabulary.


The current level of Rocket only caters to the beginning and intermediate levels of Hindi learners, so it is only good for those learners who are just getting started with Hindi. Despite the subscription at only $99.95, the online version of this program is more than twice as expensive as the physical copy of this course. If you’re on a tight budget, only online lessons are worthwhile.

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14. Glossika


Glossika is practical and hand-free: you are taken care of in all the planning, review, and progress on difficulty. You can train by ear, go down the road, drive a car, dress, or have a coffee. Glossika records your progress, helps you analyze your progress, and every day provides you with a new alphabet and Hindi word.

glossika hindi


Whether you are an early or advanced language student, the audio training lessons from Glossika improve the pace of your hearing and speech. The interaction of words is natural, and Glossika does this, so you talk as an Indian native speaker!


It does not cut it as an integrated language course, unfortunately. Compared to other instruments, the subscription is costly. You will receive one monthly subscription with this product for $30. This is a little high for an additional learning tool, especially when compared with other places such as Hindipod101.

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15. University of Pennsylvania


This introductory course teaches you essential skills at the middle level in Hindi-Urdu. It is intended for pupils who are exposed to Hindi or Urdu little or none beforehand. The training includes all four linguistic abilities (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) (interpersonal, presentational, and interpretive). In the main script of the students, they build literacy skills (Hindi or Urdu script).

university of pennsylvania hindi


All textual materials are available. All meetings are interactive, and by utilizing it realistically, students learn the language. Culture is integrated and incorporated into the activities via different authentic materials. Vocabulary growth and the use of contextually appropriate styles of spoken and written Hindi are strongly emphasized.


In this course, you’ll learn Hindi with a heavier emphasis on speaking and comprehension. To become an expert grammarian or writer, you will likely have to increase your study materials. Since the program is mostly based online, you’ll need access to the internet to go through this program.

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16. Transparent Language


This course has technology and methodologies for enabling professionals in key language organizations, students and teachers in academic environments, and anybody else to become more skilled in other languages to achieve faster and more reliable language learning outputs.

transpalent language


The main reason for choosing Transparent Language Online as your pick is that it probably has the language you require. It is a great beginner’s software with a wealth of learning and practice features. The price is not bad at 149 dollars a year.


The app itself is not attractive. It’s functional and slick, but you won’t notice anything about its aesthetics. It’s not fun, sweet, or cutting-edge in design. This is simply simple.

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17. Loecsen


Loecsen offers 41 different languages including Hindi, but only 432 phrases can be learned, which is not enough to go beyond the fundamental basics.


The attractive UI and illustrations accompanying the material make Loecsen a powerful tool. Although other languages are less frequent, it employs high-quality recordings made by native speakers.

Use the read-aloud feature to perfect your pronunciation by reading along with a series of songs or text extracts and comparing your performance to the original voice.

The Loecsen curriculum is a good choice if you just want to learn some basic skills verbs and terminology for a vacation. Most of the same languages are taught at the intermediate level by different providers.


You may have to click around to figure out what each button performs despite the appealing UI. A list of vocabulary and a progress bar for vocabulary and speaking activities may be found underneath the main interactive program – the vocabulary highlights in green as you complete the quizzes.

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Listen to the alphabet recordings when you want to learn. Use common phrases and nouns, such as day and time. Simple chat, try combining basic vocabulary terms. The use of online courses makes it easier to master any Hindi alphabet.

Commune phrases and utterances such as good morning are the backbones of your interactions with native Hindi speakers. Learn Hindi by reading a book or watching a Bollywood movie in Hindi.

To sum up, we rank the Pimsleur Spanish Course as the best one in this shortlist as it has 5 levels which include outstanding methods for teaching the language!

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How to learn Hindi

Begin to practice a few simple Hindi phrases immediately! It will take time to learn and get familiar with alphabets/scripts and use them in different contexts. Learn initial practical and day-to-day phrases. Test yourself using vocabulary, exercises, and flashcards provided in the lesson.

How to learn Hindi through English?

You can start learning the Hindi language through English from mobile apps. Many Android and iPhone apps make your learning easier through different exercises. The classes are meant to help a youngster learn the language. The audio lessons help you build a language accent. Some of the recommended apps for people who know English include Hindipod101.

How to learn Hindi fast?

If you are a beginner and want to learn Hindi, begin to practice a few simple words immediately! It will take time to learn a new set of alphabets/scripts. Start speaking Hindi today. Most foreigners or Hindi students began in Hindi with basic lessons.

Learn sentences that are initially used in practice. Trying to speak with the native speakers. You can also learn Hindi through English. You can also watch Bollywood movies.

How hard is it to learn Hindi?

Learning Hindi can be hard. Native English speakers who don’t know a single Hindi word have more difficulty learning Hindi. With identical words and tiny variances, the expression is very different. The speaking pace and tone are additional. And the syntax of subjects, predicates, verbs, and nouns varies considerably from English.

Sanskrit is similar to Hindi, So Sanskrit speakers can face less difficulty in understanding the sounds, verbs, and other words.

Why learn Hindi?

You certainly have your reasons for learning Hindi but if you do not already have one or are looking for more reasons to learn Hindi.

In India, trade, business, and digital media are becoming one of the world’s major exporters. India is one of the world’s most exotic, fascinating, and thrilling spots. India has a rich history and cultural heritage. India has its own Bollywood movie industry. Many Indian movies are released all over the world every year. Bollywood has produced some amazing movies over the years. For example Pk, 3 idiots, etc.

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