How To Live An Uncomplicated Life

By Saima Akhtar Afsha

July 15, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

If we delve deeper into what everyone wants from life, we all get one answer at the very root of it: peace. We either want to live an easy-going, tranquil life, or we want to live an action-packed, fun-filled life to realize our dreams and attain inner peace. However, we all seem to live for the future instead of living in the present. Think about it: if you don’t enjoy this very breath, you can’t enjoy the future either, as there is no certainty in life. Any moment can be our last, so why can’t we all try to live a fuller, more meaningful life as it happens?

Here’s how you start living a life unfettered by complications:

1. Stop over-analyzing:

We have a tendency to overthink what other people say or do. If someone pays you a compliment, you may have the urge to over-analyze it, trying to gouge the hidden meaning behind the words. Here some advice: stop. If the person wanted to say something else, they would have said it. Since they didn’t, they probably meant it. Burning unnecessary brain cells worrying about it won’t change what s/he said, so it’s healthier for you to let it pass.

2. Choices:

When we have too many things to choose from, we get confused. And in almost all cases, we regret the choice we make and wish for a second chance at making that choice again. So, to make things less complicated, how about we force ourselves to make less choices?

3. No regrets:

I’m sure we’ve all heard the words, “To err is human”. Most people are hard on themselves, choosing to not let go of their past mistakes and beating themselves up for each and every bad choice they made. This destroys a person’s inner peace, and demotivates him/her and prevents them from going forward. In other words, a person keeps reliving the past instead of living in the present.

4. Get rid of prejudices:

We’re introduced to various preconceived notions every day. We judge people based on stereotypes and biases, and we fail to give credit where its due. How about we refrain from such practices and learn to live harmoniously among people? Let’s learn to give value to all human beings equally, and the world will be a much better place for it.

5. Not being materialistic:

People have no shortage of desires. We lust after something or the other, spend valuable money buying it and forget about it the very next day. Then, we run after something else. This is a continuous cycle, and the amount of dissatisfaction it causes is paramount. So how about we spend our hard-earned on money on moments instead of on things? I guarantee you, a vacation with your loved ones will yield far greater satisfaction than a shopping spree for branded goods.

6. Mindfulness:

Being acutely aware of all things happening around you, of what other people are saying to you and what you reply in return enhances the experience to a great extent. For example, having a heartfelt conversation with a friend with all your focus fixed on them should be a lot more satisfactory to both of you, while texting someone else while someone is trying to explain something should produce irksomeness in both parties.

Saima Akhtar Afsha

I'm a lazy bookworm, taking a stab at writing for the first time. I'm addicted to caffeine and chocolates, and i love to interact with new people.

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