How to Set Up a Superbowl Pool

By Jay White

February 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

When it comes to major sporting events like the superbowl, having a chance to win a little bit extra in a pool is lots of fun. However, most people don’t like to just bet on the winner/loser of the game, especially when one of them is heavily favored. By playing this way, you only have two outcomes, and this limits the number of people who can play. However, by using a grid system, and making the winner of the pool based on a score, you have an option of letting up to 100 people join the pool. Here is how the football grid works:

1. Take a large piece of paper and create a grid that is 10 squares by 10 squares. Make these boxes large enough that people can sign there names inside of the boxes, and make enough room around the outside that you can write in numbers later on.

2. Your grid will reflect the last number of the score for each team. One side of the square is the score for each team, and each line will represent a number between 0-9 that will be the last digit of the score at the end of each quarter and the end of the game. Prizes in this pool are often rewarded to those who have correct numbers at the end of each quarter, and a larger prize for the final score.

3. Decide on a cost per square, and the amount that will be paid to the winner from that total. The total amount in prizes will be 100 times the cost of one square, but people like it best when you divide the prize into three smaller ones and one grand prize. For example, if squares cost $5 each, there are three $100 prizes for the end of each quarter and one $200 grand prize for the final score.

4. Have each person who buys into the pool write their name in each square they buy. Do not add the numbers until after the squares are fully purchased.

5. Place the numbers 0-9 in a hat. Draw the numbers, one by one, writing them along one size of the square in the order they are drawn. Then put them back in the hat, pick them again, and put them down the other side in the second order. Let your betters know what their number combinations are.

6. Keep the chart close during the game, and let everyone know who has won each prize. Keep the money in a safe place, and pay each winner promptly.

Jay White

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