How To Increase Productivity & Make A Difference In Business Each Day Using These 5 Ideas

By Rosemary Nonny Knight

September 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

You know that the more you put out into the world, the higher are your chances of making a difference with your business, right?

You do know this, right?

I ask because the problem for most people is that they get too distracted and do not do the work that counts and so they end up not making things happen as quickly as they would like and this sometimes leads to them giving up too soon.

This is a trait that needs to end if you know that you are on this planet to do something big. Even if you want to make a little more money than you are doing right now, you need to get over distraction and start becoming a whole lot more productive than you have been to date.

I must emphasize that for most people, the big issue really is that they are just not producing enough and so therefore they are not getting the result they want out of life and their business. And for me, realizing this made such a huge difference. I realized that the only difference between me and most of the heavy hitters was that I was spending too much time getting distracted with the fact that I was not yet a heavy hitter instead of just getting on with doing the work.

So, here are a few thoughts for you.

1. Get Clear On What You Do

If you are not clear on what your big mission is then you are more likely to get distracted. It can be that simple. You need to spend a little time each day getting clear on what you are doing and why you are doing it. And understand that this is a gradual uncovering. Each day, you may find that you are just a little more clear but does that mean you wait until total clarity? Of course not. You begin anyway and as you consistently do the work and experience more of what you think you want, then you get clearer about what you want in your business and life and what you do not want.

Clarity around your big purpose keeps your eyes on the prize and you stay on path and it helps with the next point which is to prioritize.

2. Prioritize

Each day, as you get clear, write out the actions you need to take to move yourself forward. And then prioritize them. Keep your eyes firmly on the prize as you see it that day and then ask yourself the question “How is it that I am doing blah, blah, blah?” You fill in the gap of your vision for your life.

When you ask yourself that question, your brain gives you ideas of what you did to get to your ideal place. I hope this makes sense. This is starting with the end in mind. Too many people start with the beginning in mind. How can you get to where you want to go by doing exactly the same as you have always done? Your actions to date have brought you here so you need to implement new actions in order to move to your new destination. So, picture yourself living a life you love and having built a business doing what you know your mission is and ask yourself how you got there. Write down the steps as they occur to you and begin doing them.

3. Simultaneous or sequential?

In the western world, we are addicted to step-by-step plans. We want growth to be linear. We mostly think that you must do one thing and then the next thing. Unfortunately, hardly anyone has that much time on the planet. IF you have a big idea, a big goal, a big mission to fulfill, you will find that you never create that much traction if you choose to be sequential.

You must take a simultaneous approach where you do a few things at once. Yes, this may mean realizing that you cannot do it all alone but that is fine. Get someone else or a few other people to help you out. Sell them on your vision and see if you can get them to volunteer and if that is out of the question (which it more likely will be unless they are family members!) then choose to pay someone to help you with some things. No matter how productive you become, you cannot do everything and still the demand is on you to be simultaneous.

4. Add in some physical exercise

I know you think you have no time to do anything else but if you already feel you are spinning wheels and getting nowhere fast, why not include some physical activity into your day. The time away form your business and the blood flowing to your brain could make a huge difference to your creativity and innovation. And you need a whole lot of that when building a big idea.

It is tough at the beginning not to consider this a waste of your time but when you start to experience the increased productivity that comes from taking time away from working, working, working, you may be surprised to see how much more you get done by looking after your body.

5. It is easier to change the direction of a moving vehicle

Get into action!
Don’t stand still waiting for all your ducks to line up perfectly. You get nowhere that way. It is so much easier to pivot if you are already moving. When you are stuck in the mud, waiting for perfect clarity, you cannot know what will work or what will not. You have to actually experience things first and discover what works for you and what does not. And as you determine to keep being productive, you can change direction having experienced something you do not like. Or you can stay on course but ultimately, you have to be moving tofigure thigns out.

Too many people think that clarity is found in trying to figure it out while standing still and trying not to make any mistakes but all that results is that more time is lost and still nothing changes because they have done nothing.

Do not make this mistake. Move, even when uncertain. You will get more certain, the more results you get. Good or bad, they are all feedback to inform your next move.

Take action now.

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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