How to Program an RCA Universal Remote Control

By Jay White

May 2, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

An RCA universal remote control provides a great solution for when you don’t want to deal with multiple remote controls for your TV set, DVD player, media streaming box or other devices. This type of remote control is designed to handle all of these functions, and it can detect the controls on each of them once you’ve programmed the universal remote. This device is also able to detect the brand signals for different devices, so you won’t need to search for the individual manuals in case of problems.

<strong>Programming the Remote With Automatic Code Searching</strong>

The first thing you’ll need to do is power on the devices you want to use with the universal remote. Then press the DVD/VCR button on the remote and select the type of device that comes up on the menu on your screen. The code searching tool will automatically pair the universal remote with your VCR or DVD player. If you have a satellite receiver to pair with the universal remote, press and hold down the “SAT” button until this menu appears on your TV screen. Then the remote should scan for your satellite’s signal. Follow the same steps to pair a cable box or digital TV converter.

<strong>Using the Brand Code Search Feature</strong>

Your RCA universal remote control comes packaged with a list of compatible devices and their brand codes. You can also find these codes listed on the RCA manufacturer’s website. Once you’ve located the code you need, press and hold down the “CBL,” “SAT,” or “DTC” button. At the same time, press and hold down the On/Off button until you see the numeric keypad on the screen. Enter the device code and then press the “Stop” button to store the brand code so it stays paired with the remote. The On/Off button should become green-lit once the device is paired successfully with the universal remote control. Once you’ve entered all the brand codes for all your devices, test each of them with the universal remote control. If one has a lack of connectivity, repeat the steps for pairing it by manually entering the brand code.

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