How to Program a Dish Network Remote

By Jay White

May 2, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Once it is properly programmed, a Dish remote control handset can serve as a universal remote for your other electronic devices as well. This will enable you to the control your satellite receiver, television and auxiliary devices, such as a DVD player, by using the corresponding buttons on the Dish remote control. Begin by turning on the power to your receiver, television and DVD player.

Programming a Hopper Receiver

Customers with a Hopper/Joey/922 satellite receiver should press the “System Info” button on the front panel of the receiver. The television will display the “System Info” screen. Press the “Sat” button on the upper left of the remote control. The button will illuminate and the control will emit several beeps. Push the “Cancel” Button on the center right of the remote. The “System Info” screen will disappear. Press the “Guide” button to reveal the programming guide menu screen.

Programming a non-Hopper Receiver

Press the “Sat” button on the remote control. The button will illuminate. Press the “Record” button. The “Sat” button will light up again. Choose the “Done” option located at the bottom of the System Info menu displayed on the television screen. The System Info menu will close and the programming guide menu will open.

Programming Other Devices with a Code

Point the remote control at the particular device to be programmed, such as the television or DVD player. Press and hold the corresponding button on the remote. All four buttons across the top of the remote should illuminate. Enter the appropriate three-digit code for that particular device using the number pad on the remote. The corresponding device button should illuminate. Press the “Hashtag” key. The corresponding device button should blink three times. Press the “Power” button. If the remote is programmed correctly, the device should turn off. Follow these steps for other devices, using the appropriate device buttons.

Programming Other Devices by Scanning for the Code

If you do not know the three-digit code, follow the device programming steps above until it is time to enter the code. Instead of entering a code, press the arrow up or down key. This will initiate a scan. The “Mode” light will illuminate. When the device powers off, press the “Hashtag” key. The device button should blink three times. Verify that the remote is programmed correctly by pressing the “Power” button. The device should turn back on and respond to commands.

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