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How to Simplify a Complicated Decision

You make decisions every day, all day long. With all of that practice, why is it so easy to get hung up on the biggies?

That’s a lot to think about all before breakfast. Those are not examples of complicated decisions. In fact, we can usually make those choices without a list of pros and cons, or giving them too much thought.

What happens when you need to make a big decision? The trick is to apply some of your gut instincts that you use in your daily, simple decision making to the big choices too.

You know what’s best for you and your family, and once you start to trust that, you will make better decisions faster.

10 Steps to Simplify a Complicated Decision

    1. Be debt free
      Money will play into most of the choices you make. If you don’t have debt, you can put less emphasis on the financial element of your decision. 

When considering a big decision, take your time and apply a few of the steps above. If you can keep it simple, you will have more clarity on the best way to move forward. Good luck simplifying your next complicated decision.

Written on 3/17/2009 by Courtney Carver. Courtney is a writer and fine art photographer. She wrote a book called Simple Ways to Be More with Less, and blogs three times a week. You can also find her on Twitter. Photo Credit: Andrew.Beebe
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