How to Make a Sailor’s Knot Bracelet

By Jay White

February 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

A sailor’s knot, turk’s head, or endless knot bracelet is easy to make. It takes few supplies, and once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to do. These bracelets have a lovely nautical look to them, and have the mystery of looking like they have no beginning or end. With bracelets being a very popular fashion choice these days, these bracelets are a lovely addition to any wrist:

First, gather your supplies. You will need the rope/twine/string you plan on using, about 1 yard per number of repeats you want on the bracelet. Many people use twine for the nautical look, but a smaller bracelet in bright colors can be done using cross-stitch floss. You will also need tape, and something to braid around. Choose something that will be about the diameter that you want the bracelet (or necklace) to be. A soup can is a popular choice for this.

1. make one full wrap around, and finish with the string overlapping in an X-shape. tape this point. This will be the place where you will make changes, so make sure it is a clear x, and the tape is well sealed and won’t come off during the braid. You will now have a very long end, and a short end. Don’t pull too tightly on the string, but leave it so that it can move.

2. Wrap the long end around the can again, coming back to the center of your starting X. Then, tuck the string underneath the upper right portion of your starting X and pull it through the entire way. Now, take the left upper portion and tuck it over top of the right portion, so that a new circle or loop is formed.

3. Take the long end of your string and pull it through that new loop you created. Now, as you turn the can, you will notice a new X-shape was created by crossing the left over the right in the step above. Once again, you will now tuck your string under the upper right, pull it all the way through to the end, overlap the left side of the x over the right, and pull your long string through the loop.

4. You will continue this process, turning the can each time until you find you have gotten back to the original x that you created with tape. Now, you will find something that looks like a 3-strand braid.

5. Choose one strand at a time, and follow it around with the string, making a parallel path. This means, like railroad tracks, that the rope tucks when the other one tucks and goes over when the other one goes over. When you get back to the beginning, do the same thing for the other two paths of the 3-strand braid. Repeat as many times as you have room, or until the bracelet is as wide as you want.

6. Slip the bracelet off the can and tie the two loose ends together on the inside of the bracelet to finish. Be sure to make a strong double knot. Snip off any extra with scissors.

Jay White

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