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Is he thinking about me? 13 Signs You Should Know!

Do you want to enter into a relationship, you are in one, or you broke up with him? How does your guy feel about you, and is he thinking about you? This is a question most ladies ask because no want wants a person who ignores them.

However, men aren’t easy to read. It can be challenging to know whether your guy is thinking about you or other girls.

This article will help with proven signs that show a guy is thinking about you.

🤔 13 Signs to know if he is thinking about you 🤔

There are different ways you can know that a person you love is thinking about you. Here are 13 obvious signs to prove he is thinking about you.

💔 If you broke up 💔

1. When he hasn’t moved on

When you break up with your partner, it pains you. Besides, people expect you to heal, move on, and find another love. However, it is not easy to fall in love with another person.

Hence, if your man loves you and keeps thinking about you, he will not move on. Yes, he might hang out with other girls and pretend he is okay, but he won’t commit himself to another relationship.

Besides, he might find a new girlfriend and still be thinking of you. As a result, he will come to your door soon and request you to come back. This is a huge sign that he cannot get over you.

2. When he checks on you

After ending a relationship, the no-contact rule applies to help the parties forget about each other. However, if your ex calls or texts you, it means he is still paying attention to you.

He may not do it frequently, but that once-in-a-while call means a lot. It means he cannot hold it anymore, and he wants to talk to you.

You might wonder if you should respond to his calls and messages or not, but it is up to you. First, do you still have feelings towards him, or do you no longer have an interest in him? Do not entertain him if you are not willing to solve your issues and get back together.

3. When he posts about you

Some guys will post about their ladies on their social media platforms even after parting ways. He may not mention you by name, but you can tell exactly what he means in his post. This is an obvious sign that he is thinking about you.

He may post something like, ‘I deeply miss someone. This is to tell you indirectly that he still has feelings towards you, and if possible, he wants you back.

Besides, the guy wants you to see such posts and hopes you will respond to them. He also wishes that you are also thinking about him. You can choose to respond or ignore him, depending on your feelings.

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4. He acts and seems depressed

A breakup hurts and leaves both of you to deal with the pain. However, your ex may not be able to get over it, and he shows signs of depression. This is a clear indication that he is constantly thinking about you.

You can tell by the kind of posts he is making on social media. If he is posting dark photos, dark poems, or dark songs, he is regretting, and he has you in mind.

Besides, he may act as if all is well by posting pictures and having fun with his friends. However, this is not true because he is trying to show the world he is fine, but he still thinks about you deep down.

🤗 If he is your crush 🤗

5. When he texts you random messages

When he texts you random messages
Photo credit: Pexels.com

Do you get random texts, articles, or funny memes from a guy all day long, and you cannot understand it? He is crushing on you, and he can’t get you out of his head.

This is a great sign that you have taken over his world, and he cannot deny it. For example, if he sends you a meme that he knows will make you laugh, it means he saw it and immediately thought about you.

Besides, he can check on you severally during the day via text. For instance, he can message you, ‘How is your day dear’ or ‘Have you taken your lunch.’

6. When he asks you a lot of questions

Another sign that your crush is spending time thinking about you is when he asks you many questions. He keeps crashing in your inbox, or when together, he is all over you with all types of questions.

First, it shows that he wants to know you better. He wants to understand who you are and the kind of person he is dealing with. It may seem obvious, but the guy is having hours of fantasies with you.

Mostly, guys will ask questions that revolve around your life in such cases. They would want to know your hobbies, career, dreams, your family, and friends.

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7. When he seeks your opinion before doing something

Have you had a guy in your life who consults you every time he wants to do something? Maybe he is going for an interview, and he is like, ‘ Hello my sunshine, what do you think I should wear tomorrow when going for my interview.’ It means he always includes you in his life.

When a man starts to include you in his life, it shows that he genuinely loves you and he respects you. Besides, it shows he wants you to become part of his journey, and that is why he is asking for your opinion.

Also, if he is consulting you about moving into a new house or town, it is a clear sign that he thinks of having you as a partner. This is because it is a lifetime decision that is essential and only people in his life can be included.

8. When he remembers specific things that you say

Small details like remembering what your partner says show that you are thinking about her. You spend time listening to her and thinking about their words. As a result, you can easily remember what they specifically said about something.

For example, if he asks you about your favorite flowers and you respond, he doesn’t need to inquire again because he can remember. He can tell whether you said you love roses or carnations.

He keeps this information in mind because he knows it is crucial to him. Besides, he needs it in the future, even when you are not aware.

9. He texts you good morning and good night

Do you feel special when someone texts you good morning every morning and good night every time before you sleep? This guy has something more than the message; he is constantly thinking about you and expressing it.

