Choosing A Compatible Career Path In 5 Steps

By Lina Jones Suares

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to pick a career path

Choosing a career path is rarely easy, especially for the youngsters living in the era of growing automation. There are so many factors to consider and challenges to deal with that young specialists might get dizzy. In addition to requirements, pressures and fears follow every person looking for the best job opportunities.

All in all, you will devote a lump of your time to a career. It’s sad to look back one day and realize that your efforts were applied to something that doesn’t inspire you. What’s more, the rapidly-changing world is hard to predict – will your future profession be in demand?

It is impossible to know all the risks, but still, the decision must be made anyway. Let’s discuss some crucial points that will help you make fewer mistakes and choose a career that suits you perfectly.

Mind your skills and plans

The role you choose in a certain industry must fulfill two major conditions. The first one is its correspondence to your current skills and educational background. The second one is a challenge and an opportunity to develop and gain new skills.

These might seem mutually exclusive statements, but they are actually not. Think about your talents and things you would like to enjoy at work. Then think about the skills you would like to have. You will never feel bored at the job that fits you and provides room for growth.

Ask yourself:

  • Which professional activities relevant to your background are the most satisfying?
  • What would you like to avoid in the workplace?
  • Which new skills can make you grow?

These questions will help you decide what you want. This is the first step to make since your answers will show you the right direction and narrow the search down.

Know your worth

The best employers value candidates that clearly realize their worth. It is essential to be objective here – try not to overestimate or underestimate yourself. If you already have working experience in the chosen field, then you have the advantage of upgrading your salary. Do salary research, read surveys, and ask fellow professionals about their compensations.

Update your CV regularly

how to pick a career path updating cv

All of your professional and educational achievements must be recorded in a CV. Make sure to update it throughout your life – this will present your successes to the employer. And with a regularly updated CV, you will have a better picture of your current expertise and the roles you enjoyed the most. The past is the key to your future.

Study the job market

It is crucial to know the job market situation before you start searching for career options. It means that you should find out what the market is like for people with your level of education, professionalism, skills, and experience. You should find everything about the salary levels for your position and companies that hire people like you. Also, check the statistics and pool of available vacancies. Large websites for job search like LinkedIn or Indeed can help.

Don’t make fast decisions

picking a career path

Take your time and consider all options carefully. Be analytical and thoughtful – never rush into a decision. When the decision is made, stop regretting the rest of the options. Instead, focus on your goals and get ready to accept the challenges of your job.


To make a wise career decision, analyze yourself and the market. Think about your strong sides and figure your worth out. Think about your skills and plans – which direction would you like to choose for further development? Then take a close look at the current situation in the job market.

Find vacancies for your position and study the requirements. Reading resumes of other candidates (your competitors) is also a great idea. Never rush into fast decisions – sift through all options, not to miss the best one. Good luck with your career choice!

Lina Jones Suares

Lina Jones is a professional writer and blogger for She creates articles on the topics about lifestyle, education, and employment. Lina is passionate about travelling, Chinese food, and sharing her life experience with the audience.

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