Top Ways to Make Money While Studying Abroad

By Raman Chahal

March 18, 2019   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to make money while studying abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences for any college student. After all, it is a great opportunity to study in a different academic environment while exploring a new culture.

However, studying abroad comes with some challenges. And the biggest one of them is to manage your funds.

In fact, what many students usually worry about when studying abroad is their budget. As they are away from home, they have to take care of every expense on their own — from tuition fee, accommodation, books, traveling to food. On top of that, you live in a new financial system with a different currency and new pricing methods.

Don’t worry! There are many ways to earn money to fund your tuition fees and expenses while studying abroad.

Below are some great tips on how to make money while studying abroad.

Become a Tutor


You can teach other students based on your academic skills and courses. Besides letting you earn extra money, this job also lets you set your own schedule depending on your availability.

This way, you can spare a significant amount of time for your classes and other commitments. Above all, it is a good way to utilize your academic skills.

Teaching others also adds benefits to your communication skills, knowledge, and personal development. There are many online tutoring platforms or classified services where you can create your profile to get assignments.

Offer Help for Research Work

Ask your professors or teaching faculties if you can assist them with research work. You can be offered a good amount for keying in their data to a computer or handling other aspects of their research work.

But there is a big catch. Make sure your job is defined as an “assistant” only. If you are found to be their “ghost” thesis writer, you can be expelled from the college.

Do Freelancing

freelancing work

As a freelancer, you can enjoy the flexibility as you are your own boss. As an added bonus, it helps you get some real work experience even before your graduation. From graphic designing, writing, proofreading, customer support to transcribing, there are many freelancing jobs to choose from.

Good thing is that most of these jobs are online, meaning that you can do them from the comfort of your place. Online platforms like PeoplePerHour or Upwork introduces any freelancer to the businesses or someone who needs help with their task.

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Sell Your Old Books and Unnecessary Stuff

Do you have a stack of books you may not require in the future? Why not sell them for money?

If your books are in good condition, chances are you can get good money by selling them.
There are many students who look for used books as they can’t afford new ones. Plus there are many websites where you can sell your unwanted books for cash.

Likewise, you can sell your unnecessary stuff via online auction sites like Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon. You can also ask your friends if they can purchase anything from you.

Become a Tour Guide

Do you have strong communication skills? Are you known for your engaging explanation? Do you like to mix up with people? Above all, are you familiar with your surroundings?

If all the answers are YES, you can become a great tour guide. All you need to do is contact tour and travel companies to find out if they need tour guides.

Last Note

While there are a lot of ways to earn while studying abroad, you have to keep one thing in mind — your studies should be your topmost priority. After all, you traveled to a foreign place to get a degree.

Do you have some more ideas to make money while studying abroad?

Share them by commenting below!

Raman Chahal

Ramanjeet Chahal, CEO of the CS Immigration- a leading Immigration Services provider in Canada. Being in Immigration business, he is sharing his experience and knowledge on studying abroad.

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