This is a good sign that he has set an eye on you and wants you in his life. The early-morning message is a clear sign that he possibly dreamt with you, or you are the first people he thought of when he woke up. The excellent night text shows that he spent his evening time thinking about you.

This is one of the signs that can tell you if you can have an enjoyable dating life with this guy. This is because it shows he is concerned about you, and he will be there for you.

10. Your happiness is his number one priority

Every woman wants to be the number one priority in his man’s life and not an option. Therefore, a man who makes your happiness his focus no matter what shows that he is thinking about you.

Besides, a man who puts your joy first goes out of his way to make you happy. For instance, when he lets you pick a seat first when you go for a date, he is after making you smile.

It is the small details that mean a lot in a relationship. They show that he is willing to put extra effort into making you comfortable and happy.

11. Likes and comments on your posts

Do you post pictures, memes, and poems on your social media, and a guy keeps liking and commenting suggestively? This guy is thinking about your day and night, and he cannot hide it.

For example, he can comment on your photos and say,’ Looking gorgeous’ with some love emojis. This is a major sign that he is interested in you and has fallen in love with you.

If he is among the first people to comment on your post, it means he is checking on you often. He is your number one fan, and he wants something from you- a relationship.

12. He surprises you

Your crush shows that he thinks of you when he buys you your favorite items such as flowers, chocolate, or books. He is showing you that he pays attention to your interests too.

Besides, gifts are a great sign of love. They tell you that the other person has feelings for you and only you matter most in their life.

Therefore, when you receive a surprise gift from a guy, know he is thinking of you, and he wants to have a future with you.

13. When he shares a lot with you

Most guys, if not all, do not open up about their past, present, and future. They tend to keep quiet and push life on their own.

However, when a guy shares with you concerning his personal life, he must have you in mind. He has seen you as a trustworthy person, and probably he is interested in you.

❣️ Obvious Signs He Misses You ❣️

Do you have a guy you like to the moon and back? Are you wondering if he misses you or not?

Here are signs that most guys will show when they miss someone;

➣ He asks you to send him photos

When you get a message saying, ‘Hello beautiful, kindly send me your photos,’ know that he is missing you. It means he wants to keep seeing you every day, even when you are far apart.

Besides, he may ask you for some funny picture like when you have just woken up to see your uncombed hair. He can also request a video chat to see you.

➣ He calls you over and over

They say that actions speak louder than words, and for sure, if a guy keeps calling you, he surely misses you. He also misses your voice, and that is why he wants to hear it after every minute.

A guy who misses you will take every chance just to ring your phone. For instance, he will pay attention to break times and check on you when you are at work. He will use that opportunity to know how you are doing and make you laugh with funny jokes.

➣ He makes an effort to meet you

It is an excellent sign that he is missing you, and he wants to see you repeatedly. Despite his busy schedule, he will create time to see and have quality time with you.

Besides, he will take you to a date or a special place to create memories that will always remind him of you. If your guy gives excuses not to meet you, you might be a bit skeptical about your relationship.

➣ He keeps the conversation going

When a guy misses, he will keep the conversation going because he wants to feel near you every day. Therefore, he will bring up one topic after another, even with funny jokes, to keep the conversation going.

Besides, he can talk to you about everything without shying because you are unique to him. He wants to remain connected to you as long as he can to enjoy your warmth.

➣ He listens to your favorite music

Your partner knows your playlist because you have interacted often. When he listens to your favorite songs, be sure that he misses you and wants to revive your memories.

In other words, it shows you have a deeper connection such that he wants to be part of your interests. You might find him dancing the way you do it as he listens to the songs to remember you.

➣ He is happy when he sees you

How do you feel when your man hugs you tightly and smiles when you meet? It feels good to see someone happy when they meet you. It means they had longed to have time with you and set their eyes on you.

At the same time, it shows that they are not pretending about how they feel about you. The guy shows that he wanted to see you because he missed you when you were apart.

➣  He treasures your gift

Did you buy your man a watch, and he cannot get it out of his hand? Does he keep wearing it everywhere he goes? It is a huge sign that he truly misses her queen and treasures what she gave him.

Therefore, don’t go too far to know whether your guy misses you. You can tell by the gifts you gave him. Whether you bought him a hood, he will wear it over and over until your mutual friend is on your case.

➣ He tells you

Words have power, and when a guy tells you that he misses you, he means it. This is because most guys will not joke around with a lady they don’t have feelings for.

When he texts you to tell you on the phone,’ Babe, I miss you, just know he is the real him, he expresses himself. He means he wants to be with you, and he is willing to spend time with you because you complete him.

