Just Be You – The Influence of Passion

By Mike Gowans

May 23, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

We’re focused on magazines. We’re focused on what people are doing and trying to be like them. How we can dress like them, how we can look like them. The thing is just be you. Just be the best version of you.

So many people are looking for something to do. I think we just need to create some more art. When I say create more art, find it inside you what it is that you like to go out and do. Find that thing that makes you happy. That thing that when you’re doing it you’re just crazy ecstatic about it. You’re lost in some world because you’re just doing this thing that drives you and creates this passionate energy inside of you. The thing that gets you pumped up.

We are always looking at magazines and checking out different types of media trying to figure out how we can do this or how we can do that. Guys, we need to do our own thing. We are being ran by other people’s ideas. We have to be ourselves and go out do what we want to do.

It’s so crazy because Google will give you any kind of information you need to go out and create website. It has anything you need to go out and produce a project or produce a product or service. Something that you can offer people where you are actually helping them. Creating more stuff for them that is going to allow them to be better in their life. You can inspire other people. You can inspire them to create their own thing that they’re passionate about and go out there and produce something that, every single day they’re waking up doing what they love.

I think a lot of the marketing messages out there, a lot of the things they’re all leaning towards…
“How to get out of this terrible negative place.” When it doesn’t really matter where you are, it doesn’t really matter what place you’re in, you can just be happy there if you are just doing what you love.

That’s the thing that you have got to find. That’s the thing you have to go out and share with other people, the vision that you have about what you are doing and just attack that.

Quit worrying about what those people think. Quit worrying about those things. Just focus deeply on ONE THING that you’re really passionate about.

Anybody can go create a website. Anybody can go figure out the little tools you need to use in order to make the marketing message. Or create the video. Or go out there online and collect somebodies email address so that way you can start creating a relationship with them. That’s all that marketing is.

There’s all these marketing guru’s out there and all this different stuff. Look, here’s marketing in a nutshell. You and I need to create a relationship, we need to relate to each other, we need to ask each other questions to get to know each other and understand each other more. So that we can understand what each others needs are. What are the pressure points in our life. What are the things that drive us and the things that don’t drive us? What are the things that we are scared of? That’s it. That is marketing.

When you attach to somebody in a relatable sense and you drive towards the same goal, go in the same direction, that accomplishes the outcome or the goal or the result that both of you want.

So create more art. Go find that thing inside of you that drives you. And when you find that thing, focus on how that can increase somebodies life in a happy way. It doesn’t have to get rid of some negative thing. You don’t have to do that.

We are so lost in this place of trying to be all these different things when what we are as ourselves is absolutely amazing. All the things that you’ve learned up until this point. All the little trials, tribulations, and relationships that you’ve been through. Think about the other person that’s going through that stuff how you can take that story, how you can take those hardships you’ve been through, and package it up into something.

That shows them, hey look I’ve been through this hardship and overcame it and when out and achieve what it was that I was happy about. I achieved greatness not because I was trying to get out of pain and suffering I just did the thing that I was actually happy about. I wanted to do the thing that makes me happy.

Get inspired. Get inspired and create things and then share it with the world. If you want to make money, think about what you have to offer people. What is it you can give somebody that is of value? What can you create that will increase someone’e lively-hood? What can you make that people would exchange money for, that will improve their life?

If you don’t have those special tools and you don’t have those knowledges that you need to create that value… Go read a book. Wake up every morning 30 minutes earlier and go read a book about how to do it or watch a video online that teaches you how to do the thing you’re trying to accomplish. Or teaches you thing that you are passionate about. Master your favorite subject.

There’s so many ways that you can increase your own value and package that up then tell someone a story about how you were in the same situation they were and you overcame it by focusing on creating a better value of yourself and starting giving yourself to the world. it wasn’t because someone else did it for you it was because you made a decision and went out and did it.

You just have to work for it and go after it. You can’t make excuses.

Think about humans. Think about everything. Think about this video. If a human didn’t go out and create the art, which was the camera, I wouldn’t have anything to set here and talk to you through. Someone created the internet, what I am sharing this on. Somebody went out and created a program that allowed me to build this website so that you could view this. Think about that, someone created the shirt I am wearing so I am not setting around naked.

HUMANS ARE ARTISTS. So CREATE ART. Whatever that is, it doesn’t matter. It’s you doing the thing that makes you happy, that you can do gracefully and that you want to master. That same art that you mastered can change someone else’s life.

Go create things that can make people’s lives better. Take your passion and share it with others.

Instead of going out and trying to overcome all these negatives. How about just rebuilding the great things that we have already?
Take something that’s old, that used to be fabulous, and rebuild it and rejuvenate it. Bring the life back into it and share it with somebody. That’s the new thing going on. It’s not always having to overcome all these negative things. Like how to get out of debt and blah, blah, blah. Don’t worry about that. I mean if you have a great idea for it then use it. If you don’t, then go find something that used to be really awesome, that’s not anymore and rebuild it, rejuvenate it. Then go share that with the world.

The time and the energy that you use…

Time + Energy = Value

That value is what people are going to exchange money for to get the thing that you created.

So get inspired, go create something, go be YOU, go do what you love to do, be passionate about what makes YOU happy, and quit worrying about what the “CULTURE” wants us to do. Quit worrying about what other people say you need to be like.


I’m Mike Gowans and my whole purpose in life is to, inspire others to do what it is that inspires them. Come get inspired and visit me at my website www.MichaelDavidGowans.com. Find and Know what it is YOU want to do. Have Love and Passion for what YOU want to do. Believe in YOURSELF and what YOU want to do. Take Relentless Action on what YOU want to do.

Mike Gowans

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