How to Make a Three-Way Call with Skype

By Jay White

February 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Skype is a program that allows people to have free web conversations with other people. Though many people use this to chat with friends and relatives, to allow young children to see faces of distant loved ones, and keep close tabs on distant romances, there are a number of great business advantages to Skype as well. A paid subscription is one of the things that can be used to do many things, like share documents on the desktop of their computer, or in this case, create a three-way call. Only one of the three people making the call needs to have the premium content in order for it to work. If the plan is to also share documents during the call, the person with the master copy should be the one with the paid subscription. Once the purchase has been made, and Skype has been upgraded to reflect the new benefits, making a three-way call is a simple process:

1. Have the person with the premium account be the one to initiate the call. This person needs to have the ID names associated with the skype accounts of the two people they are calling. They need to set up a time that everyone will be ready to accept the call, and enter the caller information into their skype accounts to make it easy to call them. When time comes for the conference call, choose one person to call first. Wait until they pick up.

2. From here, there is a bar on the bottom of skype that has added features to it. These are only available to people who have a paid account, so you will either see greyed out options or nothing at all if you have a free account, and they will be useless. Choose the option that says “add another caller.”

3. Choose your new caller from your address book, where you had placed them prior to the call. Wait for them to answer, and you should have your three-way call set up. If you need additional services, you can follow the same menu to share things on the premium caller’s desktop, or record the call for business or posterity. Once a file has been saved of the video call, that video can be sent out to the other call participants in the form of a regular video file, so again, only a single premium subscription is necessary to take advantage of the bonus features.

Jay White

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