How To Send A Fax Over Internet

By Jay White

June 7, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

You’re not alone if you don’t own or have access to a fax machine. Many people work on the road from a laptop or even their tablet, and a fax just isn’t mobile. But faxes are still the one of the most efficient — and professional — methods to send documents to others, especially when your recipient requires a hard copy of those documents.

Fortunately, there are a number of services that enables you to email documents to a fax machine for free as long as you know the fax number.

The first option allows you to send up to two faxes in every 24-hour period. The service known as MyFax is ideal for the occasional user, but might not suit your needs if you need to use faxing for business purposes.

Here’s how to use MyFax:

1. Log on to the website.
2. Enter your name and company and email in the “From” form.
3. Type your recipient’s name, company and fax number into the “To” box. You can even send overseas.
4. Upload your document to the website.
5. Enter an optional text message.
6. Click “Send Fax.”

With MyFax, you can sign up with your own fax number, so you can receive documents straight to your email inbox. This feature is available, along with 100 outgoing fax pages, for $10 monthly.

Other similar services include:


Sometimes, free fax services won’t suit your needs, but you don’t have to shell out the money to buy a fax machine and phone line. That’s when we recommend This website enables you to send and receive faxes via email, and it also integrates with a variety of storage solutions, including Google Drive and Dropbox. RingCentral also integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

Other features of this service include encrypted faxing, customized cover sheets and logos, fax alerts and multiple file type support. These plans start at $7.99 monthly, and this plan comes with 500 free fax pages. However, you can upgrade to other plans to send and receive more faxes per month.

Thanks to the Internet, there’s no reason for you to be left behind even if you don’t have a fax machine on hand.

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