💌 Clear Signs That Show He Cares About You 💌

Being with a man who cares about you is one of the best things you can enjoy in the world. A man who cares about you makes you feel special, and he makes your life enjoyable.

However, you may be wondering, how do I know if he cares about me?

Here are 8 signs that prove he cares about you;

➽ He spends quality time with you

A man who cares about you will spend time with you. Besides, he will create time for you to make memories and have fun.

Whether you spend time in the house or outside, he will commit time to you because he understands that you are unique.

Spending time together with your partner gives you a chance to know them better and vice versa. It helps you to understand what stimulates a good mood in your partner and what puts them off. As a result, you will do what pleases each other because you care.

➽ He surprises you on your special days

Whether on your birthday, graduation, or anniversary, the guy who cares about you will gift you something, however small it is. He will write you a love letter, a congratulatory message, take you on a date, or buy you a gift.

If he doesn’t care, he will ignore your special days and behave as if it is not a big deal. This is because he is not concerned about how you feel, and that is not his business.

➽ He includes you in his plans

Does your man plan to live in another country? Has he told you, or did you hear it from mutual friends? If he cares about you, he will inform and engage you in all his plans.

He will include you because he understands that his decisions will affect you. Besides, he cares about how you feel when he does this or that. Therefore, he will let you know his next step before acting.

➽ He gives you his ear

It is a surefire sign that he cares about you, and wants to know what you are going through. He wants to associate with your high and low moments, and he is there to offer support when you need it.

Besides, when a man listens to you, it means he loves you, and cannot stop thinking about you. You have stolen his heart, and all he can do is offer a listening ear because he values you.

➽ He compliments you

Photo credit: Pexels.com

How does your guy react when you wear that beautiful dress when going to rewind your first date? Does he tell you you look gorgeous, or does he pretend he hasn’t seen anything? A caring man will always compliment her woman on making her feel good.

When a man close to your heart tells you, ‘I like your lips,’ he makes your day. He means that he loves your physical appearance, and he is not ashamed of you.

➽ He loves your family and friends

A caring guy likes her woman with her family and friends because he understands they mean a lot to her. He will respect them and accept them to be part of his life because they have become part of his family.

Therefore, he will not go insulting them or trash-talking them because he cares about you. He wants you to live happily with your loved ones.

➽ He accepts you the way you are

It can be hurting to live with someone who always pours negative energy on you, maybe because of who you are. For instance, it can be demeaning to be around someone who keeps saying he doesn’t like short people if you are short.

A person who doesn’t appreciate your personality, physical appearance, career, or dreams doesn’t care about you.

On the other hand, a guy who cares about you will accept you despite your strengths and weaknesses.

➽ He sacrifices for you

When someone goes out of their way because of you, just know that they care about you. It may be they have sacrificed something small like an hour of their busy schedule to be with you, but that means a lot.

It shows that they want the best for you, and their life makes sense when you are happy. Besides, it tells you exactly what is their intentions towards you.

💡 Signs You’re Always on His Mind 💡

Photo credit: Pixabay.com

When you are always in somebody’s mind, they cannot stop thinking about you.

However, how do you tell if you are in someone’s mind?

Here are 9 signs that will tell you if he always thinks about you;

▶ When he follows up on a discussion you had

A guy who keeps thinking about you will never forget what you previously discussed, and he follows up. If you talked about a meeting or an interview you were to attend, he would be interested in knowing how it went down.

He will be like, ‘My darling, how was the interview? did you pass or what happened?’ It shows that he thought about you and he is interested to know how you are doing.

▶ He gives you personalized gifts

When a guy pays attention to you and thinks about you, he will gift you exactly what you want. This is because he understands you and what you precisely need at a particular time.

Personalized gifts are a good sign that he keeps you in mind during his everyday tasks, even when he wants to surprise you.

▶ He often sends you cute inside jokes

Do you have personalized jokes as a couple that keep you laughing all the time? When your man sends you a funny meme that you both enjoy, it means he is thinking about you.

At the same time, it is a sign that he saw it, and it reminded him of you, and that is why he sent you. Appreciate those cute little jokes because it may be the only way he can remind you of crazy memories.

▶ He is open to you

Guys find it hard to speak about what they are going through. They tend to hold back their dark moments and successes unless they come across someone special in their lives.

If you find a guy who is open with you, just know he thinks about you constantly. Besides, it shows that he is ready to open up his own life to you to understand him better.

▶ He writes you notes

A good sign that he is thinking about you is finding a love note on your porch unawares. It means he spends time memorizing your love for each other and has decided to express it in writing.

Besides, he can write you congratulatory notes to thank you for a milestone in your career. He simply means he thinks about you and all that is happening around you.

