How to Master What You Undertake


September 30, 2008   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Written on 9/30/2008 by Mike S. Mike writes about personal development for intellectual thinkers at his website at his website Photo Credit: infomatique

There are all kinds of reasons people do not try their hardest when they do something. Laziness, fear of failure, lack of time, energy, you name it.

The problem with this practice is that you will never know your true capabilities and everyone around you will conclude that you are only capable of the half-ass effort you usually put forth.

Here are some easy ways to ensure you master what you undertake.

Do Things that Excite You

The most common reason people do not do their best at something is because they are just not all that jazzed up about it. If you are not really that excited about doing something, maybe you should not be doing it in the first place. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. I do not expect you to get excited to take our the garbage, but what we are talking about here is discretionary things you do. For example, you are training for a 5K race. Why not train you hardest to get your best time? If you are excited about the race, chances are you will train hard and do your best. Translate that into all other discretionary acts you take.

Ignore the Downers
Many people in this world do just enough to get by. They blend into the background and go through life as spectators and not participants. Stop listening to these people complain to you about things. They will only motivate you to do less than your best work.

Set Goals
I am a big proponent of goal setting to achieve results. Without goals, you are just blindly doing your best and whatever result you get is okay. That may be a good attitude once the task is over with, but when undertaking to do the task you should set an ambitious goal and attempt to reach it. This will further motivate you to work that much harder meet that goal. Additionally, there is something very satisfying about meeting a goal and knowing it was the result of a 100% effort.

Start Small
This sounds like an easy proposition. Just try my best at what I do, blah, blah. However, it practice, it is daunting to all of a sudden go from doing things at less than full capacity and then try your best at everything.

Pick something you do at work and something discretionary you want to do outside of work. Set your goals and resolve to do your very best at those things. I guarantee if you do, the feeling and response you get will be so great you will soon be mastering everything you undertake and reaping the benefits.

Think About the Pay Offs
You are not just doing your best to impress and satisfy yourself, although those are nice perks. By mastering what you undertake, people will view you as a super intelligent, capable and energetic person. I do not know about you, but I love to be around people like this, it is contagious.

The problem with people who are seen as lazy and incompetent is that they try too many things they cannot master and do not try hard enough. Imagine that you only did things you knew you would master and do well at. You would be viewed as an expert at all things you attempt. Success comes to those viewed as competent and energetic. Be one of them.



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