How To Boost Your Communication Power

By Shane Krider

June 20, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

improve communication skills

The key to creating a magical life starts and ends with communication. The most powerful factor in person-to-person communication comes down to how you present yourself in the conversation, which is determined by your emotional state. The level of emotional intelligence you apply throughout the interaction and your mindset prior to entering the exchange are your key components to powerful communication.

The way to boost your communication power is to learn about emotional intelligence and being conscious of your emotional state before approaching a conversation. By doing this, you are presenting yourself as your most efficient communication tool which will help you create the results you desire.

This concept can be used for any purpose – parenting, vitality, relationships, and business. For me, I learned to hone these skills while building my first entrepreneurial venture. Once I recognized my own emotional intelligence, it became easier to judge what emotional state others were sitting in, which gave me the advantage in every business communication I had. This edge helped me to create a $170M business with very little industry experience.

What is emotional intelligence?

emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is your conscious ability to connect to your emotional state and utilize it in your goal achievement. Once you grasp this concept and connect to it, the act of creation and communication becomes effortless. When you’re disconnected to your emotional state, things tend to be more of a struggle, your goals seem harder to obtain and you can’t seem to get ahead.

Why is it important to recognize emotional state?

Ever received a bad vibe from someone? Or heard someone else say it? That vibe you’re picking up is actually the other person’s emotional state. Most people think language is the primary factor in communication, but it’s actually the unspoken connection humans instinctively feel around each other. By being sympathetic to people’s vibration and identifying their emotional state, you have the advantage in every communication.

When someone is in a bad mood, do you ever find yourself becoming negative, defensive or hostile? These moods lower your emotional intelligence and bring you down. If you allow yourself to be dragged down into someone else’s negative state, you’ll find your ability to reason and think clearly are limited.

However, someone who is positive and upbeat, who doesn’t allow negative words, actions, or surroundings to get them down, they make you feel happy and empowered. They have the power to stand firm in their mindset and raise you up to their level of emotional intelligence by increasing your vibration to match theirs.

When you’re around people who are aligned with your positive mindset and vibration, this increases your ability to think laterally. Your higher reasoning and emotional state shifts, and as this happens, you can see more, do more, have more, and begin to create more in your life. When you’re around people who are winning, it’s easier for you to win. It’s that simple.

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How does emotional intelligence enhance your communication power?

improve communication

If you train yourself to pick up on other people’s emotional state, it will be the biggest asset to your communication strategy you’ll ever possess. You’ll instantly be at an advantage, and will instinctively engage with people and opportunities that align with your end goal. You’ll be aware of those people who are time wasters which is a HUGE saving, especially if you are considering adding them to a team, or starting a relationship.

It’s unbelievable how trapped people are on one level of emotional intelligence. They perpetually believe they are victims of circumstances, that life is out of their control and are at the mercy of bad luck. People who are stuck in this emotional state create experiences and results that reinforce this view. It’s a cycle they enable and they will bring everyone around them down too.

When you relate this philosophy to the Law Of Attraction, if you’ve made the mental switch and engaged with your emotional intelligence, you have decided to start perceiving life from a winning angle.

So how does your emotional state influence the person you’re speaking to? If they’re open, and not stuck in a lower emotional state, you will see a rise in them instantly. They’ll be more engaged, positive and the vibration between you will continue to grow.

The most powerful component of communication is directly linked to your emotional intelligence, what emotional state you are in while in the conversation, and your ability to pick up on the emotional state of others. This is a lifehack power tool that can absolutely boost your results, your goals and your life.

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Shane Krider

Shane Krider is an entrepreneur, personal development and leadership coach. After adopting personal development practises in his own life and achieving some amazing results, including creating a $170million business, Shane now shares his extensive knowledge to help transform people's lives on his popular podcast 'Shane Krider's Mind Power' found on iTunes, Spreaker and TuneIn. Or at

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