How to Remove Bing as Your Default Search Engine

By Jay White

February 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

It has happened to everyone. You go to update your computer, or move to a new model, and then open your search engine for the first time. All of a sudden, Bing! It’s the wrong search engine. Luckily, internet browsers understand that people have preferences that they like. Because of this, they make it easy, depending on the browser type, to move to the search engine of your choice. Here is the method of doing this for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers:


Click the down arrow on the top search engine bar. If you see the icon for your search engine, you can select it here, and it will become your new setting. If not, click Add. The Internet explorer gallery will open up with known search engines, and you can choose any one you want from here. Double-click on one to get to the page, and push the large button that says Add to Internet Explorer. Before you close, click the “make my default search engine” box.


First, click the menu button. It looks like three horizontal lines on top of each other. Go to settings. Open search. There is a drop down menu that will allow you to choose the search engine you want. If your favorite is on the list, then click it and choose the “make default” button at the bottom. If not, then choose Manage Search Engines. Choose the search engine you want, or enter its url in the text box. Now, choose “make default” and your new search engine should be locked in.


Click the magnifying glass on the side of the search engine bar. You will find a down arrow, where you can click on the default search engine of your choice. If the one you want is on your list, then simply click on it and you’re done. If you don’t see the one you want, click on the link that says “get more search engines.” When you find the one you want, click on it, and the “Add to Firefox” button. Check the box that says “make this the current search engine.”


Click the Safari menu, and look for preferences. From here, click on the tab labeled General. Open the drop down menu for “default search engine.” Select your choice. Unlike other programs, you may only choose between google, bing, and yahoo.

If you find that your default search keeps changing to something else, then do a malware search on your computer.

Jay White

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