Is Armed Security Should be Part Your Private Event Security Plan?

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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Is Armed Security Should be Part Your Private Event Security Plan?

The nation is full of people anxious to get back to living. After a long haul of events being canceled due to Covid-19, with vaccinations rolling out and mask mandates being lifted, plans for the next year are in full swing. As such, many people are planning large events leading them to begin considering their security needs. If you are planning a large gathering or event, you have likely already determined that you will indeed need to hire event security; although, you may still be wondering is it necessary for the guards to be armed?

The answer to this question will largely depend on specific factors related to your unique event. You should consider the size of the event, the level of security needed to be based upon the guests in attendance, as well as the location of the event. If a high-profile public speaker is likely to be present or if the event is going to occur in a city known to be riddled with frequent violence, hiring armed event security is likely the best course of action.

While most of us wish we could simply avoid reality, the unfortunate truth is violence is everywhere. It seems every year there are more incidents where innocent civilians are caught in the crosshairs of a random shooting. As political and cultural tensions continue to escalate, there is potential for violence around every corner. Thus, it is important to choose the correct level of security presence for your event. Continue reading to learn more about critical areas for consideration so you can be fully prepared no matter what happens.

Making A Security Plan for Your Event

In order to properly prepare for an event, it is important to consider the security needs of the specific venue. Thus, the first step will be a thorough evaluation of the facility/grounds to establish what areas of vulnerability are present and how they can be effectively mitigated.

Making A Security Plan for Your Event

The security team will develop a plan tailored to the event to ensure that both guests and other assets/property remain safe and secure throughout the entire day/evening. When securing an event with famous guests or political persons, the plan will fit the level of security necessary to accommodate these high-profile guests. This will help give everyone in attendance peace of mind that they will be safe while attending your event.

In general, unless the event has heightened risk factors, most people choose unarmed security guards to manage security at their events. Unarmed guards provide a visible deterrent to criminal behavior and play an important role in an event going smoothly.

Despite this, it is important to consider that in recent years more random locations have become the target of violent atrocities and mass shootings. While it is quite possible your event could be perfectly safe with unarmed guards alone, is it worth at least considering the possibility of armed guards in view of the higher risk of random acts of violence in recent years?

Hope for The Best Plan for The Worst

We all pray that the worst never happens, but the reality is sometimes it does. Thus, the best policy is hoping for the best, while having a solid plan if the worst should ever befall your event. Having a plan in place keeps the guests at your event safe.

In today’s age, merely thinking that nothing will ever happen is foolishness when we all have seen the randomness of violent acts at locations that should be safe like grocery stores, shopping malls, churches, and movie theatres. Being prepared helps avoid a tragedy by preventing it altogether or stopping it cold in its tracks before a large loss of life occurs.

Increased Violence Is a Very Real Issue

There have been hundreds of mass shootings that have occurred over the last several years. They resulted in thousands injured and hundreds of senseless casualties. This year alone, the nation has already seen acts of violence on the rise exponentially. Henceforth, now more than ever it is imperative to be aware of the possibility that your next event could be the target of a mass shooting.

Increased Violence Is a Very Real Issue

The Right to Bear Arms

One of the most beautiful things about America is the many freedoms afforded by our constitution. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. As violence has increased, many Americans have made the decision to conceal carry. With this in mind, it is important to note that there may be increased numbers of firearms at your event and literally anyone in attendance may be carrying a firearm. Should a gun come into the wrong hands, do you really want your security guards to be the only ones unarmed?

The Divisive Nature of Our Culture

The culture in America has consistently grown more hostile as many citizens seem to hold extreme ideals on both sides of the equation. As the distance grows between people and their political leanings and other divisive issues, tensions continue to grow. This is the case with both citizens against citizens and citizens against law enforcement.

Thus, it is possible if the wrong crowd interacts at your event, fighting, rioting, or other violence could break out. In order to prevent property damage and innocent civilizations from being harmed, it is important to consider this risk and plan accordingly prior to the event.

The Final Decision

These considerations alone have greatly increased the need for competent, security guards who are trained in mitigating and de-escalating such situations. It is important that your security team never leaves their guard down, even if the event is perceived as being low risk there is no way to predict what could happen.

Thus, guards should be vigilant and prepared at every single event, even if the numbers are small. Being able to effectively diffuse a risky or violent situation comes down to a proper evaluation of potential risks, effective training, an evacuation plan, and other preventative measures.

Ultimately, whether you choose armed or unarmed security guards for your private event, you can rest assured that a comprehensive security plan will be prepared in advance. With the watchful eyes of guards on your event, your guests can enjoy themselves and your event can go off without a hitch.

When making the final decision regarding armed or unarmed guards, consult the experts and thoroughly consider each factor in relation to your unique event so you can make the most beneficial choice!

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