▶ He remembers your relationship milestones

When did you go on the first date? Do you even remember? If your guy remembers such anniversaries, you are always on his mind for sure. It means that he recognizes every milestone he has gone with you, and he appreciates the journey.

What about the first day you had a sleepover? It sounds funny to remember such anniversaries, but they mean he cannot stop thinking about you.

▶ He talks about you to his friends and family

When a man introduces you and talks about you to his family and friends, know you have taken his mind. He cannot keep it to himself that he has you in his mind. He wants others to know he has found someone he loves and can build a family with.

Besides, when you catch a man’s attention and cannot stop thinking about you, he will talk positively. Even if he finds others trash-talking you, he will stand by you.

▶ He posts some throwback photos

Check your man’s social media posts and see if he has posted a throwback photo when together. If he has, you are in his mind, and he can recall the good memories you had together.

Besides, these social media posts show that he appreciates the far you have come and doesn’t regret having you.

▶ He texts you when you are about to text him

Have you ever received a message from someone you also wanted to text at the same minute? It is a sure sign that shows that you are always in his mind.

It shows that you have a deeper connection than that of friends. This is because as you think of him, he is also thinking about you.

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🧿 Can you sense when someone is thinking about you? 

It is hard to sense if you are running in someone’s mind, right?

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However, you can pay attention to your intuitions and how your body reacts to know if someone thinks about you.

Some of the feelings that can help you include;

⚜️ Random eye itch or twitch

This is quite hilarious because sometimes we experience eye twitches or itching due to allergies or sleep deprivation. However, when it happens randomly, it shows that someone is taking time to think about you deeply.

Besides, the meaning changes depending on the eye and gender. In guys, when the right eye twitches or itches, it indicates positive thoughts, while the twitching or itching of the left eye indicates negative thoughts.

For women, a sudden itch or twitch of the right eye indicates negative thoughts, but it shows positive thoughts when the left eye itches or twitches.

⚜️ Burning sensation in your ears or cheek

Have you ever been slapped? If yes, you know the meaning of a burning sensation that occurs on your ear or cheek after the slap. That is the same thing that happens when someone else is thinking of you negatively.

Besides, some people believe that someone has more romantic feelings towards you when your ear suddenly grows hot. They are interested in you passionately.

⚜️ Hiccups

Although hiccups happen when you eat a lot of food or drink too quickly, it is one of the signs of sensing that someone is thinking about you. When you have hiccups out of the blue, someone might be trash-talking about you.

However, you can tell exactly who this person is by looking at the people around you. If you notice a specific person who is always around you when you have hiccups, they could be the one bad-mouthing you.

⚜️ Dream contact

Have you ever dreamt constantly about a person whom you have not met for a long time? They might be actively thinking about you on the other side.

You can reach out to them and hear how they are feeling. During the conversation, you can tell if they have been thinking about you. Don’t lose the opportunity, dear. He might be your life partner.

⚜️ Discomfort while eating

Imagine you have walked into a restaurant and ordered your favorite meal. Then, you sit down and start enjoying your meal slowly, and there is no reason for something terrible to happen.

All of a sudden, you start choking or coughing out of the blues. Someone might be thinking about you, and the tension in their mind is being transferred to you. Their negative thoughts about you are reaching you as you eat.

⚜️ Goosebumps

It is one of the signs that happen when someone is going through a strong emotional thought.

On the other sides, when you get goosebumps without any emotional attachment, someone might be thinking of you.

The person in question could be thinking about you because he is interested in you and wants to be with you. As a result, their emotional energy reaches you as goosebumps.

✏️ Conclusions ✏️

It is good when someone is thinking about you, but it is more fulfilling when you know you are in their mind. Different signs can tell you when someone is thinking about you and whether their thoughts are negative or positive.

📝 Relevant Questions 📝

Does he think about me during no contact?

The feeling after losing your relationship is unexplainable, and you could still be thinking about him. Besides, you could be asking yourself, does he think about me? Some of the signs that can tell you are in his mind are;

➢ He talks about you with his friends

➢ He behaves weird

➢ He hasn’t started dating again

➢ His Facebook or Instagram posts sound like they are about you.

When you feel a connection with someone, do they feel it too?

When you have chemistry with someone, chances are they are also experiencing the same. They may not talk about it directly, but you can notice from afar. Some of the signs that can tell you that they feel the same as you include;

⇨ You love to spend time together

⇨ You can talk about anything

⇨ You are paying attention to one another

⇨ Being smiley when you meet.

What are the stages of no contact?

The no-contact period is the duration after a breakup where you don’t communicate with your ex at all. It is a period that involves 5 stages:

➤ Anger

➤ Denial

➤ Bargaining

➤ Depression

➤ Acceptance

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