How to: Make a Real Ice Pack for $0.30


We all get hurt and if you’re a kid, you want immediate comfort. Sometimes, just the thought of remedy is enough to sooth the pain. My wife has done a few things for ice packs. The ole’ ice in a Ziploc bag and the frozen sponge trick have worked wonders. However, Target was selling real ice packs one day and she bought 6 for $40.

I still don’t understand this purchase and while it’s too late for me, I looked for other alternatives that didn’t cost me $40. Turns out the answer is simple and that we almost had it!

    • Take a Ziploc bag and toss in 1 part water and one part rubbing alcohol. 
  • Grab another Ziploc bag and put the first bag (with the solution from above) into the second bag. 
  • Put it into the freezer. 
  • Done. It you want it blue like the fancy store’s have, toss in some food coloring 

My Ziploc bag ice pack costs about $0.30. I could make 133 of them for what my wife spent at Target on 6!.

Before you buy, research.

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