7 Tips On How To Overcome Procrastination Everyday

By Dante Munnis

May 23, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

How To Overcome Procrastination Everyday

Are you finding out that you need to learn how to overcome procrastination?

Procrastination is as bad as it sounds. Do you always put off what you have to do until the last minute, panic right before the deadline, or put yourself in an emotional rollercoaster almost every week?

The causes for this kind of behaviour are many and they can be very private. They can range from fear of failure to simple laziness.

The good news is that you can overcome this behavior if you decide to. It might feel hard in the beginning but you can succeed if you really work on it. You just need to decide that those days of procrastination are over and that you are going to take a week to try a few steps.

After trying these simple steps, you will get to know better what causes your procrastination and be ready to take action so that it will be a thing of the past in your life.

Monday – Get yourself organized

Start your anti-procrastination program by making a list on Monday of everything that you have to do during that week. Just write everything down and do not panic if the list looks far too long. It is usually much simpler than what it seems at first sight.

Then, try to decide what you are going for each day of the week. Ceate a calendar of tasks for that week.


Remember here that your schedule should include all your work tasks, but it also should have some space for your own activities– from going to the bank to spending time with your family.

Tuesday – Plan a reward

You are probably already in need of an incentive. Figure out what you are giving to yourself as a reward if you are to stick to your schedule and get everything done before or on their deadlines. It must be something that you really enjoy but also ensure that this is not going to affect next week’s routine. It also should not be something that will ruin your health in the long term.

What about?

• a spa treatment?
• a weekend break somewhere?
• a class or a course?
• some equipment for a new hobby?
• some flowers?

Wednesday – Find out your distractions

On Wednesday, you should have realized what triggers your procrastination and what you use as a form of distraction. It can be social media, TV, phone calls, slow and repetitive walks to the coffee area, or chats along the corridor.

Create a list of each distraction you might notice throughout the day and then keep it somewhere that is always visible to you. This way, you will become more conscious and more capable of overcoming your procrastination behavior.

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Thursday – Find technology that can support your goals

Did you know that there are apps and tools that can help you on how to overcome procrastination?


Spend some time researching how technology can help you. Look for apps that can support you to become more productive or that will eliminate distractions –

Here are some suggestions for you:

Yelling Mom – For those who need a shout, so they get things done.
Finish – This app allows you to break your tasks into short, medium and long term.
App Detox – It will block some of your apps temporarily.
Beat Procrastination – This app will act on the unconscious causes of procrastination.
Avoid Procrastination – This tool is full of tips and suggestions on how to beat bad habits.
Anti-social – For those who waste too much time on Facebook and so on, this will block your social media access.

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Friday – Evaluate your progress

At work, evaluate your week and check how much of your calendar got actually done. Do not stress yourself if you did not manage to do everything on time – this was just your first attempt. What matters at this stage is that you find out why you did not make it.

Get that list of distractions that you created on Wednesday and make adjustments. Also, try to check if there are days or hours when you are more likely to procrastinate.  It will be very helpful when you get to write your next week’s calendar.

Saturday – Be inspired by a high-performing person

Now it is time for you to get some inspiration.

Look for someone that you consider as a proactive and invite them to lunch or coffee. Let them know your quest and ask for pieces of advice. Show the plan you have created to yourself so far and see how they think it could be improved. Address your challenge in a positive manner, but also, be ready to hear some criticism. Whatever the case, you should be prepared to get some great ideas here.

It is always good to know that it is possible to succeed and that other people have been through the same challenges you are now. This affirms that there is nothing wrong with you. The difference between you and them at the moment is simply that they decided not to let their bad habits get in the way of their goals.

Sunday – Reward yourself

Sunday might be the time for you to get that reward if you think you have achieved your goals, or if you feel like you have done your best. This is also a perfect day for you to organize your upcoming week so you can start on Monday good to go.

So get that calendar back and start writing down everything you will have to do on that week. Remember to break your tasks into baby steps and to respect your biological clock.

Get it started all over again on Monday, just in a more efficient way now.

Final thoughts

Procrastination might destroy your chances to be happy, to have a great relationship and to succeed in your career. It will take you to bed with a bad feeling of not accomplishing what you want, and knowing that you could have done better. It might lead to stress, anxiety or depression, things that you are certainly better off without.

So try to take this behaviour away from your life as soon as you can. Use any resources you might find useful and that might work for you. Look for some inspiration and be around proactive people. Also, use technology in your favour and get to know your triggers. This way you can improve your life and achieve your goals.

Now that you know how to overcome procrastination, it’s time for Action!


Dante Munnis

Dante Munnis is a blogger and idea maker from Stockholm who is interested in self-development, web related topics and success issues. You can find more of Dan's articles on Essay Supply.

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