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How to Start a Neighborhood Watch Program

My community is now looking for people to act as Neighborhood Watch leaders and, of course, I was the first in line. I will be managing about 2 blocks of homes. What these programs really do is build awareness. In my opinion, Homeowners, renters and the like are more apt to care and look out the window more often based on a community’s involvement.

Sure you get those deterring signs to post around the community, but really, its about getting people involved and ensuring they know what to do when they see Johnny Badguy breaking into the home across the street.

So, as usual. I looked around for some good ways to learn about this. Here is what I found:

Neighborhood Watch Programs typically involve the following activities:

Why Neighborhood Watch?

Getting Organized

Forming a Neighborhood Watch is a challenge. Here are a few tips to get your group started.

Neighbors Should Look For…

For more information on starting your Neighborhood Watch program, simply call your Police Department.
Sources: Fayetteville, AR PD, Naperville,IL PD.

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