How to Take A Break: 5 Simple Tips To Your Success

By E.D Thomas

August 27, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to take a break

Why are so many working professionals struggle to find the time to work on their own goals while they have no problems working towards the goals of their company’s CEO?

You know the answer, don’t you?

Or do you?

Have you ever truly thought about this question? Better yet, do you currently have goals that are sitting on the shelf but you just can’t seem to get to for some reason?

There’s never truly one answer when it comes to working professionals feeling as though they don’t have the time to work toward their personal goals. Reasons change from day-to-day.

Here is how the coin reads on the other side:

One may say that they’re burnt out once they’re off work. Then, they somehow find time to binge watch three 1-hour episodes of a great new series that they just started watching on Netflix or HBO Now. Others may say that they have plans and have so much to do once they’re off.

Yet when they get home, they end up doing absolutely nothing for the remainder of the night. They put off their so called ‘plans’ for the next day.

The next person may say that they have to make dinner and feed the kids, but the kids wanted fast-food. This leaves the parent time to fit in the opportunity to work on their goals once they got home but instead, they chose to finish the report that they were working on before they left office to get the kids.

All of these are excuses.

They are excuses that we all use to justify why we can seem to work toward completing the goals that we often fantasize about. In reality, however, we’re just working for someone else and the goals that they’ve put in place for us to complete.

The old saying “If you don’t have your own goals, you’ll always work for those that does” is very true.

So, do yourself a favor and take time to pause.

Take a break from all of the excuses that you can come up with. Take a break from all of the so-called ‘distractions’ that you blame your inabilities on.

In reality, you give the breath of life to what you entertain— good or bad.

Truthfully speaking, you should take a break from your current job and allocate a little more time to yourself. It could be during lunch, on your 15-minute break, when you get up to grab a cup of coffee or whenever is convenient for you.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily have to be at work. In fact, it can be in or out of office. Just be deliberate in taking time out for yourself and take baby steps toward building what will ultimately make you happy.

You have to remember that goals that aren’t being worked towards will forever and only be dreams — nothing more.

to take a break

How to Take A Break

Here are 5 simple tips that can help you break from all that’s happening around you.

  • Write one daily goal that you want to accomplish for the day. Take the note and put it in your purse, pant pocket, wallet or even inside your cell phone case. Place it anywhere that you’ll be forced to see it again. It will bring attention to your consciousness, empowering you and giving you the urge to execute that one goal.
  • Put an hourly or bi-hourly reminder. It should have a descriptive message relative to your daily goal and set it on your cell phone. When it goes off, you’ll know to execute what you’re passively telling yourself what to do.
  • Take a picture of a loved one that you care for. It should be someone who will benefit from you following your dreams and chipping away at your daily goal. This accountability will empower you to be more conscious of what goals you have in place.
  • Stop what you’re doing, take 10 seconds to yourself, and repeat this affirmation as often as you can. “BREAK(… inhale/exhale ) BREATHE(…inhale/exhale ) BUILD(… inhale/exhale )”.
  • Keep a meaningful object within arm’s reach. Make sure that it’s visible to your consciousness. When you see it, you should be reminded of what you have to do for your goals.

take a break

These 5 simple tips, through repetition and discipline, can create an entire wave of new habits that subconsciously get you closer to completing your goals. All that you have to do is believe that your goals are worth reaching and completing. You deserve to experience the life that you dream of.

Working toward your goals will get you there.

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