7 Ways To Make Your Home One You’re Excited To Come Back To Each Day

By Jeffrey Weldler

January 27, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to make a happy home

When you think of your home, does it evoke a welcoming, cozy, happy feeling? Our homes are a personal extension of ourselves. When we walk through the door, we should feel joy, contentment and peace. Although most of us want these things for our homes, we don’t always know where to start in creating this atmosphere.

Below are must-know design ideas on how to make a happy home.

Use Soothing Colors and Textures

cozy home

Look around your home and take in your surroundings. Does it exude soothing colors and textures that are both welcoming and inviting?

A home with soothing shades and soft textures set the overall mood. Think tranquil blues, greens, greys, whites, and beiges. Choose soft furniture with rounded edges and hardwood floors with soft area rugs. Use soft lighting and candles to produce a calming ambience.

The idea is to create a space that looks and feels softer, calmer and more relaxing.

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Channel Your Inner “Hygge”

Hygge is the Danish concept of creating a cozy atmosphere in your home. It’s a choice and way of life.

Find a gathering space in your home where your family can congregate. Put on your wooly socks and warm sweaters and add a few blankets. Light a fire in the fireplace, invite a few friends or family over and play board games or watch movies together, nestled up and snug. Keep a good stock of board games nearby so it’s easy to grab a few family members and start up a game.

Think Minimalism

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean stark surfaces and owning very little in terms of belongings. It can simply refer to decluttering the piles on the counters, getting rid of items that aren’t special or of importance, and getting your home organized.

It’s well-documented that clutter causes stress but order creates calm. When piles aren’t building up and everything has a home, clean-up is easy and quick.

When it comes time for gift giving or buying something for your home, consider how the item will fit into your home. Will it create more clutter or will it be an investment in your home and family? No matter what the item is, consider quality over quantity.

Cook Meals at Home

Home cooked meals are positive for so many reasons—it saves money, provides a healthier nourishment for your family, and brings the family together at the dinner table. Encourage family participation in meal planning, food prep, and cooking. Whenever a child has had a hand in meal preparation, they are more inclined to want to eat what they’ve cooked. Have your family take time to discuss the day, including positives and negatives and bring in conversation starters/prompts for fun.

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Surround Yourself with Things That Bring Happiness

Material items don’t bring us joy, memories and experiences do. Display sentimental items around your home that evoke happy memories and are reminiscent of good times you’ve had.

Think framed photos or artwork, a vase with seashells, a beautiful rock collected from the ocean, a bowl of your great grandmother’s, or something you picked up on your travels abroad. Aim for simple displays and not dust-collecting clutter.

Promote Relaxation in the Home

home relaxation

Make home an escape from the world outside. Relaxation and family time is important to decompress and should be included in every family member’s day. Encourage art together, play music, provide plenty of outdoor time, cook meals together, read, play games, watch movies, and make downtime key.

Live Intentionally

When you walk through the door of your home, put a stop to the craziness of the outside world. Leave the stress at the door mat. Make time for yourself and for your family, make time and room for love.

Don’t forget to say good morning and good night to your loved ones, remember to ask them about their day or to say “good luck” on that test. Give hugs when you leave and come back home. And take breaks to disconnect from electronics, social media and Netflix.


Jeffrey Weldler

Jeffrey Weldler is the Marketing Director and Home Design Expert at Vänt Wall Panels. Vänt Wall Panels are the most innovative and user-friendly wall décor system ever created. Vänt is inspiring living at its finest. They’re perfect for every room in the house, from the kitchen and bedroom to the living room and office. . Learn more about Vänt by visiting https://www.vantpanels.com/.

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