5 Tips On How To Land The Best Jobs For Introverts

By Addison Jenning

June 26, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

jobs for introverts

If you become uneasy or anxious when you are around others, then landing a dream job may seem limited. The requirements many businesses have include working and being around others. For an introvert, this creates discomfort and may slow down your potential to achieve success.

Psychology today states that almost 50% of the population is considered an introvert. There are diverse jobs that have been created to match the characteristics of this personality. With a new perspective and by looking in the right places, it’s still possible for you to land one of the best jobs for introverts and enjoy a successful career.

Here are 5 of the best tips you can use.

Highlight your search with the ability to work alone

job search for introverts

Not every job is based on teamwork and networking with others. There are specialized career fields that demand that you work alone. What’s important is that you’re able to take responsibility for the projects, meet deadlines and deliver great results.

Show off your skills in relation to the strengths of an introvert. It will help you to move into a higher position faster. It will also provide hundreds of new possibilities for you to strengthen your characteristics and skills.

Master the environment you work in

If you want to work in a field that requires some social skills, then balance this option with your surrounding environment. You can find a position that allows you to telecommute, work from home and balance the amount of time you are required to spend with others.

For instance, find a job that requires holding meetings only once a week or month. Often, these are listed in the job requirements, so you can examine opportunities that align with your levels of interaction before you actually apply.

If you don’t want any interactions, then search for independent styles of work.

Change your search to jobs for introverts

A secretary, customer service representative or networking specialist may not be the career field you want to consider. If you have the skills to work alone, then you should find a specialty job that can match your character.

Look for a career position that can highlight your strengths as an introvert. By shifting your focus, you will open new doors to the perfect opportunity.

For instance, the responsibilities and required skills of a software developer won’t consider your social skills. Instead, it will depend on your ability to work alone and achieve demands and goals through development.

There are many jobs for introverts. Your options include data entry, caregiving and computer work.

Mentally prepare for interactions

practice interaction

Meetings and the interview process require interaction with others. If you are socially anxious, then mentally prepare for these specific parts of the job hunting process.

Try practicing in front of the mirror before reporting to others. You can also practice the interview process with your family so you can study how you will respond to certain questions. While there may be some discomfort, you will find that continuous practice reduces the anxiety that many introverts face.

During the interview, don’t be shy to let your potential employer know that you like to work alone and that you are responsible and accountable. These introvert qualities are what every interviewer looks for.

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Find a fit for your social comfort level

Many introverts are painfully shy and don’t enjoy interacting at all. Others may feel comfortable interacting with others but only to a certain extent.

You can work with psychological tests, such as Myer-Briggs, to measure your characteristics and know where your strengths are. Examining where your line of comfort is and making this clear in your job search as well as interviews will guide you to the perfect job.

It is not only about the company finding the perfect individual for the job. It is also important that you find a job that is aligned with your comfort level and ways, particularly when it comes to the level of interaction required.


There are many jobs for introverts that can help you maintain your comfort level while building a successful career. Start by looking at your strengths and skills and search for a career that isn’t fully dependent on socialization. With that, you’ll be able to find the perfect job.

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